Speed Attraction: Secrets to Dating, Mating, and Relating

Speed Attraction:

Secrets to Dating, Mating, and Relating


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In Today's Video You Discover The Art and Science of

Rapid Attraction Secrets For Dating, Mating, and Relating

How accelerate the process of coming together with comfort chemistry and connection in an ethical natural and organic way. Getting with someone special does not have to take a long time in fact when its done right two people can go from strangers to friends to lovers to life long partners in a very short time.

In this video we will explore the opening stages of the attraction process and give you a simple clear way to actually connect with someone you are attracted to in a very deep organic and powerful way while at the same time motivating the target of your interest to volunteer deeply intimate information that will help you decide if this person should go into the one of the following four categories

- Hell No...
- Friend Zone
- Friends With Benefits Zone
- LTR Zone

This process was originally designed for women to use on me, now with a little tweaking both genders can use this powerful conversational tool to get the love, sexual-compatibility and connection that they are truly looking for.

Its Time To Get your New Social Life Started! With A Bang.

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Whether its Valentines Day Or Any Other Day, This Video Will Help Make Sure You Spend Your Time With The One Person You Really Want To Be With. And... who actually wants to be with you.

In this video we will discuss...

• The most important secrets to becoming amazingly confident and attractive to the opposite sex.

• 7 key secrets for making ANY approach strategy work

• You'll find out why the wrong people keep approaching you and how to change that

• How to understand not only dating dynamics but relationship dynamics that help you redesign or custom create the relationship of your dreams.

Overcome or stop arguments in its tracks and get you and your spouse or lover moving in the same directions together

Simple Sleight of Mouth Secrets That Can Change Attitudes in Seconds

The Important Differences between men and women that once you understand cause you to become even more attractive to your lover or spouse.

How use three simple questions to begin creating a deep level attraction with the person you desire And

How to Use The Top Secret Super-Glue of Attraction To Really Make Things Cook for you and the Apple of Your Eye.

Male or female it makes no difference.

If you would like to finally learn to understand men and or women better than you ever have before... you need to be study this video.

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Transcript: Courtesy of G.Ray Glenn

Transcript of this video. Wow, what a great hour and forty five minutes class.

David: Yeah, it’s based on something, What we call “pre-supposition.” There are certain things, … In order for what you’re interpreting to be true, …. a whole bunch of other things have to be assumed to be true as well.

Student from the class: Right, like your own value system is what you base your comprehension of what’s right and wrong.

David: Absolutely. Absolutely. That’s what we call “Criterion Rules.” Let me give you a linguistic example that will really kind of pull this out to you. I teach a lot of conversational hypnosis.
… Tracey will you see if we can get an eraser for the white board Please.

One of the things that I teach is called the “adverb adjective pre-supposition”
Ok. Now in traditional academic English. We are generally taught that if we are going to say, for example,

“The dog that was blue.”

Now Seth, rewind real quick. When I said “the dog” how many thought dog in your head. [holds up hand for a show of hands]

Right? Before I said the color, how many had a blue one?

[pauses…silence…. Chuckles from floor]

What color was your dog?

Student from floor: I didn’t think of a color.

David: Alright, but you saw a dog right? What color was your dog?

Student from floor: The dog that I saw? Black and white

David: Black and white, right?

What happens is that your conscious mind pays attention to the words. But your unconscious mind pays attention to the structure.

And the moment it hears something like the word “dog” it starts accessing every file in your system connected to the word “dog,” and it spits up a picture, Based on that association.

What I did here, was, …. that I gave you a poorly … well not really poorly, this is how some of us was taught to write. This is the structure of all boring communication by the way.

The descriptor, the thing that describes the dog, is after the thing it describes.

Ok, the more pleasant, the more efficient way, is to make sure what is communicated, is what we sent, is to put the descriptor before the thing it describes.

Right? Now I use this to show you, how your unconscious mind takes a little piece of information and starts to run with it. It starts throwing in it’s own information regardless of whether it is accurate or not.

Now this process happens millions and millions of times, below the threshold of conscious awareness. When you repeatedly get hit with this kind of structure in your language, you start to get tired.

Because what literally has to happen is, you’re going along real smooth, going along and everytime you meet something in the language that doesn’t match your internal picture, you have to STOP, … REWIND the picture, … CHANGE the photograph to match, … and then MOVE on.

That’s the structure of bad writing. When I talk about bad writing, I am NOT talking about technical writing. I’m talking about boring writing. Stuff that is not fun to read. Technical manuals are written like this.

Scientific journals are written like this. OK. But If you look at the most compelling forms of literature that we have, almost without exception, first of all, there is lots of descriptors.
Right? Lots of them. And they are almost always on either side of the subject. OK?

This is probably the easiest way that I can give you an example of what your brain is doing. OK, It’s doing this all the time with every word that it hears. Every process.

It’s doing it so fast and so seamlessly that you don’t realize that it is actually structuring your perception of reality.

NLP is the study of the structure of subjective human experience and how language interacts with that to create our experience of the world.

Once we understand this and that in many cases the words coming out of our mouths, are literal maps of what parts of our brain is being activated at any given moment, we gain tremendous power over the system. We gain a tremendous level of self knowledge and self awareness.

But until we become aware of it, this process will run us. Now I am using a very simple, very basic, one symbol language pattern, OK. To illustrate what the brain is always doing.

It’s doing this in every aspect of your life. It’s taking all the information that is coming in, it’s finding all the associations that are connected to it, and spitting up the one consciously to your awareness, that it thinks is the most relevant to the situation that you are in.

But it’s remembering, … and accessing …. All of them.
It doesn’t pick, … unconsciously. It fires all of them.

