Learn Hypnosis: Covert Hypnosis Techniques for Emotional Control

Covert Hypnosis: Psychological Positioning And Emotional Control

Have You EVER Failed To Make A Good First Impression?

Or Maybe You found yourself in a situation and your emotions got the better of you.

Maybe You...

  • Choked Up and Couldn't Speak When You Needed To.
  • Couldn't Focus or Concentrate
  • Or Simply Couldn't Get Anyone To See Your Side and Follow Your Lead.


There Is A Unique Form of Influence
That Can Change All of That...

Covert Hypnosis.

Covert hypnosis is the study of hypnotic operators.

What is a Hypnotic Operator?

A hypnotic operator is ANY stimuli that can cause a shift from one way of thinking to another way of thinking.
This effect can target a person's

  • beliefs,
  • perceptions
  • or behaviors

and cause them to become more likely to accept your suggestions and do what you want them to do.

There are many ways to accomplish this.

One of the most secret ways to change a person's perception and thereby their beliefs and actions is to use a category of
Covert Hypnosis Techniques Called:

"Proxemic Hypnotic Operators."

Proxemics literally means "proximity."

In other words.

Proxemic covert hypnosis techniques use the elements of time and space around our bodies to affect our minds and perceptions

MASS CONTROL: Covert Hypnosis Techniques For Emotionally Controlling Groups of People and How to secretly use spatial relationships to influence the minds of anyone you want

The study of "proxemic" hypnotic operators is very deep and completely undetectable.

we go very in-depth in our Live Boot Camps  because you have to really experience the power to really appreciate and
understand what it can do.

Here are some "Basic" examples,

Most people already know that our brains have two sides...

the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere.

But each hemisphere processes certain kinds of information and handle certain kinds of tasks better than The Other Side Does.

Your Right Hemisphere governs and controls the left side of your body, including your left eye.

This will become important in later lessons when we talk about using a "hypnotic gaze" to put people in a hypnotic trance.

But for now it has even more powerful uses.

Your right hemisphere is also thought to be less analytic, critical and logical, ...it is however the seat of your emotions.

Your Left Side of your brain is your

  • Non-Emotional Side of your Brain.

By now you are probably saying...

Okay David I learned that in grade school.

What's the big deal and how is that going to help me...

  • Make More Money
  • Get More Dates
  • Be More Successful
  • Help More People
  • etc, etc, etc


Glad you asked...

Here is the Overall Principle...

When you talk to people stand on the side that will predispose them to thinking about you the way you want them to.

In other words if you want people to think about your message using "logic" critical thinking and Analysis... Stand to their Right Side When You Speak With Them.

If you want someone to process what you are communicating more EMOTIONALLY, Stand To Their Left Side.

Covert Hypnosis Techniques For Creating Good First Impressions.
This information is powerful in creating good first impressions.

For Example:

If you need to:

Make A Presentation To A Group of People...

A. Start it From the Audiences Left Side for   Maximum Emotional Impact and Attention.

B. Position yourself So They Have To Turn Their   Eyes To The Left In Order To See You

C. Then Slowly Walk Across The Stage to the middle

If you want the audience to analyze a problem.  Present it from the audiences right.

(Tactically you should only do this when you already know the logical and rational answer they are most likely to arrive at.)



When Meeting a Blind Date For The First Time...

If you are meeting someone for the first  time and want them to have a better impression of you.

Try to angle yourself as you approach them so that you come from their left side.

Approaching from the left engages the less critical side of the brain giving you more of a chance to create a positive and desirable first impression.


In Math, Science or Highly Technical Professional Training...
Do THIS...

Sit so that you must look to your right to see the instructor.

This engages the part of your brain that is better able to process math, science
and related disciplines.

If you are engaging in the ARTS

Do This...

Sit so that you must look at the task or view the instructor with your eyes oriented to the left.

This gives you maximum access to the creative side of your brain.

Covert Hypnosis Technique For Protecting Yourself.

How To Gain Emotional Control in Any Situation...

Sometimes we want to be emotional, creative and expressive.

Other times we need to "disconnect' from our emotions in order to function  and get things done.

If you are in an environment full of negative emotions, anger, sadness, grief trauma.

Sitting in a position, or in a way that forces you to orient and view things from your Right Side Will Help Shield You From Negative feelings.

You'll simply have more control over your emotions and be much more calm and collected

Conversely, If you want to be more fully present and emotionally engaged.

Orient yourself so you are looking to your Left and You'll create a greater "Emotional Experience"


Using "Proxemic Hypnotic Operators" are just one  way we can begin to exert powerful and predictable emotional control over yourself AND The People Around you.

The secret to conversational as well covert hypnosis is your ability to trigger the right level of emotional intensity in your subject.

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Published at: May 20, 2013
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