Discover the hidden law of attraction secrets that most people will never learn

How Much Do You Really Know About The Law of Attraction…?
What I am about to reveal to you… is The Heart and Soul of True Magic,
You see most people don’t know where the “Law of Attraction” Actually Comes From. And Only a select few know that the law of attraction is one of the building blocks of the Ancient Hermetic Science of Magic… and when I say magic.

…I’m NOT talking about David Copperfield, David Blaine, Or Derren Browne Parlor Tricks.

Those are Illusions and Tricks. They are deceptions for fooling and entertaining people. Not For Creating Reality and Most Certainly…NOT For Helping you create the life you want.

And Did You Know… That The Real Law of Attraction is NOT One Principle…

… But Many Principles That Work Together?

It’s true and these “meta-physical” principles were designed to be used harmoniously and synergistically, and when you use all of the principles together,

You get a result that is many times more powerful that when just a single “law of attraction” is used alone.

In fact, most of the time, “The Law of Attraction” will NOT work The Way You Expect It To because the people who teach the law of attraction didn’t give you the All of the information, they held back some of the most important principles for reliably creating and manifesting what you want in this reality.

Why, Because The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work The Way Most People Think It Does!

Let’s Review – The Modern Law of Attraction States:

You Will Attract Into Your Life The Events and Circumstances That Vibrate
In Harmony with Your Dominant Thoughts.

 In short:

“You Become and Attract What You Think About Most”

…. And That’s One of The Problems You See Most People Don’t Really Understand What That Statement Actually Means, except on the most superficial level.

  • Those who truly understood the full scope of how mind, body and universe interact were able to rapidly manifest anything they wanted into reality.
  • Those who have a less than solid foundation tend to keep attracting “the wrong things” into their lives and many times manifesting exactly the opposite of what they wanted.
If you keep trying to apply the law of attraction and consistently don’t get what you want or seem to be ending up with the same things over and over again. Chances are you are missing something in your Law of Attraction Practices and I’ll Even Tell You What One Of Those Problems Might Be. The Problem Could Be…”Your Dominant Thoughts.” FACT: Your Dominant thoughts are not the ones you think they are. They are the ideas, thoughts, and feelings you have most often…Unconsciously. FACT: Your Dominant thoughts are based around your internal beliefs about who you are, what you deserve and what you don’t deserve. And You’ll NEVER Manifest Anything That Conflicts With These Beliefs and if By some chance you do, your other than conscious mind will find a way to get rid of it or sabotage it. FACT: Your Dominant thoughts are the ones that float through Your Mind When you aren’t focused on any particular task. They are the voices playing in your head in the background when you are consciously focused on something else.  FACT: Your Dominant Thoughts Are Based On The Emotional States and Feelings You Have Most Often. If you are consciously anxious, fearful, sad, depressed, etc. No Matter What’s On Your vision board, No matter how many affirmations you do… You will simply NOT get the results you want or expect.
Why Are Those Thoughts Dominant? Because those are the thoughts you have most of the time when you are not ‘consciously paying attention or directing your will. And they are entirely determined and under the command of your unconscious mind. I constantly teach my persuasion, influence, manifesting and hypnotherapy students that:
  • All Beliefs Reside In Your Subconscious Mind
  • All Human Beings Have Two Sets of Beliefs
  • The Beliefs You Consciously Know About…
  • And Those You Don’t Consciously Know About

The Ancient Hermetic Systems, which form the basis for most real mental and spiritual disciplines and forms of meditation such

  • Yoga,
  • Kabbalah,
  • Reiki,
  • Pranic Healing,
  • Taoism,
  • Buddhism,
  • Christian Hesychasm,
  • And Others…
Each of these disciplines had very powerful and systematic ways to train the mind and modify all of these many different types of “dominant thoughts” so that practitioners could rapidly access and focus their mind’s ability to use the law of attraction to its fullest extent. …And It Was A Secret They Guarded With Their Lives. Eventually “Some Self-Help Gurus’ Got their hands on some of these concepts and Over time, bits and pieces of that knowledge made its way into public awareness through such movies as The Secret, “What The Bleep Do We Know” and others. But The Guru’s Didn’t Tell You Everything You Needed To Know…  The “Gurus” Left Stuff Out, Important Principles and Methods that if you don’t understand, and apply to your “manifesting and Law of Attraction work you’ll never be able to effectively manifest the things you want, and in fact… … you are far more likely to manifest all the things you don’t want! Ironically, and NOT by coincidence the systems that the ancient masters used to change their Minds, Beliefs, Feelings and Vibrations focused on the use of altered states of consciousness AND Suggestion. i.e., meditations, chanting, breathing techniques, all designed to get every level of the mind-body continuum vibrating at the same frequency. The equivalent of the modern-day physics principle of “Entrainment” The Law of Attraction = The Modern-Day Physics Principle of Entrainment. Now these practices for purifying and training the mind took years and years to master if you had the chance to ever learn them at all. To do it the way the real masters of the law of attraction did it you would need years and years of consistent training and effort to attain…
…That’s The Part The Guru’s Left Out Because if you knew it would take years…
  • you wouldn’t buy their products,
  • you wouldn’t come to their seminars,
  • and you certainly most likely would look for something easier and more reliable.
You see they know that human beings crave “instant” gratification and the longer and harder a person believes they have to work at something the less likely they are to want to do it. So, the gurus sold you the part that your reptile brain most wanted.  Quick, Easy, Safe Now I’m not putting the “guru’s down” I’m just pointing out a possible reason why you aren’t getting the results in life that you might want… …And It’s NOT Your Fault. You didn’t get the whole story. And I want to help you change all that… Forever. So, the question becomes. Okay David If what you are saying is true (and it is)
  • How do we get every level of our mind and all the unconscious processes in our minds cleaned up and going in the right direction?
  • How do we quickly change our deepest, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs so that all of our dominant thoughts vibrate at the right frequency?
  • How do we change the beliefs we don’t even know we have?
  • How do we actually overcome hesitations, fears, low self-worth and self-esteem, anger, and frustration so that our vibrations bring us what we want.