This is one of the powerful ways that conversational hypnosis and NLP, creates powerful changes in people. Because a Neuro Linguistic Programmer is somebody who understands how the brain actually processes information, … can talk to you on one level and be activating you on another.

Ok, in the context that you hear is a very good thing. In the context of the people who run the country, not so good.

OK, you came here because you want to take the randomness out of your life. Would that be true?

[raises hand for a show of hands]

OK, is this stuff useful so far? OK.

So what do we do about it?

[David looks at a student in the class]

Does that answer your question?

Student: yes

David; I just want to make sure because every now and then people ask me a question and I lapse into what I think is a very comprehensive explanation and they go, “that was great, but you didn’t answer my question.”

So I want to make sure. I’m not putting anybody down. It’s weird for me to be up on this stage. I’m telling you right now. So my perspectives are very shifted.

So what I want to do now is I want to introduce you a little bit to how to start changing. How to start making changes.

Now I want to that by asking you a few questions. OK?

How many people here have something that is blocking them. Ok Excellent.

How many people here have something they want to do better? OK.

How many people here their primary concern is a relationship or something related to a relationship? OK. I want to target …. Humans learn best in context. So I want to make sure that you are connecting what you want most to the processes.

Does that make sense? One of the other things that happens a lot of times is when people come to these workshops is, every now and then we actually break up and do practice with each other.

They almost always pick the biggest, evilest, nastiest, thing in their life.

And throw a technique they barely know at it, and wonder “why don’t this shit doesn’t work”
Your brain is hardwired, and defaults, to remembering things. OK. We spend a lot of time thinking we’re thinking, but in actually we are remembering. Your brain defaults to what is familiar.

So if you have this potentially new opportunity, that you’ve never had before, it’s a new experience, maybe its something that has a huge payoff. Right?

But it is completely new, it’s alien to the system. Versus not doing anything and doing what you’ve been doing, and feeling like crap about it but you’ve been doing that for twenty years.

Guess what you’re brain will pick.

It’s just the way the system works. It’s hardwired that way. Now, can you transcend it?
But only if you first become aware of it.

First rule of David’s world.


My job tonight is to give you that awareness. Because once you have awareness, you now have choice. And sometimes NLP gets the bad rep of being overly manipulative. The true spirit of NLP and the discipline that I teach is all about giving people choices.

Until you understand the unconscious programs running below the surface, you only think you have a choice.

If you want to make a change, if you want to something different, you have to muster tremendous amounts of will to get it done.

Well guess what? You don’t have that much. Will power is a finite resource.

There’s a book you might want to pick up.
It’s called, “WILLPOWER: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength”
by a guy named Roy Bauwmeister & John Tierney.

Ok. In that book, Bauwmeister isolates the two biggest building blocks of your willpower.

The amount of slept that you’ve had.
And the amount of blood sugar in your system.

[grinning and pointing to the chocolate] [Chuckles]

See…. I’m giving you willpower.


We burn up units of willpower everytime we have to exert emotional control. Because we don’t have one brain, we have three.

Do you guys know this? … OK

You have three brains. [silly comment] This is your brain on David.

The most prehistoric, the most primal, the most powerful part of you is your REPTILE brain. The Russian sports psychologist call this your “PALEOCORTEX.”

It is the part of you that works in primal drive
• Food
• Family
• Fighting
• Fleeing
• Fornicating

OK? It is the part of you that works in terms of primal drive. It IS what is driving the bus.

This is why every now and then you’ll hear me make an off color remark. It’s not just because I want to be vulgar. It’s because everytime I stimulate the reptile brain. I get 20 more minutes of attention. [chuckling]

And I need your attention. OK. I need you to understand this. OK.

Wrapped around your reptile brain is another layer and it is called your LIMBIC SYSTEM or your MAMMALIAN BRAIN.

This is your emotional brain. This is the part of you that generates feelings.

There is a subset of lawyers in this country. Some of whom I’ve trained. And they practice a system called REPTILE. And it is all based on how to speak and present, … to the REPTILE brain.

They are winning, multi-multi-million dollar lawsuits using it. OK? There is a whole field called neuro-marketing which is all about presenting information in a way that the reptile brain has to respond to.

Now here is a thing you have to understand about the reptile brain.
It doesn’t care about morality.
It doesn’t care about the law.
It doesn’t care about religion.
It doesn’t care about ethics.

All it cares about is satisfying and perpetuating the genes. Because your genes don’t go to heaven. The meat stays here. Right?

The rest of us may go upstairs or downstairs. But the meat stays here. So all it cares about … is the here and now.

And it works off of primal…. And it generates drives.

Write this down, tattoo it on your forehead. Because it will be a driver in 90% of the things that you are going to encounter in getting past things or getting people to do things.


Your lizard brain if there is a drive that is not being met, will consistently, without remorse , will take up more and more and more of the attention in your brain, and your body, until you act on it in some way.

Now many times those actions that we are being prompted to do conflict with other things that we were taught at different layers of our experience.

They conflict with what we were taught as being good and bad as kids.
They conflict with what society says is appropriate.
They conflict with the rules of friendship and fair play.

But we still want to satisfy that drive. We still have to find some way to balance that drive out.

So what happens is … that reptile brain generates an emotion. That emotion causes you to take action.

Every drive in the body is a feeling ….
and all emotions are feelings,
but not all feelings are emotions.

So what do we do. We have another layer of our brain that came along later. The problem solving part of our brain.


This is the part of you that is in charge of generating a reason WHY.

Why you are doing the thing that you are doing. And the part of you that is in charge of making sure that that reason is… and there are usually two reasons for doing what you are doing. The one you are going to tell people…. And the real reason. Right?

