Psychological Techniques for Become Naturally & Automatically You (2 Video Series)



Here’s how to do it…
1.   Watch. Listen. & Learn From Video #1

Seriously, take notes, understand the process, see the proof.
After you watch it a few times and see how this can work...

1.    Close Your Eyes.
Put The Tactic To Work For You
As you Watch Video #2

I’ve talked about personality transformation before.

But I really wanted to touch base with a new approach,
right here, right now, today only.


Making modifications to our personality is a sticking-point
I see so many people hula-hoop with.

And when I say hula-hoop…

That’s not a good thing.

You see, with personality change,

if it’s not done right -- we can get stuck in a never-ending
loop of temporary changes and resets.

Like a hula-hoop —

We then go around and around.

Over and over.

Working on the same thing again and again.

And that’s not personality transformation.

That’s personality stagnation.

Let’s solve that.

Here’s how….

I’ve bundled up two videos and developed a strategic protocol
to install new personality traits, characteristics, attributes

— whatever you want to call them.

You’ll be able to install, upgrade, and automate these new
portions of you so that they — BECOME THE NATURAL & AUTOMATIC YOU.


Now, when you watch video #2 — close your eyes, and know I am speaking directly to you. 

Go ahead. Do it. 

You will see… 

Rapid Results. 

Personality Transformed. 

A New You. 

Right Here.

Right Now.




Your Friend,


The best tactics and tools are completely worthless if they are not put to use. I think I heard one time that "knowledge never utilized is the same as knowledge never known." 

If you want to make sure to use what you’re learning then click here and checkout this.


I won’t tell you what it is.


But inside… we not only learn tools to convert our personality and master our emotions -- we then use these powers to supercharge our relationships. We don’t just learn ABOUT it. We DO it, we USE it, in our EVERYDAY life. 

And then… it becomes automatic. 

And then… it becomes you. 

And then… it is you. 

And then… what else will you be able to do?   Click here


Incorporate Covert Hypnosis into Your Way of Thinking

To become a successful hypnotist you must incorporate covert hypnosis into your way of thinking. If you are able to do this successfully you will never worry about getting "caught" using covert hypnosis techniques. When you become confident and more natural at speaking with people and using the powerful techniques regularly you are able to fully incorporate covert hypnosis into your way of thinking and truly make a difference in your own life and the lives of others.

"A number of hypnotists newly venturing in to the arena of covert conversational hypnosis fear they will probably be caught utilizing their skills by their unwitting hypnotic subjects. This is an interesting fear to possess since it is to suggest that these hypnotists are doing something wrong or something bad, an issue that you intend to ‘get away with.’ Except this becoming very unhealthy attitude to possess towards what exactly perhaps one of essentially the most powerful vehicles for positive change and improvement there is always, it is also something of a self fulfilling prophecy."

"Think of this, the unconscious system is highly perceptive, even when we aren t always competent to consciously access these perceptions. I am sure you know what it’s intend to see someone, even before you speak to them, and merely automatically receive a feeling about them. Maybe you’ll like them, perhaps you won’t. These feelings will seem totally unjustified, but they’ll be 100% real. If you did use covert hypnosis in an unethical manner, people would unconsciously proceeded to associate you with all the negative results of your hypnotic suggestions, and will just naturally begin to mistrust you. So, to be a matter both of ethics and of pragmatism, forever use covert and conversational hypnosis for good..."

"So anyway, now that we’ve that out of the way, lets think about this whole ‘getting caught’ thing from another angle. Perhaps can remember or at least imagine a time when one of your friends or perhaps a family member has been upset about something. You have it to talk to them, to console them, and then they will move to you and accusingly challenge just ‘you’re just attempting to make me feel better!’ Now obviously on reflection its as straightforward to think ‘well duh! Of course i really want you to feel good, whats wrong with that!"

"But in the moment, some of us accept the accusation for what it is, and abandon them alone for their sadness. As silly because this definitely is, it reveals to us a crucial factor when doing covert hypnosis: People hate being influenced. No matter whether you are seeking to persuade anyone to buy a car or just simply to feel good and be happy people as a rule hate knowing regarding this, frequently to their own detriment."

Persuading people to live up to their potential and be happy is a very good thing.

"This, obviously, presents us with another ethical dilemma. Why influence people if they prefer not to be influenced? Well keep in mind this, every day we influence people, always. We communicate with people every single day of our own lives, and take a look at and move people to make better decisions, to feel full and satisfied, to become happier and recover from their very own problems. The truth is also, many people accidentally use covert hypnotic tactics without realizing the harmful outcome of what they are doing...

"So, given that we’ve laid the land techniques of only using covert hypnosis to be a ‘force for good’ and established that influence is known as a natural part of everyday life, a crucial skill which covert hypnosis simply means that you can master, lets get back to the stage that this short article: getting caught.

"Firstly, avoid making the common mistake of talking differently when doing covert hypnosis. Lots of people get the idea that as soon as you begin using covert hypnosis, your entire voice and physiology must change. This is certainly only a bit silly, because, really think about it, covert hypnosis is definitely an unconscious process, so naturally your unconscious need to accomplish almost all of the work."

"When you are consciously inside your head going “now i use a presupposition…’ you interrupt the natural hypnotic flow, you commence to sound robotic and uninteresting, you be understood as you will be delivering a prepared speech and individuals immediately realize somethings up and stop absorbing your suggestions.... let the hypnotic patterns to flow automatically from a subconscious mind, then, once your listeners are really in trance, once they ve are in love with your natural and irresistible flow of smooth suggestions you can commence to gradually lower, and deepen your problem, and set a hypnotic trigger, an anchor, which can instantly send them back into trance after you apply it..."

Continued Here


Incorporate covert hypnosis into your way of thinking, into your subconscious mind and let it become something you do naturally without much effort. In that way you can use covert hypnosis techniques and not alert anyone to your motives.

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Covert Persuasion Techniques for Building Self Confidence

Covert persuasion techniques for building self confidence have been around a very long time. Would you like to be one of those people that can get what they want simply because they are confident? The more you are able to successfully persuade others to do what you wish the more confidence you will have. Take a look at this article by Michael Lee from Persuasion-sales and you will better understand the way to use covert persuasion techniques for building self-confidence. 

Gain confidence using covert persuasion techniques and use your body language to show confidence just like an athlete.

"Persuasion techniques and confidence go hand in hand. If your confidence is low, you won’t be able to persuade people. To boost your self-esteem, ask yourself, “What compliment did I receive from people before, that made me more confident?”

"Seek within yourself your strong qualities, and develop them. What good things do people say about you? Model someone who has successfully persuaded you in the past, and improve on their strategy."

"Go down to memory lane and remember the times you have successfully persuaded, convinced, influenced or motivated someone. Here are some things to consider:"

1) "What did you do to convince your crush to be your girlfriend (or boyfriend)?

2) What did you do to persuade your boss to agree to your request?

3) What did you do to motivate someone to perform better?

