Persuasion More Effective When You Use the “Unexpected” Message

Persuasion is more effective when you use the "unexpected message" and back it up with strong arguments. Why? People will listen and pay more attention to your message if you had and unexpected element to it. The problem is if you don't deliver something worthwhile the persuasion is lost. Swaycraft Persuasion Techniques discusses the surprise element for effective persuasion.

Something unexpected can either take your mind off something else or help you focus on it. Photo courtesy of

"In consumer research at least, experts can be more persuasive when they express uncertainty. Uncertainty works here because it is unexpected: we expect experts to be certain about their position because of their specialized knowledge and training."

"Many authors suggest unexpectedness as one of the persuasion cornerstones. For example, Heath brothers make unexpectedness second element in their SUCCESs formula. (SUCCESs stands for Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional, Story – see their bestsellingMade to Stick)."

"Overall, this is solid advice. But it can also backfire."

"Research indeed shows that in general unexpectedness boosts persuasion. The reason: unexpected message surprises your audience; they pay more attention; the more attention they pay the more likely it is that the message will sway them."

"In essence, people are more likely to meditate on your message if it surprises them.

"But here is a critical requirement: your message must be supported by strong arguments. If not, your message will be ineffective or will even backfire because your audience will be more likely to spot any flaws."


  • Richard E. Petty, John T. Cacioppo, Rachel Goldman, “Personal Involvement as a Determinant of Argument-Based Persuasion,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 41, 847-55 (1981).
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I know this works with children, I used to watch my kids' pre-school teacher do this all the time. She was always prepared with a silly song or an unexpected detail, and it held the interest of most of the kids while she taught what she needed to. It's works in advertising and relationships and business, persuasion is more effective when you use the unexpected message. 
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Can Traditional Hypnosis Training Actually Make You A Bad Hypnotist?


Recently I have spent a lot of time reviewing the courses and evaluating the students of various Schools of thought and trainers within the hypnosis and nlp community.

After some recent experiences I came to the startling conclusion that ...

Are you ready for this...



No... I'm serious...


The folks who learn with us are "different" than the rest of the NLP and Hypnosis Crowd.

No thats not a brag nor is it a boast.

Its a fact.

Here at nlppower we spend a lot of time dealing with the real world. We spend a lot time teaching people that the essence of hypnotic influence does NOT lie in the words that we speak, nor the techniques we employ.

But rather the intention and identity we bring to the "Art" Thats one of the reasons why I created the 4 Magic Bullets Induction.

To teach our people that the magic of putting people into trance rapidly doesn't lie in any SCRIPT. That the keys to hypnosis and inducing trance lie in your ability to generate and maintain a intention to hypnotize and combine that intention with simple clear instructions to your subject.

Bundle that up with a strong sense of certainty in your identity as a powerful hypnotist, NLPer or what ever term you like to append to yourself, and you quickly become a virtual hypnotic juggernaut,. 9 out of 10 people will simply aquiesce to your suggestions and obey your instructions most of the time.

So how does that make us different in the NLPPOWER community as opposed to the rest of the hypnosis world.

Its all in how we introduce you to the discipline. You see the way you are introduced to something significantly colors the perceptions and beliefs you have about that subject. We present things that are "traditionally" thought of as being complex, difficult and challenging to do as fun, easy and basic.

Because of that particular frame, interestingly enough, our members do things many "traditionally trained folk" are hesitant to do.
I am not here to pass judgment on anyones teaching or school of thought. I just think that many hypnosis instructors and trainers should remember the Primacy effect and be sure that they "Frame" everything they teach in a way that causes the student to see what is being done as easy and simple.

Alas many instructors do the opposite.albeit unknowingly,

In my less than humble opinion the fastest way to get people confident is NOT to hand them a script, Nor is it to teach them fancy language patterns. Demo a short powerful rapid induction. Explain it. Then...

Have them do it to people over and over again as well as having it done to them.

The faster you get people into action, the more quickly they learn and assimilate. The longer you have them sitting listening to you lecture and or demo this and that... The more they go into note taker mode. Inertia sets in and it gets harder and harder for them to get off their butts, either due to fear, or laziness.

Get em, get em doing stuff. have them walk the walk before they talk the talk .(literally in this case)

Well its late and I've rambled on enough.

More Stuff To Come.

Be sure to check our our next great NLPPOWER meetup - ANCHORS IN ACTION Scheduled for June 28th at 7:30 pm You can check the calendar for details or simply go to NLPPOWER at

Until Next Time.

NLP The World and Take Names.


David Snyder

Black Hypnosis: The Dark Side of NLP& Hypnosis

NLP-Hypnosis and the Dark Side...

hypnosis is a naturally occurring state...

for the most part hypnotic trances are just random phenomenon that every human
experiences multiple times daily.

For the most part these states of mind come and go without our notice
and at random and by default.

But there are certain agencies that understand exactly how to use these
natural states to manipulate peoples minds. Making them believe things they
wouldn't normally believe.

Buy things they wouldn't normally by and of course not think about things they
should pay attention to.

Can you guess who these evil denizens of the black hypnosis underworld might

no its not the CIA, or the MAFIA, or some Columbian drug cartel.

Its the Media.. advertising, government and a few chosen masters of the hidden
and secret art... expertly use these hidden black hypnosis NLP mind control
skills to make you do what they want and think its all your own idea.

They achieve this effect through a mechanism known as "CFB" or Critical Factor ByPass".

Most advertising is "designed" to automatically bypass your thinking mind and install what the
companies want you to think right into your unconscious mind.

Even the news is designed to trick you into believing that the reporters are completely
truthful and unbiased... The media knows exactly what they are doing.

Now a days you get as much "biased opinion"  ith your news as you do what appear to
be facts and data.

Its all rigged.

and the only true way to defend and protect yourself against it is to understand and
be aware of what is being done to you and how.

Forewarned is forearmed


David X.