It is in charge for generating both of them.

How many people here wind up having resistance come up to certain things come up in your life? Right?
Do you know what the structure of resistance is?
Or what the primary areas of resistance are?


In other words, if the information, or the situation that I’m in … threatens how I see myself. Causes me to look at myself less than appropriately or less than positively. I will inherently resist it.


Ok. If nobody is looking, they are a different person. Right? But if they are a public figure. They care about how other people see them. The image that they have. Anything that conflicts with that…. We resist. That’s just the way we work.



Here’s the rub. For most of us … what is true… is what is familiar.
What is familiar, … more often than not, …. because I’m a therapist, … I spend a lot of time taking people to places they didn’t know they had to go to,… to get free of stuff …. that was running their lives.

More often than not… what is familiar… is what was there first.

When I do hypnotic regressions on people… and I take them back to the first scene, situation, or event, that has everything to do with the reason they are there.

Without exception… well … alright… nine out of ten times.

When we spring back to the seeds of that reason …. Cancer, … Muscular Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, … chronic pain, … herpes, ….. Neuropathy, you know, any chronic disease.

Almost without exception they go back to the age of zero to five years old.

Student from the floor: Say that again? You ….

David: When I regress them back to the very first scene, situation or event, … that very first experience,…. that has absolutely everything to do with why they are there to see me, they almost always…. nine out of ten will go back to the time period of between zero and five years old.

Even though, when they walked into my treatment room, they came to me so they wanted to learn how to do a back flip better and they were afraid.

David: yes?

Student from the floor: So lets say I have something that related to back when I was one year old, but I can’t remember that.

David: Your conscious mind can’t, but your subconscious mind can. In the kind of work I’m describing, which is NOT the kind of work we’re doing here.

When you’re doing regressive work. You have to remember that the unconscious mind is like a video camera that is always running. That it runs in all 5 senses. OK? So everything is recorded. But it is NOT exact. Information is deleted, distorted and generalized.

Now, here is where it gets cool.
When you come into this world,
• You have no idea of what’s right or wrong.
• You have no concept of good and evil.
• You only know, “feels good” and “feels bad.”
• It’s familiar. It’s unfamiliar.
• I feel safe. I feel threatened.

That’s all you know. You have this huge blank harddrive. OK? And whatever experience you have becomes like a little hook.

I should probably erase some of this crap. Did you guys get all of this? Is this useful? Alright.
[erases the whiteboard]

This is what’s driving your bus guys. This is what’s driving the bus. The cool part is that you’re going to be able to drive it yourself real frigging soon.

Now. Can you see the board OK? OK, so this is you at birth. [A big empty circle] There is nothing there.

Maybe a few hardwired instincts. You have no sense of “self.” You have no sense of identity. It does NOT exist. And if you think about it. It makes perfect sense. How in fact were you formed in the womb? Did you suddenly pop into existence with a head and feet. Or did you start out as a cell? That was part of a bunch of other cells?

And then slowly evolve into something else? Your sense of self… is mommy. You are identified with mommy. When you come out through the birth canal, … that doesn’t change. It doesn’t change for quite a while.

The ages of zero to five are the most critical. You have no critical factor. You have no analytical capacity whatsoever. Whatever comes in first,… positive or negative, … the first experience of each thing is just recorded. It’s not judged. It’s not analyzed. It’s not compared.
It’s just recorded.

And then an interesting thing happens. As you begin to accumulate more and more experiences, they start to get grouped.

Your unconscious mind starts to sort things by “sameness.” and its not 100% the same, they can be just 30% the same. They are connected. They are NOT linear.

And everything else that comes after that primal experience, that formal experience, becomes the standard that everything else is measured. Each of these experiences are like little hooks … that we hang other experiences on.

From that moment on, as we begin to develop that critical factor.
We call it the borrowed …
The bouncer at the bar kind of thing. You guys have all been to a nightclub where they have the guy outside who decides who gets in and who doesn’t.
I usually slip them a hundred bucks and they look the other way. But for most of us, they come up to us and the bouncer says no. You don’t have the right look. You don’t have the right feel. How does he make that distinction?

Because he decides what fits the internal environment. If you don’t match the energy of the club. If you don’t match the energy of the people inside the club that they are trying to cater to. You don’t get in.

That’s exactly what your conscious mind and your unconscious mind do. Everytime somebody tells you something, the first thing that happens is your unconscious mind sorts through your memories. Which are imperfect. There is information missing. But it replays everything it has in full fidelity.

The feelings. The experiences. All of the building blocks are there. And you have that feeling again.

If what’s coming in matches that? It’s generally accepted and you get another tick. If it doesn’t match…. It’s rejected.

Unless there is a tremendous amount of emotion …. Or repetition. That’s the only way they get in, as long as the critical factor of the conscious mind is in play.

That’s just how you work. Now the cool thing is…. A. Write this down. Tattoo it on your forehead.


The things you are carrying around in your head are NOT the event that happened to you.
• They are imperfect photographs.
• They have information missing.
• They have information that is distorted.
• They have information that has been generalized.
• To make processing easier.

And each of those photographs are written in a code. That dictate …. What you feel, hear, see, and perceive, (important word there, PERCEIVED) When that memory is accessed.

How many people here have ever seen a show called, “LIE TO ME”
If you haven’t, go rent the first three seasons of that show. There’s only three.
The consultant for that show…
It’s all about this expert in facial recognition, lie detection, and how he goes and solves crimes and things like that.
But the consultant for that show is a guy called Dr. Paul Ekman. Paul Ekman is the worlds leading expert on emotions, facial cues, and how they interact.

