Covert Hypnosis for Weight Loss… Really?

Covert Hypnosis for Losing Weight?

Yes, you read thappyhourhypnosis-347x288hat right

You probably already know that one  of the most powerful and well known uses of hypnosis is in helping people to lose weight.

For most people the weight loss is  a voluntary thing.

It's something they "want" to do.

But what do you do if someone you  love needs to lose weight...

...and Doesn't Want To, Or See The Need To?

How Do You Influence Them To Lose Weight Without Them Knowing About It?

You guessed it.


Covert hypnosis is often confused with  conversational hypnosis.

But they are different.

Covert hypnosis uses special tactics that are NOT necessarily based on language to cause people to behave, perceive or think
in a certain way.

Most people think that hypnosis is based on language.

But it isn't.

Hypnosis is based on your ability to bypass a person's critical mind and change their focus of attention and absorption.

There are many many ways to do that and a true master of covert hypnosis is a very powerful person indeed.

In fact, if Jedi Masters really existed.

They'd look an awful lot like covert hypnotists.

And that brings us back to what I call Covert Hypnosis D.R.T's for Weight Loss.

D.R.T. Stands for Dirty Rotten Tricks.

So if you would like to drop a few pounds or perhaps 'discretely help someone else  lose a few pounds.

Here are a few covert hypnosis tactics that will bypass a person's critical mind and cause them to behave in a way that result in them eating less food.


Remember when you were a kid? Did your mom give those special "kiddy dishes" to eat off of?

You know the ones with the Disney Characters or your Favorite Cartoon or comic book hero on it?

Here is the psychological principle at work here.

You were unconsciously programmed to keep eating until you could clearly see the picture of at the bottom of the plate.

In other words, people tend to eat until they can see what ever design is hidden beneath their food.

If you or someone you know is dieting or wanting to diet or you simply want to influence them to eat less.

Then do this...

Make sure the plates have no design on them - This bypasses or interrupts the "clean your plate" mechanism most of us have been programmed with.


Most people tend to unconsciously gauge how much food they have eaten by how many helpings they have.

When you use smaller plates - serving sizes are smaller therefore you eat less.

But still activate the satiety mechanisms triggered by how many plates/helpings you have.

Even if you have more helpings you'll still tend to consume less food and get fuller faster.


Avoid eating in places or on plates decorated in reds and yellows.
These colors trigger people to eat more according to studies.
Red and Yellow also trigger people to eat faster which means you'll keep eating long after your satiety mechanism says you are full.
Most people eat way too fast anyway.

Much of our weight gain is triggered by eating too fast for our body's ability to measure when we are full.

 The Neural Connections between the Stomach and the Brain are Among the Slowest Feedback Loops in the Human Body.

Another way to eat more slowly is:

DRT#4: Listen to Slow Soothing Music While Eating.

Our bodies tend to synchronize with any rhythmic source.

Faster Rhythms trigger more nervous arousal and excitement making our actions and responses faster and less conscious.

Slower rhythms cause our bodies to relax. As a result we eat less and feel fuller faster.

These are just some of the many subtle but powerful ways you can use covert hypnosis to hypnotize others without them knowing you are
doing it.

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Published at: May 19, 2013
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