4) How did you negotiate with your parents to get a larger allowance?"

"You may not be aware of it, but there are countless times that you have successfully persuaded people. You may just not be aware that you’re using persuasion techniques in those cases."

"Write down those instances and think of how you may apply them in your current situation or future use. Find ways in which you can apply persuasion in your everyday life. Here are 4 ways to become a highly confident persuader::

Persuasion Technique # 1: Be unwavering and resolute in your purpose.

"You’ve got to stand by your objective and never let other people forcefully persuade you into agreeing with them. However, this doesn’t mean you remain stiff and inflexible if new data or proof has been presented.

Even if you still don’t like their idea, at least appear to consider their opinion in your decision. This shows respect and humility. Say something like, “You got a good point there. I’ll certainly take that into consideration.”

Persuasion Technique # 2: You also have to be passionate with your words and body language.

When you show enthusiasm, people are more likely to be influenced because you make it seem like you’re so sure about your idea..."

Persuasion Technique # 3: Never be discouraged.

"Prepare your message well and stay focused on your target. When you’re requesting something and they stay silent, don’t just go away unsatisfied. When they want you to do something and they stay quiet after you’ve told them you can’t do it, make a stand! Stick by your decision."

"Explain to them the valid reasons why you want or don’t want to do something. If they stayed silent to make you feel uncomfortable, don’t just agree with what they want. Keep your cool. Talk to them again and tell them that your decision is final."

"If they frown, fold their arms, take a deep breath, or shake their heads, apply the same procedure. Be confident while communicating and stay unaffected by their distracting moves or actions."

"What if they told you that they remembered the discussion to be different? Isn’t it frustrating to have agreed on something and they suddenly said that they heard it in a different perspective?"

"You can kindly ask them to prove it. You can ask when, how, or where it was said. If they cannot maintain constancy of data and accuracy in their statements, then you’ve got a winning case."

The fourth technique suggested in the article reminded me of an athlete who has to project confidence even when no one is looking because body language says so much about a person. So things like which seat you end up in during an important meeting or your first handshake with someone can be a form of covert persuasion techniques for building confidence and will leave lasting impressions.

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Conversational Hypnosis Breaks Through Mental Barriers

Conversational hypnosis works by narrowing your focus and overcoming mental barriers

Conversational hypnosis breaks through mental barriers by overcoming a persons "BS detector" or by grabbing their attention so completely that their focus remains on the source of their attention. Kevin Hogan, expert hypnotist demonstrates this effective technique in the article below with his story about the cover of Cosmo in the airport.

"Seduction can be defined in one of three ways. Seduction can be used to lead someone astray from their principles, much like Darth Vader attempted to do to young Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. I'm not too big on revealing secrets on how to win converts to the dark side...."

"Seduction can also refer to inducing or tempting someone to have sex, much like Delilah did to Samson in The Bible. This area of seduction is certainly more interesting and playful than leading someone astray from their core values...but still not really where my core interest lies."

"No, the seduction I refer to in The Art of Hypnotic Seduction is the inducement and enticement to win over someone to your side...or to your point of view. But what about the "hypnotic" part?"

"Hypnosis can be defined as a "narrowing focus of attention" or "resonating with the anti-suggestive barrier of the mind." In the first case, a narrowing focus of attention, I think of walking through the airport today and seeing Carmen (Electra) on the cover of Stuff magazine."

"I walked into Simply Books to find the August issue of Cosmo (they interviewed me for this months issue) but my mind totally spaced the world out as my mind was captured by Carmen on the cover of Stuff. (Carmen stars on a TV show called Living Large...something I've never seen or heard of but I will check it out...) I was literally hypnotized by the cover of Stuff magazine. Who was on Time? Newsweek? Good Housekeeping? Sports Illustrated? Business Week? Yahoo? Money? ...I have no clue."

"No one who walked into Simply Books did. It was just you and Carmen right there at the check out counter. I walked over to Carmen and picked her up. There was a little "tag" above her shoulder on the right side of the magazine that said, "Unfold for More". So, I did, opening the magazine to see a Carmen with even fewer square inches of garment on than the cover boasted. In the upper right hand corner it said, "Stop staring and buy the magazine." 

"It was absolutely brilliant. I almost took it to the checkout counter when I remembered that I subscribed and I thought it would be nice to have it in the mailbox today. That's the hypnotic power of magazine cover...not a real, living, breathing...person... That's hypnosis."

"Hypnosis is all about narrowing another person or group of people's attention to where what you are saying is the only thing they are paying attention to and then when you give the suggestion to "stop staring and buy the magazine," they do so."

Breaking Through the Barrier

"Hypnosis is also about resonating with the antisuggestive barrier of the mind. Each person has a metaphorical "mechanism in the mind" that "protects" the mind from all that might be bad for them. My antisuggestive barrier instantly filters out telemarketers, stock brokers, television preachers, anyone who knocks on my front door, and hundreds of other stimuli."

"In other words, there is a "wall" in my mind that is very tall...a "BS detector" that goes off like a fog horn when I see, feel or hear anything that my BS detector has coded as EVIL. (The BS detector of course is often's just a detector like the ones at the airport. It's a warning device that there MIGHT be something wrong here...but certainly not always."

"If you can make it past my BS detector without setting it off, you will have my full attention and it will not likely be diverted anywhere else.) That's hypnosis, too. When the BS detector says, "I like this guy," I might just filter out the rest of the world and you will have my complete and undivided attention."

There is no doubt that conversational hypnosis works by breaking through mental barriers. We all use our brain to automatically filter out what we don't care about or are not interested in. When conversational hypnosis is used correctly it bypasses that filter and gets the person to focus on whatever you want them to.

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Simple Conversational Hypnosis Techniques For Persuasion

Can you read the signs during a simple conversation?

Try these simple conversational hypnosis techniques for persuasion to help you get others to do what you want them to. Just by talking to them and learning how to "mirror" their words and actions you can eliminate arguments and conflicts and by overriding the typical patterns that are the causes of the conflicts you will finally have peace and harmony at home and the office. The article below appears on and offers simple conversational hypnosis techniques for persuasion.