He actually discovered something call micro expressions. That are little tiny fragments of facial expressions that happen underneath the ones we are trying to parade. (display)

So you might be smiling, but actually be very very sad. They happen in a fraction of a second. And even that, he is also one of the worlds leading experts on lieing.

He wrote a book called, “EMOTIONS REVEALED.”

In that book he outlined and refined a phenomenon called the “EMOTIONAL REFRACTORY PERIOD”

The “Emotional Refractory Period,” is the period of time between the onset of time, between an emotion and the time it dissipates.

During that time, that emotional state seeks to go on for as long as it possibly can.

And it starts looking for ways to keep going. It’s like a little life form that wants to keep going.
So what it does, … on a neurological level, without your conscious intent. Without your permission, and without your awareness, it changes what you pay attention to.

How many people here have ever been in an argument.
[show of hands]
[yeah come on, “I don’t want to raise my hand” Just raise your frigging hand dammit]
[laughter from the class]

Now how many people noticed that you went through the arguing process, had the knock down, drag out, got the resolution, whatever, and for the next ten fifteen, twenty minutes, years later… anything that you said to that person pissed them off again.

No matter what. They found some way to twist what you said, and get angry again.

Welcome to the world of the emotional refractory period.

Anytime that you go into an emotional state, your perceptions change. And what you consciously pay attention to changes. And you only pay attention to the data, or the aspects of the environment, context or experience, that retrigger or re-enforce the emotional state.

You don’t get a two minute warning that you are about to get pissed off. Your unconscious mind does not signal your heart that you’re about to have an emotional shift.

You just go into it. Right? And once you’re in that state, the state tries to maintain itself for as long as possible.

How many people here have ever bought a new car. OK excellent. Now how many people really researched the car before they bought it. Cool.

How many people have had this experience. You go to the lot, … you haggle over the car… You make sure it’s the right color, …You pay for the car, … you’re driving home. … You’re thinking …Yeah baby…. And every motherfucker, …bought the same car on the same day, …everywhere you look, …you see the same car.
How did that happen?

Same thing. You went into a specific state that was highly polarized to sorting for a specific kind of information. Your perceptual filters shifted, and everywhere you went, that’s what your unconscious mind pulled into your awareness.

This is the same structure that underlies the laws of attraction.

It’s what’s running below the surface, in your body the feelings that are being generated that are changing your perceptions and systematically drawing certain kinds of experiences into your life and removing the awareness of other types.

You see everything that we could ever want …. is already here. It’s just filtered. It’s how it is, it just filters our awareness. Does that make sense?


Student from floor: Could that be where something in our life is changing our focus?

David: Something is. What’s happening is that your nervous system is filtering your reality.
It’s filtering what you are paying attention to, and the information you can get, many many times before anything …. becomes conscious.

As I like to say, “Your conscious mind is always the least informed and the last to know .”
But… it’s the one that screams the loudest and the one that gives you the rationale that’s acceptable to yourself for why you do the things you do, so that’s what we listen to.

Yes? [a student hand their hand up]

[I could not hear anything the student said]

David: Sure, ….
Anybody here ever been in a relationship?
And you come home and your spouse is really pissed off?
And nothing you do is right?
And you did absolutely nothing.

It’s like, guys you come home and you left the toilet seat up?
You don’t get sex for a month, because you left the toilet seat up.

Ladies, you come home, you’re pissed off because of the guy at work looked at you the wrong way again, …. The boss made you stay late. … The kids were giving you a hassle…. Right… you’re not feeling real good…. And the next thing you know is you start venting to hubby … right… and he makes the cardinal mistake of trying to fix your problem.

Instead of just listening. And letting you vent it. Right?

Classic understanding of perceptual filters changing. Why?

Because neurologically when a woman gets stressed out, she gets more and more picky, she gets more and more precise. More and more detail oriented.

When a man gets stressed out, he gets progressively more global. He gets progressively more big picture.

When a woman communicates about her day, and about the problems that she has had, especially to HER man, she is NOT communicating to him for him to solve her frigging problem. She’s more than smart enough to figure out her own shit.

She just wants him to listen. And let her vent it. But we don’t …

[Student from floor interrupts David]

[David is grinning at the male student in class]
Hold on a minute mutherfucker.

[Student is arguing for the mens side of this.]
[Obviously he has been married a long time.]

David: I’m on their side.

Alright…. Guys don’t think that way. Guys think in “cause and effect” terms.
You have a problem, …. I fix it… It’s done….

But that’s not how the other gender operates. So the moment that she starts to vent, that she starts to express, you try to fix her problem. And that’s exactly the wrong thing. Because if you are trying to fix her problem…. You’re not listening.

Because if you’re trying to fix her problem, you’re insulting her intelligence. Chances are
She’s already fixed it. She just wants to decompress and fine you for a while. You have to understand the perceptual filters that the other gender uses.

This is NOT misogynist, this is neuroscience. This is what the studies have shown. If you want to look it up, you can look up a guy named John Medina, he wrote a book called, “Brain Rules” and there’s actually a video of him teaching that to google, which is where I learned that from, so you can actually pull it up on YouTube. It’s well worth reading.

But when you have a good day. … Think about this. When you want to ask your Significant Other something, that they are very very predisposed to say NO to … Don’t you do everything you can to butter them up… To put them in a good mood first?

[nods head… Then shakes head]
This means YES…. This means NO

And it works for both genders. Right.

We know we forgot the anniversary, … so we move heaven and earth to buy anything that looks expensive and looks, … you know, …like we gave it thought. We try to compensate.
But its too late because the filters are in place. Because when the filters shift,
Now even your positive intentions are going to get distorted, you’re just trying to make up for screwing it up in the first place. Does that make sense.

