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Transcript of video  [4:43]

[0:00] Lots of cool stuff.  Lots of cool stuff.   Student from floor:  ???? All of our problems.   David:  That's right!    Students from floor talking all at once: ?????   David:  Actually you can do that.  Watch this.  Close your eyes.


Think of something that has an intensity scale of one or two.  Something that is just annoying.  Notice where you feel it.  Point to it.   Good.  Now here's what I want you to do. Reach in and grab it …. Hold it in your hands in front of you … using your imagination now, I want you to imagine that right in front of you is this big old white board. Just like the one I have up front.


[0:53] Take it and smack it on the board. Like SPLAT  Now reach down and grab your eraser. Sometimes you have to use some of that spray on stuff to really get rid of the thick gunk. Spray it…. And wipe it off.   Notice what happens to the feelings in your body. [Pauses while class examines their feelings now] I just made that up.  [laughter in room]   But why could I do that?  How many people noticed that it went away? Right?  There you go.


[1:30] How does that work?  Same principles right?  Point to where you feel it …. Reach in and grab it …   Student:  Spin it!   David: Did you spin yours?  Or just put it on the board?   Student: I just put it on the board.   David:  yeah, so you just  splatted it … [spritz spritz] … right…[wipe wipe]   Student:  So if you associate this feeling with something else, ... you erase the something else.   David:  Your unconscious mind understands that. It understands what erasing something means. Anytime that you can tap into universal metaphors that your unconscious mind understands ….


[2:00]  You get rapid transformation because your unconscious mind already understands what to do. [Looks at Student in classroom] Can I talk  about your session?   Student:  yes   David: OK.  We did a session with Barb yesterday. Right. So I know that Barb's really into energy so we did a lot of … we have this process called Universal Solvent…. Where Energy flows in through the top of your head and it saturates every bit of your body…. [points to a student]  You've done Universal Solvent. You've all done this.


[2:22] And I did something different with her. I said, " you know how … You ever work with peroxide?" You know how when you pour peroxide onto something and it fizzes? I want you to notice as the energy flows in and it finds those places in your body where… and just like peroxide you can feel it fizzing.    And she came out of it.  AAhhh.  [smiling and relaxed]   Barb:  It was very great. I could see it bubbling up and clearing that stuff away.   Student from floor:  A lot of Visualization then.   David:  A lot of visualization but it's in combination with kinesthetics. It can be vague, but it HAS to be there.


[3:02] Many times when you are doing a lot of these kinesthetic things ...depending on your level of absorption … it can be vague, ... it can be strong …. The more you can really get into the process …. The more deeply you're going to get change.   If there is a part of you going, "I feel silly doing this."  That’s the wrong attitude. This is all about you.   Now I'm going to share something about you. You guys know I'm going to be doing a "vibrational influence" thing right?   You know how we're talking about absorption, and acting out things?


[3:32] Do you know that in some of the most advanced forms of qi gong, where they deal with elemental energies, you actually start acting like a flame, or like water.   So when I was working with this one qi gong master, he started teaching me about fire dragons, fire qi , or water qi gong and one of his exercises was to just ...   [waves his arms over his head pretending to be a flame]


[3:56] And just be fire…. And it just creates that weird entrainment. Ok,  You're going to find that as you delve deeper into the mysteries that getting the body engaged is KEY! … to making things happen.


[4:15] Ok,  but if you're self conscious, … well that’s going to hold you back. ...You still get change, don't get me wrong, but, to the degree that you can just ... symbolizes doing it automatically, almost without effort and being massively successful]   Student from floor:  Let go.   David:  Let go. Just like when you were a kid. That’s all you need. If you played pretend, or fantasized when you were a kid, AND really got into it. You can have anything you want.   End of video

Published at: May 22, 2017
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