More Persuasion Techniques
1. "Use a person’s name. You have undoubtedly heard salesmen use and abuse this technique. Maybe a statement like “Look Steve, you can see the benefits of this…” just turns you off. Using a person’s name IS a powerful persuasion technique, but there is more subtlety and art to persuasion than just following simple rules."
"People do love to hear their own name, but you have to be careful how you use it. First of all, use it how they want to hear it. Ask how they prefer to be addressed. A Mike may not like “Michael,” and a Joseph may be irritated by you calling him “Joe.”
"Second, use it at the right time. Unless you are great at reading people and know it is okay, don’t say “Hi Betty!” the moment she walks into your office. Wait until there is a bit of rapport, and sometimes even ask permission (“Is it okay if I call you Betty?”).
2. "Use motivating words. Say “think about,” they’ll do that. It is not a call to action. Use words like “today,” and “now,” and “do this.” Many subliminal experts will tell you that even using “by now,” repetitively, as in “By now you can see that this car is luxurious,” is subconsciously taken as “buy now.”"Remember to use THEIR words. If they use the word “efficient” often, then it’s an important word to them. Start using it: “You can see how efficient this RV is in it’s use of space.” Pay attention and pick out any words they use often. Persuasion is easier when you speak the same “language.”
3. "Be a chameleon. Change your language to more closely match theirs. Slow or accelerate your speech to match theirs. Sit in the same position that they sit in. Use the same facial expressions. Laugh when they laugh."
"This technique is called “mirroring and matching,” and, when done well, you can establish rapport quickly and easily with most people. Most people will never notice you’re doing this, but don’t be too obvious. The person will just feel like you’re like they are, that you can “relate” to them. A bond will begin to develop between you, and you can test this bond by “leading.”
"This means that once you have established the bond, you can change your body posture, to see if they unconsciously do the same. If so, they are ready to follow. You continue to mirror and match, but you also start to lead them right to the bottom line on the contract, or to whatever action you want them to take. This is one of the more powerful persuasion techniques." 

The first time you try conversational hypnosis with someone,you may feel akward and if you are not careful the other person may pick up on your mirroring or conversational mimicking which is why you should work with your family and friends first. Don't get discouraged you must keep practicing these simple conversational hypnosis techniques for persuasion in order to perfect them and move on to more advanced learning.

Hypnotic Attraction Secrets – The Ugly Truth About Attraction

Just posted a cool little snippet from my Hypnotic Attraction Secrets Program. Where I am revealing the 'ugly" Truth about attraction. There are four areas that one has to master in order to literally have Unstoppable Hypnotic Influence. I am talking the kind of influence where pretty much everyone does what you want.

Master These Four Areas Which I Lovingly Call The Four Pillars of Unstoppable Hypnotic Power and The world is your oyster. Attractivity i.e. the art and science of generating and managing attraction. is Pillar Number.

Keep in mind mastering the four pillars also gives you insight into "how" people will choose to obey your influence. Its a pretty cool new approach. and it works out in the field like gangbusters, from treatment room, to boardroom to bedroom.

enjoy the video, its short but it might give you some food for thought.

Trance the world and take names.
David V.

Find more videos like this on

The Corporate Covert Hypnosis Connection

million dollar bill

Okay, For some folks this is a consumers worst nightmare.

For those skilled in the amazing art of hypnotic influence it’s a dream come true. It looks like corporate America is finally realizing the power of covert and conversational hypnosis to win consumers and influence buyers.

Check out the article below to find out just how much Business world is embracing the power of covert and conversational hypnosis.

Advanced Communication Training: Bringing a New Face Corporate Training

Fortune 500 companies are now seeking out trainers skilled in the art of conversational and covert hypnosis to boost sales and improve employee wellness. Advanced Communication Training (A.C.T.), a new Philadelphia based corporate training company is providing corporations with the most advanced in influence training and wellness programs.

“Long gone are the days of hypnosis being relegated to swinging watches and stage performances. Conversational hypnosis has revolutionized the ways we think about communication and influence.

It takes communicative and psychological principles and utilizes them in ways that bypass the normal resistances that come up during the sales process or any other interaction in which you would be using these skills,” explains Jessica Marion, lead trainer for A.C.T.

The relationship between hypnosis and the business world has been an interesting one. In 2008 Volvo, for example, used overt hypnosis with focus groups to discover how they really felt about the car brand. Other companies like McDonalds and Wal-Mart consult with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) specialists or require NLP training for their executives.

NLP was developed out of what some of the most impressive covert and conversational hypnotists were doing in the later half of the twentieth century and at its core is the application of specific hypnotic principles. Fortune 500 companies continue to use these skills to give them an edge in the market.

To Read The Rest of This Article Click Here

Well its about time.

The truth is though that hypnotic technique has been part and parcel of most sales and marketing messages since the dawn of time. Principles of human influence are principles of human influence regardless of what label you put on them, hypnotic or otherwise.

One thing is certain.

If you are not schooled in the principles and techniques of covert and conversational hypnosis. You WILL Be Influenced by them.

To Get Started On Building Your Defenses Against The Dark Arts and to Finally have the power and ability to ethically influence others like you have always wanted to be able to do and feel good about yourself in the process, I invite you to check out my stealth hypnosis training program It’s on sale for a limited time right now. Check it out and ask me any questions that you might have.

Hypnotic Attraction Power: How To Make Sure Hypnosis Will Work

4 Pillars of Unstoppable Hypnotic Influence: Pillar #2 Attractivity

A lot of people think that, that, if they don't make a good first impression that they're dead in the water.

It's not true. K?

There's a far more powerful principle You Can Apply to Increase Your Own Level of Attractiveness. It's just more long term.

That principle is called the familiarity principle

In other words, the more times somebody sees you, even if it's for a few minutes every day or a minute in passing, the more attractive you become.

So, the people who are rated a five on the first meeting, after about a month of seeing them once or twice a week, they're going to go up to a six or seven.

You become familiar and that breeds a level of comfort, attractiveness that becomes very, very useful.

You know, there's a reason why when people joke about how sometimes a child doesn't look like her father.

They say the milkman must've been over or the mailman came over. Why? Who do they see everyday?

The milkman. The maid. The postman.

The boy next door. The girl next door.

The gardner. The pool person. Why? They see them everyday or every other....On a consistent basis over time.

The level of  attractivity goes up.


KILLER INFLUENCE: Beyond Conversational Hypnosis


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Will you continue to endlessely struggle through life deprived of the things that you know you deserve, being denied the things you want most for yourself and feeling absolutely lost, frustrated and hopeless?

Now, I know that sounds sort of melodramatic... and it is.

But, I do have your attention don't I?

and that is exactly what I intended to do! You see if you don’t pay attention to what I am about to tell you then you could miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime! In fact this may be the most important message you ever read!



What I am about to tell you is absolutely true.

If you have found this page (and you obviously have) then you are one of the lucky few. You are lucky because you now have the chance to gain so much personal power, more wealth, successand happiness than you can possibly imagine…

But only if you think you are worth it.

As you know by now, I have been hailed by many as:

“One of the Most Powerful Masters of Covert Hypnosis On The Planet”

But I have a CONFESSION to make…

I Wasn’t Always That Way!

Success In life Did Not Come Easy For ME!

For many years my life was an uphill battle. Day in and day out I saw opportunities pass me by like a runaway freight train!

Each day seemed to bring one new frustration or disappointment after another in the form of losing another sale, getting turned down time after time by the women I was attracted to, or being passed over for promotion after promotion by guys who were nowhere near as qualified, talented or hardworking as I was. To put it bluntly…

My Life Sucked!

I was a total AFC!... (Average Frustrated Chump) One day after stumbling onto the fact that-- for the past three months I had been training the guy my boss had secretly hired to replace me!(and paying him 3 Times MORE money than he was paying me!)