This is what we do. Ok, I went a little bit deeper into the neurology of it because I wanted you to understand that there is all kinds of filters going on here. But if a guy screws up in a relationship, puts you in a bad mood…. Nothing he does is going to make it up to you.

Short of two things…… looking her in the eyes, … Getting on his knees, …. [laughter from room]
Actually do you want to know what will do it faster than anything?

“Honey, I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

And then wait for it. Which is where most guys screw that up.

You see, just because you apologize, doesn’t mean that she is done. She has to vent.
You say, “I’m sorry”, She accepts your apology, and then she goes on for another twenty minutes. Why? Because she needs to decompress.

What do we guys do? We get pissed off.
“I just said I’m sorry. Why are we still talking about it?”

Because that’s how you (men) process. Not her.
IF All you did, when you were truly sorry, … from a sincere place, … look her in the eyes, and say “honey, I was wrong.”
And let her slime you for ten or fifteen minutes. Life would be happy. But we don’t.

Because we don’t understand the process. Everything we human beings do is a process.
And every process has a structure. And if it has a structure, then it has a code. If it has a code? It can be changed.

Does that make sense? OK, but seriously, in terms of a relationship if all you understood
is this concept that when women are stressed, they get more specific, more detailed.

When a man gets stressed he gets more global.

And when you come home, you detect any shift in that level, in your significant other and you know what to do. Or in some cases, what not to.

Right? That’s what NLP teaches us. Is that every single one of us is moving through the world with a check list. A map of how the world is supposed to work. Based on your internal environment. And you are projecting it out onto everybody around you… Looking for the people who match. And making anybody who doesn’t … Wrong.

Both genders do it. The secret is to be aware enough to understand that that process is going on and having the flexibility enough to change what you’re doing, to match the person in front of you.

To step into their map of the world. Does that make sense? That’s the core of what NLP is about. It’s understanding HOW these maps are created. First off (A.) understanding that the map is NOT the experience. The best thing about the past is that it is gone.
All you have left, is an imperfect, poorly written, memory. Based on the emotions that you were feeling and the information you had at the time. That’s the nervous system randomly put into a filing cabinet somewhere.

How many of you have a business? [show of hands]

If you just took any piece of paper that came across your desk and threw it into a random filing cabinet, without looking at it …. How long would your business last?

But that’s how our nervous system runs itself.

Now the good part is, … is that there is some default organization in there. So we are not completely hopeless. Alright.

But if all we’re carrying around inside of us. Not just in our minds but in our bodies,

This is a key part, these things are not in your mind. Per se. They are IN your body. They’re not just in your brain. Although your brain is important.

I’m often reminded… Anybody here know who Emo Philips is? He was a famous comedian back in the 80’s. He was kind of a smuck. He kind of talked like this. And move like this and he had really long hair.

And he would say things like, “you know, I used to think that the brain was the most fascinating organ in the body. ”

Then I had a forehead slap and thought. Look who’s telling me that.

That’s literally what your Neocortex is doing.


• The newest level of your brain.
• The part that thinks and rationalizes and analyzes.
• The part that thinks in words.
• The part that makes up reasons to justify acting on the rest of the system.
• The part that thinks it knows how to fix your shit.
• The part that tries to analyze whether something is actually working instead of going along with the process with full absorption and full commitment.

That’s the part that’s keeping you stuck.

How many people here have ever been little children? [show of hands]

How many people here have ever been little children?

[laughter in the class]

Have been little children? In other words, not do you have them… Have YOU ever been one. If I don’t see any hands… If I see hands not going up…. I’m going to call on you.

And I’m going to find out what test tube or cloning booth you came from.

Alright, How many people here have ever been little children?

And when you were a little child, did you play pretend?

Absolutely, what did you like to play pretend at?

Student: Superhero

David: Superhero, cool. [to another student] Did you play pretend?

Student: With Barbie Dolls.

David: With Barbie Dolls. How about you?

Student: Wonder Woman!

David: Wonder Woman. I like her already. How about you guys?

Student; I played with boxes. Pretending they were real. I played house.

David: Cool. How about you?

Student: Princess

David: Princess, alright! …. So how many tom boys do we have? How many girly girls?
Now how many played soldier? Superhero? Here’s the cool part.

When you were a little kid and you played pretend. You’re out in the backyard, or where ever it was, and you picked up the toy, or a stick, and you knew that it was a stick, that in the first 5 minutes that it was just a stick, that it was just a toy…. For the first five minutes.

And seven and a half minutes later, it’s a real M60 Machine gun, and you’re Rambo, and they’re real communists coming around the corner and you’re killing them all day.

OR… for the first 5 minutes, YOU KNEW that the teddy bear sitting across from you was NOT the queen of England. Even though she had a little tiara. seven and a half minutes later, you’re having tea WITH the queen of England.

And you’re having this long drawn out conversation over kippers.
[laughter in the class]
Were you asleep? Were you asleep when you were Wonder Woman?

Student: No I was escaping.

David: You were escaping. Ok, Were you having a ball?

Student: Not really but I was escaping and it was better than where I was going.

David: it was better than where you were going, right?

Were you having a ball when you were playing soldier?

Student; Sure.

David: Were you completely absorbed in the experience? Were you focused?

Congratulations. If you can just do that, …you can have any change you want.

If you can just be like a little kid, and play pretend, act it out, you can have, be, or do, anything you want.

A very wise woman once told me that you can be, … do, … or have … anything you want, … but first you must become that person, to whom that thing can happen.


Student: So that’s like putting on the persona you wanna be for a while until you get what you want?

David: Yeah, that’s that a little more advanced than this course. This course is about just scripts (?) and shit and getting back on track. And giving you some foundation. This rabbit hole there is no end to it, you can keep going with this.