How to master the law of attraction and get everything you want… fast!

Discover the answers to exactly how…
  • To Get Every Level Of Your Mind and Body Processes Cleaned Up And Moving In The Same Direction.
  • Know exactly how to change your dominant thoughts so that all of your belief systems are moving in the same direction creating the perfect manifestation vibration for getting what you want.
  • How To Find and Change The Limiting Beliefs You Didn’t Even Know You Had Once and For All.
  • Remove Blocks To Success
  • Create Powerful High-Vibration States That Magnetically Draw The .Right Circumstances Into Your Life,
  • An Amazing, unstoppable method for doing affirmations that actually causes your neurology to jet-propel your motivation and irresistibly pull the things you want into your life.
  • The Ultimate Manifestation Technique that was actually used to cure animals of cancer in laboratory controlled double blind randomized control trials.
  • How to install the traits qualities and characteristics of people who are naturally lucky and use it as a platform to make your manifestations even easier.
  • And much much more…
Are You Ready…?
  • To remove blocks to connection love, pleasure, and intimacy. To deepen your bond and set the stage for an ever-increasingly satisfying and fulfilling romantic life.
  • Are you ready to become the person who can meet, attract, satisfy, and keep the lover of your dreams and never be lonely again?
  • Are you ready to break free from past limitations and self-sabotage?
If you answered yes to any of the above … pay attention Using Dr. David’s Proven Real World – Hidden Laws of Attraction, Vibrational Influence, Vibrational Healing, and  Identity by Design Processes you’ll rapidly gain the ability to
  • Understand how to apply and use the hidden laws of mental dynamics to
    Remove blocks to success!
    Uncover limiting beliefs!
    Get all levels of your body and mind vibrating at the same frequency at the same time.
    Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind To Attract The Things You Really Want The Way That You Want Them.
  • Remove and Transform Subconscious Beliefs That Are Keeping You Stuck.
  • Install Powerful and Unstoppable Emotional States Into your Mind and Body that Automatically jet-propel you towards ever increasing levels of Success, Health, Wealth and Happiness.
  • Change that nagging voice inside your head that keeps tearing you down into a powerful motivation and inspirational voice that builds you up and reminds you of all the best things about you and why you deserve to have the things you want in life!
  • Clear all negativity from your past so that when you think of the past you can only remember it in ways that make your life better.
  • How to the most powerful affirmation process on the planet for actually “tricking” your nervous system to go after everything you want instead of holding you back.
  • How to install the traits of naturally lucky people so that using the law of attraction gets easier and easier and you don’t have to work as hard.
  • Tap into and reach your full potential while creating the life you want, the way that you want it, a life filled which Success, Wealth, Health, Love and Happiness.
  • And that is still just the beginning.

Do The Drills And Get The Skills Now

If you resonated with any of the information discussed above or would like to learn more, I invite and highly encourage you to take your learning further. Keep reading to discover how to get the success tools you need to get the life you want the way that you want it. Starting Today!

And the best part is – You do not even have to believe it will work, just follow the instructions do the drills and you rapidly get the skills that lead to real world results in minimum time, and you will quickly experience the real-world results

Do The Drills And Get The Skills Now

Live Seminars

Whether you attend one of David Snyder’s Live Seminars alone or with a your entire team. You will learn the exact skills and methods you need for charismatically, hypnotically,… and ethically influencing anyone you want …

  • Lead Motivate And Inspire others!
  • Overcome any argument objection!
  • Change Limiting Beliefs During Normal Conversations
  • Resolve Conflicts, Win Job Interviews and Salary Negotiations
  • Heal Mind and Body
  • Sell Market Persuade Better and more effectively than ever before!

Personal Sessions

Personal one on one transformational work with Dr David Snyder is focused on exactly one outcome: getting you the exact results you need and want for your life.

Eliminate roadblocks to your success, health, wealth, and happiness and get the influence skills you need getting the life you want the way that you want it… No matter what the future holds.

Instant Digital Courses

Cannot make it to a live event but need to make a change NOW! Consider tapping into the power of our un-matched video learning and home-study courses. Each course is a full length recording of a live event where you can experience the true power of Dr. David’s cutting-edge systems for personal transformation, self-improvement human influence and success creation – all from the comfort of your own home. Each course comes as a full instant digital download and specifically targets the fastest most effective ways to get your problem solved in the shortest most efficient time possible.

Our support staff is ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have and guide you through any sticking points you may encounter along the way. We are absolutely committed to getting you one the fast track to having the life you want the way that you want.

Please Note: before you select which courses you want, we highly recommend you reach out to us first, and tell us what you want to learn and accomplish so we can advise you on the fastest track to get you from where you are to where you want to be in life. Now!

Do The Drills And Get The Skills Now

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