I’d Had Enough!

I Just Couldn’t Take It Anymore!

I realized at that moment that I had two choices for my life…

I either had to find a way to get more power, influence and control over every aspect of my life right now or…

Put a Friggin Gun To My Head
and End It Once And For All!

Well, I am many things, but one thing I am not-- is a quitter!

Deep down I knew I wasn’t a loser. I knew there must be some way for me to win my place in the sun! To enjoy the money, success, relationships and activities that give life meaning… after all…

Other People Were Doing It So Easily!

I sat back and took a good hard look at the last two decades of my life. I started analyzing the common denominators among all the crappy events I have had to endure.

Events ranging from getting picked on every single day on my way to and from school,--(being so afraid of getting beaten up that I would hide until the bus left for home...)

I even petitioned my high school to let me graduate early because I was terrified of being repeatedly beaten up! (I am not kidding!)

I reviewed gut wrenchingly painful events like my fiance' cheating on me with my best friend; busting my butt on loading docks for years in freezing weather while being verbally degraded by my fat lazy boss, and what seemed like an endless array of other utterly humiliating life experiences!

I sat for hours sifting through one miserable memory after another, looking for someone to blame, trying to find some reason why I kept getting handed one CRUSHING personal defeat after the next.

I asked myself “what did all those events have in common?”

I didn’t like the answer.

The Answer Was… ME!

You see up until that moment, it seemed I always had to work ten times harder for 1/10 of the rewards everyone else was getting, and as a result I was often left feeling…

Cheated, Angry, Bitter and Confused!

I moved through the world blindly accepting whatever life handed me often feeling like a complete beggar at the mercy of other peoples “whims” and "charity"with little to no clue how to get what I REALLY wanted and wondering why I just couldn’t seem to get ahead.

SOMETHING was terribly WRONG with the world… or so I thought!

After my long night of soul searching. I suddenly realized...

That Something Was ME!

You and I, just like every other man, woman, and child on this beautiful planet, are ultimately responsible for the results we produce in life.

And the lives people lead are pretty much a direct reflection of Our personal ability to wield power and influence in the world.

With Almost No Exceptions!

To put it bluntly, most people go through life utterly powerless to get the things they truly want and being blatantly MANIPULATED by those who do understand the true laws of power and influence.

That fateful night something did “die” inside me-- it was the old fearful angry frustrated and bitter chump I had been! He was gone and from those ashes a new David arose like a "phoenix from the ashes". It didn't happen over night but it did happen and I would never be the same because that night…

Something Snapped!

I became OBSESSED with the idea of finding a TRUE path toPERSONAL POWER; to learn for myself, once and for all, the real secret master keys to wielding immense power and influence that would ultimately get me the life I always knew I deserved.

I desperately wanted to be successfulhappy and fulfilled.

I had the desire!

What I didn't have was the knowledge and the skills to get what I wanted, and I knew that was EXACTLY What I needed! That night began my twenty year journey into the hidden and secret world of the "hypnotic influence and persuasion underground."

They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear…

In my case it was teachers

You see in addition to reading every book, listening to every audio course, and buying any video I could find on hypnosis, self-hypnosis and every other persuasion discipline that exists, I also traveled all over the world seeking out the most powerful masters of influence on the planet.

I spent tens of thousands of dollars, swore vows of secrecy and did things most people simply just don’t want to know about in order to learn the most powerful covert hypnotic secrets that exist. And then I took them out and tested them in the real world over and over again!


It's a common fact among the worlds richest and most powerful people that

"If you're willing to spend a year or two doing what most people refuse to do... "

"You Can Spend the Rest of Your Life Doing the Things Most People Simply Can't Do!"

Not only that, you see no matter how interesting and compelling a theory may be, in the "real world"-- its the people who DO things, who TAKE the action to get what they want, no matter what, that get results, and in the real world…

It’s Results That Count…

  • Over the past twenty years I have used my method to break sales record after sales record for every company I worked for!
  • Received Pay Raise After Pay Raise Using My Skills.
  • I have earned huge commissions and royalties on projects where I have used my secret Killer Influence Techniques.
  • Applied for, and been hired to do jobs I wasn’t even qualified to do, simply because I wanted to test the power of my hypnotic skills (How is that for job security?).
  • Been Hired By the One of the Highest Selling Authors on the Planet Within Minutes of Meeting Him! (he literally walked me around his high priced "mega event" introducing me to every major player in the self help world!)
  • Helped all of my hypnosis clients to live healthier, happier and more productive lives! (If this stuff is irresistible in the real world imagine what it can do in the treatment room!)
  • Enjoyed AMAZING relationships with some of the most beautiful and wealthiest women in the world.
  • In fact these skills PAID my way through college without me even having to break a sweat! (They practically threw money at me for three straight years!)
  • I used these skills to become (s)elected as a President of one of the largest academic honor societies in the world and I didn’t even have to run for office…They simply “chose” me.
  • I currently RUN the world’s largest Self-help, NLP, and Hypnosis practice organization in the world… (They practically handed it to me thinking it was their own idea.)

But That Still Wasn’t Good Enough For Me!


I told you I was OBSESSED!

I wasn’t just obsessed to learn this knowledge… NO!

I was obsessed with becoming the best ‘covert hypnotist” on the planet so I did something I’m not sure I should even tell you about but...

I Started Testing My Covert Hypnosis Skills On Other Trained Hypnotists!

I started sneaking into other people’s trainings, meetings, conferences, practice groups... any place I could find where I could hone my skills to...


It was a BALLSY dangerous thing to do…And Arrogant Thing To Do...

But I Did It!

I stumbled a few times, got caught a few times… made a few enemies, Found Out What REALLY Works, What Will Get You Caught Every Time, AND

Made aTON of Friends in the process. But what I learned was priceless! In a very short time, using my covert influence skills I became a major force in the hypnosis world!

Don't Take My Word For It... Ask the Experts!

" I Was Shocked!"

" A lot of people have been talking back and forth about the upcomming training that David Snyder is putting on.

Let me just share my experience with David.

David and I went up to the SF bay area sleepwalkers convention to hear Mark [Cunningham]speak a few months ago.

After the lecture there was a small get together with dinner and drinks, etc.

While we were chatting with people David showed me first hand how effective his
techniques were.

The two women we were talking with identified themselves as NLP master practitioners with little formal hypnosis experience. as we talked I recognized David using some of the language patterns he had shown me.

I thought it was blatant, but these NLP pros didnt even blink an eye(literally, they had pretty much stopped blinking). long story short, David was able to dramatically demonstrate his Killer Influence techniques with these women.

He asked them their opinion on a topic
and then rapidly changed it without them being aware of it. I was shockd at how easily these two smart, educated women were so easily swayed in their thoughts. and whats more, they were happy about it.

David told me that most peoples skills are context dependent, meaning that most hypnotists are only hypnotists in their office.