We do things in some of our advanced units that seem like Science Fiction.

Anybody here have a pain?

Cool, One more things before I start bringing people up here and demonstrating stuff, first of all, its assumed that’s it OK for you to be seen on camera.

Second: how many people here have ever seen a movie?

How many people here have a favorite movie?

How many people here have lots of favorite movies. “As long as somebody else is paying, its my favorite movie.” [laughter]

Now you all know that when you walk into a movie theater, you sit down, you got your milk duds in one hand, popcorn in the other.

A big ocean of soda somewhere, maybe the boyfriend or girlfriend is carrying it. And you sit down in the chair …. and the lights go down….. And the screen opens …. And ninety minutes, two hours, two and a half hours go by, and you have an amazing time. You’re swept into the story.

And the credits start playing, and you come back to the moment and you had an amazing experience and besides from ache in your bladder, and the inability to stand up because you’ve been holding it for the last twenty minutes waiting for the trailer.

Can you tell me at what moment, you became completely absorbed in that experience.

Because if you can, then you’re lieing. It means you weren’t absorbed. Absorption in the process is one of the single biggest keys to getting full and pervasive change.

When we start doing these exercises, … and we will very shortly…

There’s two things you have to be aware of. If you are trained in NLP or Hypnosis,


We call it hypnotist disease. If you’re not trained, we call it Smart Person syndrome.

Smart person syndrome is when we’re having an experience, I’m guiding you through an experience and you can always tell who they are because they’re the one just sitting there like a statue.

I’m telling you to act shit out and they’re sitting there frozen. “Yeah, I’m doing it in my head.”

Ain’t going to work. Or not as well. One of the secrets to what we are learning tonight, is “somatic engagement. ”

When you get the body involved. It’s impossible, not to change. And I say that knowing that I’m going to be challenged. You don’t have to believe anything I’m telling you.

All you have to do is follow the instructions.

Seriously, the change work that I do. People who are dying, people who are critical, people who are starting to see things come out. Their transplants and organs are starting to talk to them.

The people I work with aren’t just weight loss people…they’re people with serious serious problems. The change work I do is too important to be left up to the beliefs of a wimpy client. If a client has no belief to make a change, they won’t get it. So my stuff works, whether you believe it or not.

As long as
(A.) You follow the instructions.
(B.) You get completely absorbed.
(C.) And be focused like when you were a little kid and you were playing pretend.

That’s all you have to do.

That’s why we started the whole class off by looking at each other and going…. and feeling good.


I don’t care if you have a tumor.
I don’t care if you have constipation.
I don’t care if you have a backache.
a frozen shoulder.
Knee pain.

Could you stand up please? Can I call on you? This is Felice,(?) give her a big round of applause.


She is one of the lovely demo subjects from one of my energy healing meetups.
Where we practiced with her… I didn’t say sit down young lady …. You came to me with an anxiety or shyness issue?

Felice: Shyness

David: Shyness… What happened? How long have you had that problem?

Felice: Like forever. As long as I can remember.

David: Forever …. And how fast did it go away?

Felice: one event.

David: One event. How long were you up in front of the class? Seemed like forever right?

Felice: No, a little while.

David: Just a few minutes right? Thank you. Give her a big round of applause. When you get the body involved, everything synergizes. When you separate elements out. If part of what we need is absorption and focus in the experience, and there is a part of us sitting on the outside, wondering if it’s working. … NEOCORTEX, by the way.

That’s the part that’s keeping you stuck. Now, The beautiful part is, the more the body you get involved … Even if there is a part of you is sitting on the outside… The changes will work.

Because I’ve literally had people … And you can go to my YouTube channel and find my L.A. meetings …where the guys didn’t believe this shit would work…

And he just starts doing this spin thing [slowly] and he’s just doing…la la la …. And then you see something weird happens …[he is spinning faster and faster and faster] …and he slammed it back in and his whole shit changed.

S.H.I.T. Secret Hypnotic Influence Technique

[laughter from class]

Not my first rodeo. [laughter]

Who had an ouchy? Come on up. Give her a big round of applause.

What’s your name?

Student: Kathy
David: Kathy, I’m David. Thank you for coming up and being so attentive. So where is your ouchie?

Kathy; I have this performance issue [with the left hip.]

David: A performance issue. Is it OK to fix it? Is it OK to take the pain away?

Kathy: I would love it if you could take the pain away.

David: Is there some reason that the pain needs to stay there?


Kathy: Yeah, and you can take the numbness and the tingling away too.

David: Are you sure?

Kathy: Yeah!

David: Alright. So here is what I want you to do….
Point to where you feel it.

Kathy: right now?

David: yeah.

Kathy: It’s right here, it’s right here {on her left hip and thigh}

David: Cool. Here’s what I want you to do.
Close your eyes.
Now look at it with your inner eyes.
On a scale of zero to ten, rate the sensation?

Kathy: to me it’s a seven.

David: Excellent. Now I want you to notice that there is a color connected to that feeling. What”s the color? First impressions.

Kathy: Oh, me, … Yellow.

David: Reach in and pull all the yellow energy out, reach in, get all of it. Hold it in your hands. Make sure you go it all. Sometimes that shit hides. … See I told you. …. Now, do you got it all? Are you sure? Double check.

[Kathy reaches behind her, way behind her to find some more in her lower back]
[laughter from the classroom]

Kathy: Yeah

David: Excellent. Now as you look at it. Did the color change or stay the same?

Kathy: It changed

David: Cool, what color did it change to?

Kathy: kind of a deep orangey color.

David: Excellent… As you look at it, notice that that color is spinning in a direction. What direction is it spinning? First impressions.