In his martial arts training he noticed students associating their skills with their uniform, so he had his students train in street clothes. his students were able to associate themselves with the skills, not what they had on. that meant they were masters anywhere, anytime, etc.

This is what i think David has done with Killer Influence.

David has found a way to make the language patterns, the models, the complex rituals workable in any situation. he took pieces of NLP, parts of persuasion trainings, marketing seminars,and hypnosis and stripped them down, found the common denominators,and built something from that foundation.

"Something that works."

Scott Sandland, C.Ht.
Mentor, - Intl. Medical & Dental Hypnosis Association
New Port Beach, CA

Look, I’m not telling you all this to impress you.

(Well… maybe a little)

But really what I want is for you to understand that the skills I am going to be teaching in March have created every good thing in my life and they can and will do the same for you!

Don't let the all the "Fancy Pen Names Fool you.

I'm not some anonymous guy selling an e-book on the internet who probably wouldn't know a hypnotic language pattern if it came up and bit him in the tukas! NO!

Read On!

"...All of The Hypnotists In Attendance Were Following Him Around With That Puppy Dog Look In Their Eyes... Even ME!!!!"


While I was there, I had the pleasure to meet our LA Sleepwalkers Chapter president, David Snyder.

Having been a student of hypnosis, persuasion techniques, NLP and self Mind Control all my adult life, I casually observed David in action.

For some uncanny reason, I noticed I wasn't the only one whom David's actions had riveted.

David would casually strut up and take command of the new hypnotists.

I mean, just took charge!

In the hallways, at lunch and during breaks He easily gained rapport(matter-of-fact, he took all the fire away from my appearance) effortlessly ... and in short order ... all of the hypnotists in attendance were following him with that 'puppy dog look' in their eyes. Even ME!!!!

He would walk up to me ... and in minutes.... I would find myself agreeing with everything he said, no matter how ridiculous…

Having myself, studied with, and the material of some of the top dog Persuasion Trainers in the country:

- Kenrick Cleveland,

- Tony Robbins,

- Ross Jeffries,

- Jack LaTourette,

- Richard Bandler,

and our own Major Mark [Cunningham], and having read numerous books on the subject, I could never quite integrate the material and duplicate their 'smooth', covert styles of persuasion changework.

Matter of fact, except when the above instructors…were in front of a classroom, I had never seen the NLP persuasion techniques used to their full potential in 'real world' Situations until I observed David.

And at first.... I wasn't sure what I was seeing.


I just plainly didn't catch on for a while what David was doing.

I was acting just like another 'puppy dog'in the group.

I found my head nodding in rapport along with David, agreeing to who knows what and following his little band of hypnotists around Vegas.


I finally had to confront David and ask him .... "What's this Pied Piper stuff?

Why do I feel coerced,by my own volition, to do WHATEVER you ask ..... and ENJOY DOING IT !"

David smiled and revealed his secret.....He had mastered and perfected over 20 years worth of 'in the street, in the marketplace' performance rapport and persuasion training under his belt.

Man, was I freaken' wowed.

I wanted these skills. I wanted to be able to do what David did.... from just what I observed that week in Vegas, I saw David:

-Easily take control of the new hypnotists ... getting them really excited about new learning potentials

-Effortlessly get rapport with a Maitre-de in Vegas and get us a table for 25 members when we had been previously told there was a 2 hour wait and there was a 'waiting list' FOR THE WAITING LIST..

-And this was the KILLER for me. David had an uncanny ability to get cocktail waitresses 'eating out of the palm of his hand,' to the point of ignoring the restaurants other customers.

They were running all kinds of favors for our group at the Comedy clubs and lunch places with that SAME 'PUPPY DOG' LOOK!!!

Damn, he had showgirls handing him their phone numbers like he was some sort of celebrity.

And if that doesn't take the cake on his persuasion abilities....

He somehow got me to WRITE THIS PIECE...??? And I feel damn good doing it???"

John Petrocelli
Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers
Director of Training
Society of Applied Hypnosis

The above are just some very tiny examples of what is really possible for you once you have learned my Killer Influence System…

I Guarantee It!

Imagine what your life Will Be Like Once You're Finally Able To Easily…

  • Persuade the man or woman of your dreams to find you
    irresistibly attractive and want to date you, sleep with you and maybe even marry you!
  • Finally Get that Pay Raise You Have Been Waiting For!
  • Land That Big Promotion!
  • Get Lots of Stuff for Free!
  • Get a Brand New Job That Pays You WhatYou Think You're Worth, Instead of What OthersThink You Are Worth!
  • Negotiate the Best Price on Anything!
  • NAIL That Tough Audition and Beat Out The Competition!
  • Set More Appointments and Close More Sales!
  • Motivate Yourself and Others for Success!
  • Improve every relationship you have and create lasting connections!
  • Resolve Disputes and Find Solutions Quickly!
  • Influence Large Groups of People!
  • Have the Ability to Make Anyone DO Anything You Want Them to Any Time and Have Them Utterly Convinced It’s Their Own Idea!
  • Effectively teach New Skills Quickly!
  • Simply Have the Power and Ability To Get What You Want in ANY Situation or Circumstance!
  • Get Out of Speeding Tickets!
  • Talk Your Way Out of Any Tough Situation!

I will be honest though...until Matt “secretly recorded” our conversation and released it to the public…

I NEVER planned to REVEAL Most of This Information Publicly!

Especially NOT at this level! But the flood of emails and the overwhelming response from you and others like you actually “CHANGED MY MIND”…

Ironic, isn’t it?

So Here's The Deal...

As many of you know, I'm one of the most powerful - but unknown - figures in hypnosis and persuasion. I have honed, developed, and pioneered some of the most powerful persuasion technologies known to man!

Here is a small part of what you will get..

  • Learn The Five Ways To Know When People Are In Trance and How To Leverage It For Maximum Persuasion!
  • The Two Major Hypnotic Language Patterns That Perfectly Match the Structure of Human Belief To Gain Instant Compliance...In Seconds ! (Using this KILLER technique automatically raises compliance to over 95% in most cases!)
  • A Simply Amazing Way to BIND Your Subjects' Deeply Held Emotional Desires To What You Want Them To Do, That Instantly Seduces Them and Has Them Practically Begging To Do What You Want! (I have used this secret hundreds of times to get everything from jobs to women and more… this secret is almost too powerful!)
  • Learn How You Can Instantly Begin Getting More People to like You and Do What You Want Starting Today! (Even If You Are a Rank Beginner!)
  • 16 Genetically Programmed Doorways Into a Person's Mind That Completely bypass Their Ability to make “analytical-logical judgements” and cause them to move and think in the direction you want them to.
  • Want To Know What Language Patterns Can Induce Powerful Trance States In Seconds? (Don’t even begin to try to using hypnotic language patterns until you have learned this secret!)

The Secrets of Real World Covert Hypnosis!

Fact: Most hypnotists are still using OBSOLETE techniques based on theories developed hundreds of years ago!