Kathy: It is spinning in that direction. {indicating clockwise}

David: Excellent. I want you to grab in both of your physical hands, physically grab it, and reorientate it in space so it is the exact opposite that it was spinning. So if it was spinning in one direction you spin it in the opposite direction. Physically turn it.

[Kathy was confused for a moment by the instructions]
Kathy: Oh yeah yeah yeah

David: Now double the spin. Double the speed. Double the force. Double the magnitude.
Keep doubling it, over and over and over again. Until it takes on a life of its own. Until it is impossible for it to go back to the way it was. When you know that you’ve got it… Slam it back into that spot.

Notice the change.

Kathy: WOW Right!

David: On a scale of zero to ten?

Kathy: Uummm I’d say it’s a one and a half.

David: Spin it back…. Nnnnmmmmzzzz … Gone?

Kathy; yeah.

Big round of applause for the lady.

By the way…. Try to bring it back.

Kathy: I really don’t want to do that.

David: I usually get that. Ok. I usually get one of three answers when I do this.

The first one is:
I say, notice what happened, and I say, try to bring it back, and they go:

I can’t

Or I say, try to bring it back and they say:

It’s getting better.

Or I say, try to bring it back and they say:

[loud and angry] I DON’T WANT IT BACK!

[transcribers list]
1. I CAN’T

Well done…. See. … Yes?

Student from floor: Are you working off of the chakra system?

David: No.

Student; Because she pulled it out like an orangey vortex and she spun it like a chakra.

David: I know.

Student: So its not working off of the chakra system at all?

David: No. No we go beyond that.

David to different student: Yes

Student on the floor: Yes, I noticed, see if this is something that they want to keep? you continue to spin it in the direction that they identified it.

David: Yep

Student: So if they don’t want it, you tell them to do it in the opposite direction.

David: yes I do. Why? It goes back to Chinese medical theory. Law of ying and yang. I am an acupuncturist after all. The Law of Ying and Yang tells us.
I’m going to contrast NLP with TCM. [Traditional Chinese Medicine]

Two things… By the way I am also a certified Master trainer and Master practitioner in NLP and I can certify you if you want to learn all this weird stuff.

TCM talks about the Law of YING and YANG.

The law of Ying and Yang says that neither Ying or Yang can not exist without the other.


Black / White … Good / evil … Hot / cold … Dry / wet … Can’t exist. One can not exist with out the other. One can only be defined in terms of the other.

Now while I’m on this subject. The YANG part of a person is their functional aspect. In other words, it’s the function of the liver, or the mechanics, it’s not the structure.

So when you do this exercise, the first thing that will come back is the function. But the bio-mechanical component takes time.

Ok, I’ll tell you a funny story real quick. I was out at a maritial arts camp. And uh,… Two years ago as a matter of fact. And uh, there was a British couple, and she happened to be a hypnotist, she was big into Ericksonian Hypnosis and things like that which is a conversationally driven system.

And she had come back and she was like strutting in …

She had just done a pain control session on her husband and it had taken his hip pain away. …. And I’m kind of competitive.

“That’s really cool, on a scale of zero to ten how good is it?”
And he gives me a number.
“Oh great. ”
And I’m thinking how can I do this without being a dick?
{more laughter}
Right? Cause I have this internal check, cause I have an ego the size of Texas.
Right? And when I do the work that I do, I have to make sure that I’m coming from the right space.

So many times even though I just want to run in there and zap people I won’t

I have to wait to do it until I’m not just doing it to build me up. Does that make sense. So I’m very aware of that. I’m not a humble guy. Although sometimes when you see the stuff that happens, it is extraordinarily humbling. The stuff that I do is like Science Fiction sometimes. Right. I mean like…. How’s your hip feel?

Kathy: it was starting to come back, but as soon as you asked, it was gone again.

David: See the minute we asked?

See what happened is she had a program, This goes back to Ying and Yang …and NLP.

Remember I said that everything in your system does has a code?

By the way we might need to stretch that performance out because a lot of what is happening is bio-mechanical. OK

NLP tells us that everything we do has a code, has a structure to it.
See, here is where TCM and NLP merge.

The Law of YING and YANG says, you can’t have one without the other.
NLP says everything we do is a code.

That means your system can not code for pain with out automatically creating the code for it’s opposite. It’s just the way you work.

Once I isolate how your system codes one sensation, I automatically know how it codes for its opposite.

But that’s not enough. Now I have to stack as many parts of the nervous system as is humanly possible.

• Energetically
• Physically
• Psychologically
• Emotionally



I need to get your internal environment interacting with your external environment.

I need to get your physical body interacting with your subjective body.

I’m going to light your nervous system up like a Christmas tree.

And through it all, I’m going to hit you with certain key phrases.

That activate things in your nervous system that you can’t resist. That’s a different class but that’s all going on in the two minute intervention.

And I’ll stay with it until it’s gone.

Most of the time I only have to do it once. Once in a while I have to do it three times. It’ll drop every time. Sometimes you’ll get a certain way into the process and they’ll not go any further. … Or it’ll try to come back.

When that happens, what it really means is that there is a certain aspect of the experience that the unconscious mind needs to keep.

There is a lesson that’s mixed into the feeling and in the code of the experience that the unconscious mind cannot get rid of, … or wont get rid of … but not that it can’t.
It can get rid of any of it, because all it does is record, delete, and distort information.

OK, and if that happens we have other interventions for that. That is the only time that we don’t get resolution. I have NEVER … I HAVE NEVER …. And that’s a bold statement on a video in a room like this

I have never … Used this process and NOT gotten a change, where the subject followed the instructions.

student from the floor: How long have you been doing this?