Fact: Most Hypnotists Are Still Using Progressive Relaxation Inductions to Induce Trance!

Fact: Most Hypnotists are Terrified to Actually Hypnotize Someone!

Fact: Most Hypnotists Don't Actually Test The Effectiveness of Their Techniques Because They are Afraid of Failing!

Fact: Many Hypnotists are Petrified of Being Hypnotized!

Let me ask you an honest question...

Would You Still Ride a Horse to Work Every Day, Or Would Take Your Automobile If You Had a Choice? I'm betting on the car.

If you were going to invest in a training program designed to give you killer hypnosis skills you probably want the most up to date technology, as well as the most reliable and fool proof methods for your hypnotic tool kit, would You Not?

Then don't use "Stone Age" hypnosis techniques either! This CONTROVERSIAL new technology is turning the hypnosis world on its ear!


Come to the Training and Find Out!

Here Is What Else You Will Learn!

  • How To Easily Use Emotional Doorways to Make People Feel AnyEmotion You Want! (make someone trust you, like you, attracted to you...even love you, FAST!)
  • Discover A Practically Fool Proof Method For Influencing Groups Of People!
  • The Surprising Secret Regarding the Most Powerful Trance Induction Known to Man and How to Use It on Every One! (this will astound you!)
  • How to Think, Believe and See the World The Way Masters of Covert Hypnosis Do! (Adopting this mindset allows you to exert irresistible influence any time anywhere!)
  • Discover the true nature of dominance, power and control. (learn how to exude an aura of authority anywhere you go that instinctively makes people want to follow your lead)
  • How to use the “Holonomic” model of the unconscious mind to effortlessly program any change you desire in yourself and others easily and permanently!
  • Learn the Naughty DRT technique that lets you PROGRAM Other People in Their Sleep!
  • EXPOSED: The Secret Technique for By-passing ALL Internal Unconscious Defense Mechanisms(This is something “99.99%” of ALL Hypnotists will tell you CAN”T BE Done! But What They Are Really Saying is…“THEY CAN”T DO IT!”)
  • Learn and Understand “How” to Change any ones- Behaviors, Beliefs OR PERSONALITY! (Most hypnotists can only work at the very first levels of behavioral change - find out what only the top .01% of Master Hypnotists Really Know!)
  • How to Induce Rapid and Instant Trances Any Where Any Time! (even in noisy bars and clubs... fun stuff!)
  • How To Quickly Program Yourself to Become a Master of Hypnotic Persuasion!
  • Learn the Core Hypnotic language patterns that no one can resist, not even those trained in their use!
  • How to FORCE your subjects mind to create the exact mental suggestions in their mind that you want them to have and then act on it like its their own idea. (think of the possibilities!)

I've used these amazing tactics to enrich my life to a level most people can only fantasize about. I enjoy a lifestyle that would make most folks green with envy! I've used these techniques to help countless others do the same.

I've proven myself in every area of hypnosis and persuasion possible, and now it's time for me to 'pass the torch'...

In Other Words... If YOU Think You Deserve It...

You Are Next In Line...

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But get this: I have spent well over 10,000 hours developing, thinking, and mastering the most intense persuasion skills known to man.

Honestly, I've worked too damn hard to put these priceless diamonds of pure hypnotic influence into the hands of just anybody...

No... That's why I've set up this VERY small and private course for 20 extremely lucky individuals.

Not only will you know techniques I haven't revealed to my closest friends, but for 4 solid days I will "hold your hand" as your personal coach and make sure you master each and every one.

Then after these 4 days, I plan to go back to my life and...

Reserve the Option to Never Reveal
These Secrets At This Level EVER Again.

Let me make this clear:  When this monumental three day event is over, YOU will officially be a"Master of Influence".

Absolutely nobody in the freakin' world will know these secrets besides you.

But there is a catch:

I'm only REVEALING this coveted information to TWENTY Fifteen people, and those Fifteen  people will have to sign Non- Disclosure Agreements prepared by my insanely expensive team of lawyers.

Trust me, if someone even thinks about breaking this iron clad agreement, their lawyers better have lawyers.

This rare information will NEVER see the light of day unless I approve it.

Information Like:

  • How to make people to believe you are an expert at something...even when you are not! (using this one secret made several of my close associates A LOT of MONEY!)
  • How do you force people to think the way you want them to think and still make them BELIEVE They had a choice?
  • Three Killer Ways To Induce Emotional States In People FAST?
  • How to use the Techniques of Peripheral Hypnosis to Program People who KNOW you are trying to persuade them and ARE On Their Guard! (This is another one of my favorite DRT tricks that works like a charm!)
  • How To Master The Power Of Social Hypnosis -(these techniques can literally turn people into "Social Robots" Often mindlessly responding to what you want them to do and coming up with all kinds of "Socially Acceptable" Reasons to justify it... and that's just the beginning!
  • Secrets of Advanced Social Hypnosis- secrets for becoming Ultra Charismatic Alpha male or female in any social gathering (these attraction generating secrets are so powerful I am almost afraid to teach it!)
  • The Three Cardinal Laws of Covert Persuasion That You Must Live By… (Not having this Essential Knowledge CRIPPLED my progress for nearly a decade. But once I mastered these three ridiculously simple laws my hypnotic power took a quantum leap virtually over night!)
  • EXPOSED!The Dirty Little Secret Most Hypnosis “trainers” Don’t Want YOU to Know! (Knowing this can save you thousands of dollars and hours of wasted time and effort!)
  • Learn the Top Four Reasons Why Most People Fail When Using Covert Hypnosis ! (Eliminating the "Fatal Four" can make you a POWERHOUSE of Hypnotic Persuasion Any Time Any Where!)


So here's the deal....

My Never-Ending Search

For those of you who Haven't figured it out yet,-- I'm an obsessed man.  Seriously, someone should probably throw me in a mental institution.

When I start thinking of something it rattles my brain until I've completely conquered it.  Regardless of what it is, I'm totally and painfully obsessed with it until I've become a master at it.

It doesn't matter if my goal is being a a black belt in three different martial arts or harnessing the most powerful energies on the planet.

Take hypnosis for example, it was never good enough for me to know all the 'tricks of the trade'.

Even after I was blowing people's minds EVERY SINGLE NIGHT by teaching and training some of the most skilled hypnotists out there, it was NEVER enough.

That's the reason I am considered one of the world's best and havedeveloped techniques that no one else even thought possible. 

But now that I've been exposed to the world, I have absolutely no reason to hide my knowledge anymore.

I've had a LOT of people asking me why I haven't just released ALL this information to EVERYONE.

The answer is simple:

It's next to impossible to master these advanced tactics just by reading something.

Secondly, this information is way too powerful to simply make public knowledge.  This privileged information HAS to be sought after and HAS to be exclusive.

That's why I will make everyone sign Non Disclosure Agreements.

That's why this will be expensive.

That's why this Covert Hypnosis Training Will Always Be will be the most exclusive persuasion workshop I teach.

Because After this one-of-a-kind course:

You Can Get More Money, Find True Love, And Achieve REAL POWER In Your Life!

After I'm done with them,Only these 20 lucky souls will have the power to rule their world.  They will be the only persuaders in existence that know these "Ninja Hypnosis Tactics".

They will 'hands-down' be the absolute best in the business.

These guys will be the "navy seals" of the Persuasion and Influence Secret Society.  No one will be able to touch them in their prowess at getting what they want from life.

Unfortunately, It's probably too late for you to take advantage of this extremely rare workshop, but just in case: 

Yes David!
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This Kind of Power Can Be Very Addicting... Like Heroin!

As soon as you have a "taste" of this coveted information, you will be hopelessly addicted.

The power you will possess after learning how to 'hack' the mind of anyone you choose to make them do anything you want can become a Super-addiction!

I have to be honest...If I were to list every single topic and technique That I am going to reveal in this INTENSE FOUR DAY Seminar, this letter would be 200 pages long!

To Put It Bluntly...

This Information is Overwhelming!

You are going to walk out of there with a sense of personal mastery.

• You will be able to hear "yes" almost any time you choose to.

• You will build your business

  • increase your sales,
  • learn to motivate yourself and others
  • gain compliance in virtually every situation in life.

The possibilities are ENDLESS.

The bottom line is:

If You Are Among The Lucky Few Allowed To Attend This Workshop, You Will Be Able To Influence Anyone To Do Anything You Desire!

I've seen it a million times.

People go to seminars and spend thousands of dollars on products to learn a few basic NLP skills, and then go out thinking they're hot stuff - only to find themselves in a sea of mediocrity once they start trying to apply those techniques in the real world on real people.

"In Just 30 Seconds
In Vegas, David Was Able To Profoundly Improve My Conversational Persuasion Skills."

Re: LASleepwalkers - CPI Bootcamp questions

Hey all, I wanted to mention how, in just 30 seconds in Vegas, David was able to profoundly improve my conversational persuasion skills.

We were walking down the strip after a Stage Hypnosis show, talking about a Kenrick Cleveland training I had attended, and I thought I would mster up a couple good examples of what I learned.

I went on to demonstrate what I "thought" were some pretty good examples of powerful, masterful persuasion when David made a simple correction of where I placed a word in my sentence.

It may not sound like much, but as you naturally become versed in this stuff, you realize how simple things can add that much power to your communication.

After being shaken out of my "gee, look how good I am at this stuff" bravado, I let it sink in what he said and proceeded to give him some examples of, dare I say, well-formed and effective verbal persuasion.

In 30 seconds he took what I thought I knew pretty well, and turned it around so that it actually would be that much more effective and much more powerfull.

Now, I have since gone on to implement his suggestion
and it truly is more effective.

I don't know if you've already begun to realize how two whole days of CPI can benefit your life, or if you understand it completely, but either way, I know that the money spent on yourself will be well worth it.
Trance on!

Perry Whitecage
President- San Diego Sleepwalkers.

Again, Listen to the following VERY carefully:

After this workshop, you will Know How To Influence Any One You Want, To Do Anything You Want Just By Talking To Them.

I Even Guarantee it.

If not, I will personally follow up with you and coach you through your sticking points.

It doesn't matter who, what, when, where, or why. You WILL be influencing other people to do what you want them to with no problem at all.

I know that is very hard to believe, but trust me...

I've been doing it for YEARS.

Regardless if you're an absolute beginner or you're already a self-proclaimed master of influence, these underground tactics will push you so far into the stratosphere that you'll be on another level of EXISTENCE when it comes to sales, marketing, seduction, or therapy.

Even Seasoned Pro's Are Amazed!

From Richard Rumble, aka "Mr. Hypnosis"

Now that I am safely ensconced here in the RENO starbucks... I will share a nice success story with you all..

My Girlfriends 95 year old Grandmother had a stroke about 3 weeks ago.

She was put into a convalescent hospital for the remainder of her days as the XXXXXX plan really does not want to spend a lot of money on very old people who will probably die soon anyway.

At any rate... I had been getting reports from the family how un-responsive she was... etc... just a shell.. no response to voice etc....

I went in to see her for the first time last monday....

I used some of the CPI language patterns with her while holding her hand.. and brushing her hair...

not only did she respond positively, she opened her eyes... and attempted to speak...

(speech center is one of the areas that generally gets hit hard in Strokes...she was unable to verbalize...)

she squeezed my hand.... she took her hand and attempted to move some of the covers off of her .... and she stopped trying as soon as I helped her and moved the covers down a little to allow cooler air for her.

She responded for the entire time I talked to her using the CPI patterns...

Tuesday... I went back.... just talked to her...

no response...

as soon as I used the CPI patterns.. she started again to respond...

This stuff works at a level that is perhaps well beyond the scope or comprehension that we have given it credit for... at least in MY experience with ONE case study of a client that was known to me in a hospital setting.

Learn it... USE IT.

Richard Rumble -Mission Viejo, CA.

The most amazing thing about this is:

I've Made it Really Easy To Learn

If you can sit down, listen, pay attention and follow instructions and, you can be influencing others in moments.

I've already done ALL the work for you (and trust me, I've put enough hours into this to warrant TWO lifetimes of work).

All you have to do is show up to beautiful Del Mar, take notes, and do the drills while I program you to automatically respond the best possible way in ANY situation you could be put in.

It's literally that simple.

But only if you take advantage of this opportunity today.

As you know there are only 20 spots available for this workshop, and chances are they are completely sold out already.

REMEMBER:  I can only guarantee spots to the FIRST 20 people!

 YES David!
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Over 27,437 Other People Like You Are Trying To Get Their Hands On This Right Now!

That's how many people have downloaded my secret phone call recording and special audio sneak previews.

That's how many people have been BEGGING me to share this information with them.

20 out of 7,437... you do the math.  Only .6% of the people begging for this information will actually obtain it.

Ever since I went public with this information, I've received HUNDREDS of emails.

In the past I've had people beg me for this type of information... whatever the cost.

Speaking of cost, I'm going to warn you of this RIGHT NOW:

This extensive personal workshop is not cheap!  Please know that this is not a 'free ride'.

DO NOT apply for this training UNLESS you are absolutely committed to doing what ever it takes to Get this Valuable knowledge!

Here's What Else You're Getting...

First, I'm personally inviting you to the amazing Beach Town of San Diego, California (actually about 10 minutes outside of San Diego) for A Very Extensive Certification Workshop with Me.

This Deluxe Covert Hypnosis Boot Camp and Certification Workshop will be insanely heavy in both content and subject matter.

Remember, you will have to sign an NDA swearing that you will never divulge this information to ANYONE.

If you do divulge this information, then you will immediately be sued by my extremely lethal team of lawyers.

Trust me, you do NOT want that.

During these sessions you will be learning some inductions and concepts that I have written specifically for this event (that NO ONE knows about).

I will also show you 'hands on' different influence tricks, persuasion tricks, and other demonstrations that we will put into use in the seminar.

I promise before you step foot out of the workshop room, you will be 100% prepared to influence anyone you want.

After a long session of breaking down every possible influence manifesto I know, you can go out and hit the beach in sunny California weather.

I will examine all 20 students closely and show you EXACTLY what you have done right and wrong.

In addition to that, you'll be learning a new class of conversational hypnosis; my supper-effective sleight-of-mouth techniques; AND my coveted energy-based influence system.

"Okay, I'm Sold! But How Much Is This Going To Cost?"

The real answer? Not enough!

Let me ask you this...

How much is it worth to you to be able to powerfully influence anyone you want?

What would it be like if you could walk into a car dealership and influence the dealer into giving you an amazing discount on a brand new car?

What would it be like if you could land one big deal after another for your business and be known to everyone as "The Closer?"

What would it be like to walk up to someone you're attracted to and get them to desire you right there?

What would it be like to get other people to treat you and buy you expensive gifts all the time?

What would it be like to effectively help others overcome their limiting beliefs, phobias, and insecurities and make them feel better than they've ever felt in their lives?

What kind of a price tag would you put on that?

The simple answer is: You can't.

This type of power is PRICELESS.

Let's be clear. I'm not just charging for these skills. I'm charging for my time.

I've had people offer me tens of thousands of dollars to train them.

But for this special workshop, I will only be accepting a one time payment of




*Limited Time Only
First 20  15 To Enroll Before

"This All Sounds Great, But I'm Not Sure I Want To Spend That Much."

Then don't.

Listen: I don't need your money! That's not why I'm doing this. But I have to make enough to cover my expenses.

If you feel that a mere $975.00 is too much to pay for the power to influence anyone, then I DON'T WANT YOU TO COME.

People have been trying to bribe me all week, since I announced this seminar, to try and get in for WAY more than that amount.

But when you break it down, you're going to be acquiring skills that will provide you with a lifetime of benefits.

How do you put a price on that?

If you lived to be 60 years old, that would only be far less Than $32.95 a year.

Is it worth $32.95 a year to be able to get anyone to do whatever you want?

I'm willing to bet its worth WAY more than that.

But in addition, if you have a job in sales, marketing, medicine, therapy, magic, or hypnosis, this will be 100% tax deductible!

Not only that, staying in the ritzy city of Del Mar, with its beautiful beaches and fine dining, will be more like a VACATION than anything else.

"C'mon, Isn't All This Hypnosis Talk A Bunch Of Mumbo-Jumbo?"

If you think that, why are you even reading this?

We are exposed to hypnosis and persuasion every single day.

Every TV commerical you see? That's influence at work. Newscasters use hypnosis. Politicians use hypnosis. Movie stars use hypnosis.

They just don't call it HYPNOSIS.

What I have to show you are real-world techniques that work in every day life.

You don't need a gold watch and a comfy sofa. You just need your VOICE and a willingness to learn.

Then you'll see for yourself just how powerful these techniques can be.

"How Do I Know This Isn't A Scam?"

Look, I'm a well respected figure in the hypnosis community.

I run one of the largest Hypnosis groups in California.

But if that doesn't convince you, I'll make you this promise...

If You Feel These Tactics Are Bunk And You've Wasted Your Time, After The Workshop Is Over, I Will Happily Give You A FULL Refund.

Most hypno-gurus will try to "trick" you out of your money by only giving you a one-day guarantee for the first day of the seminar. If you're unsatisfied after the seminar is over - you're screwed!

Not me.

It's my responsibility to deliver EVERY SINGLE DAY of the seminar, and if by the end of it, you feel like I'm full of B.S., then you will not have wasted your time for nothing.

I am going to put my money where my mouth is!

That is my 100% personal guarantee to you.

All the burden is on ME to deliver. So you either learn what you want, or you get your money back.

There is NO RISK on your part.

You Must Act Now To Be Part Of This Once-In-A-Lifetime Event, Or Miss Out FOREVER!

Once you learn these skills, you basically become the kind of person who can get whatever they want, just through their words.

Are You Worth It?

Seriously... Only You Can Answer That Question.

If so, click on the link below and get here:

 August 3rd Through 6th, 2017, 

Remember, I can only guarantee TWENTY SPOTS available for this amazing hands-on experience.

And we are only accepting on a first come, first serve basis, so please don't wait if you want this once in a lifetime chance.

After the 20 spots are taken... your only chance to learn from me personally will be GONE.

Yes, David!
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The Single Biggest Mistake Hypnotists Make When Trying To Hypnotize Someone

As I sit here listening to yet another interview on how to do marketing and business on the internet. The interviewer said something that really struck a cord. A Cord so powerful that I actually had to pause the video and write to you about it.

Now I am sure you are already wondering what that "mysterious cord" must be and what they heck should you care anyway.

Well this "Super Hypnosis Secret" is the single biggest reason why most people fail at using these skills on the street and in real life.

You see the level of influence we wield in hypnotic contexts is directly related to our own internal psycho-emotional state.

In other words "our ability to control our own state" is the single biggest reason why almost everyone fails to get the result they want with covert, conversational and even overt hypnotic technique.


Consider that a technical term.

You see a lot of people talk about rapport this and rapport that, and yes, I do agree that rapport is important, in fact there is only two particular Attributes that can trump the power of rapport and when used in conjunction with are literally UNSTOPPABLE in hypnotizing people without their knowledge into willingly doing what you want.

We will talk about those in another post, by the way if you haven't done so already you should probably get subscribed to my free covert hypnosis newsletter. Just fill in your name and email at the bottom of this post or in the box to your right and click the "send me my free covert hypnosis audio now" button. Do that now and come on back to the article

So what is the single biggest mistake people make when doing covert hypnosis.

They get too serious.

Thats right

Too MUCH Attachment to what they are doing.

You see when you are too serious, when you are too invested in what you are trying to get someone to do, you actually shut off your ability to exert hypnotic influence. You lose access to your own internal resources. and to put it bluntly...


Not only that if you are in a state of hyper arousal and you are trying to get rapport with your target what ever you feel, they feel. So in many cases the very rapport you are trying to create causes them to feel uneasy towards you because you feel uneasy.

The best way to overcome this issue is to rigorously drill your emotional states every day so you can go into and out of any emotional state you want to ( we have a whole slew of specialized drills in our CPI Conversational Hypnosis Bootcamp That does this like nothing else can)

But in the interim remember this...

If you come to the task of exerting hypnotic influence with a playful mindset you get a significantly higher level of influence and compliance from your subjects. Its ironic but its true, the less you care and the less attached you are to the outcome of your influence the more likely you are to actually get what you want.

You also need to understand how to lead your subject from one emotional state to another and chain the states that naturally lead them to make the decisions you want them to make and take the actions you want them to take.

Thats about it for now.

Trance the World and Take Names.

Your Loyal Friend and Covert Hypnosis Coach.

David X.