David: I first got the download in 2005, I didn’t know what I had until about two years ago. [7 years] I didn’t know what I had. It was just something I done on a whim at a training, and I didn’t realize …. I’ll tell you about my cancer ….

[56:00] ??????
Student: your wife is there to take care and I get this your saying about coding and NLP and YING and YANG, and it’s energy, and it’s consistent and by showing her the yellow and changing it and turning it around and it might go away for a minute but then it might go away for a minute because somebody tells her that but it might come back

David: It’s more than just her mind. It’s her whole system.

Student: Right and is that ….

David to Kathy: Try to bring it back.

Student: Well she doesn’t want to bring it back.

David: But I’m telling her to try to bring it back, that’s my point.

Student: But it will come back

David: No, that’s your belief.

Student: That’s not my belief. I’m just saying that it …

David: No that’s your belief. It’s not coming back.

Student to Kathy: Something about a phone number ???

David: OK

Student: I’m just wondering why that is. I’m just trying to see …

David: You’re just trying to see what?

Student: That if it’s not something … I think that for me… You’re looking at it like its an energy, and it’s something that can be changed, Which I agree with, I think our bodies are fully connected and a lot of what we believe cause us to have certain insights … Even people can get cancer, from negative thoughts. But I just wondering is this thing is, if it is fixed it all day long,

David: Absolutely, if she does something bio-mechanically that reaggravates it. Then she can reinjure it. Right, What I said was, I changed the functional aspect. The bio-mechanical aspect HAS to be addressed.

That is why I also said, “Just because I CAN change something, doesn’t mean I SHOULD change something.”

I was very specific. “Can I change this for you?”

Right? I had a girl, if you go to my YouTube channel, I had a girl that had a toothache at the ‘HypnoThoughts Convention.’ She came up and I said “Is it ok to get rid of it?”

Because if the pain goes away, we tend to forget about it. Right, If I take the pain away you think you’re cured. And many times you are. But not always. Maybe I cured it and maybe I didn’t.

That’s not up to me to decide. That’s up to your nervous system. But I do know that every experience that she had, … In spite of what you believe, … Has a code and a structure to it.

And it’s her code. And the one code that you never resist is your own.

If I tell her to do something, she may resist it. If SHE decides to do something. She wont.

Does that make sense? That’s the secret, OK. If I put something, just install something into your system that isn’t native to your environment, it may work, it may not.

If I put something into your system that is your system, that you created, there is no resistance. Cause you made it. Does that make sense?

Who else has got an ouchie?

Student: Allergy?

David: Something that you want to get rid of. Come on up.

David: Now it doesn’t have to be physical by the way, it could be emotional. What’s your name sweetie?

Student: Sen You

David: Sen You, My names David. Are you having fun so far?

Sen You: Yes.

David: What’s going on?

Sen You: Allergies

David: Allergies? To what?

Sen You: I collect allergies. Like hives.

David: oooo I never worked with an allergy before. This should be interesting. Is it to anything in particular?

Sen You: I started several years ago. From stress I think.

David: Stress! So is there a time when you feel stress and you know that it’s going to trigger that feeling?

Sen You: Yes.

David: Where are you feeling, where in your body does that feeling start?
[very loud jet plane flying overhead]
OH my god, they’re coming for me. [laughter]

Where in your body does that feeling start?

Sen You: Here. [indicating her chest]

David: Close your eyes. On a scale of zero to ten, I want you to rate the intensity of that feeling. What’s the number, first impressions.

Sen You: Now I’m nervous in front of everybody. So right now?

David: un huh. [indicating yes]

Sen You: Eight.

David: Eight. Excellent. [now soft voice]
Look at it with your inner eyes.
I want you to notice that there is a color connected to that feeling.
What’s the color? First impressions?

Sen You: Dark Grey

David: Dark Grey. Excellent. Do you believe in energy?

Sen You: Yes.

David: Excellent. [lifts both of her hands to her chest]
Reach in with both of your hands and physically grab all of that dark grey energy and take it out and hold it in your hands in front of you. Make sure you get it all. Because sometimes it hides.

David: OK? And let me know when you’ve got it. Reach in and pull it all out.

[To class] You’ve GOT to get them acting this all out.

To Sen You: There you go. Is it all in your hands? Make sure it’s all in your hands.

[Sen You nods her head yes]
Sen You: yes

David: Excellent. As you look at it, did the color change or stay the same?

SenYou: Same

David: notice it is spinning in a certain direction. What direction is it spinning in?

Physically grab it in both of your hands. Now turn it so that it is the opposite of what it was.
Now double the spin. Double the speed. Double the force. Double the amplitude. Double the magnitude. Keep doubling that energy until it takes on a life of its own. Until it is impossible for it to go back to the way it was. And when you know you’ve got it, slam it back into you.

[Sen You is spinning it faster and faster now]
That’s it, Yeah, get into it.

Slam it back in.
[She does]

Notice the change…. Notice it’s gone.

Sen You: Is it gone?

David: How do you feel?

[Sen You is laughing]
Sen You: I don’t know.

David: What do you feel in here?

Sen You: It feels… It feels good.

David: It feels good! That’s where it starts.

Sen You: OK

David: Are you nervous anymore?

Sen You: No.

David: Really?
{round of applause}
Sen You: No

David: It’s just going to get better.

Sen You: Thank you.

David: I’ll help you down.

Your nervous system… Guys … Your nervous system … I know … Usually what happens is
They’ll be … Did you notice how when it went back in how she just

Right? This is NOT a subtle change. Right?

[to Sen You] You may have emotions come up in you…. Let them…

[to the class]
What happens is that when you reverse the program, you send the opposite instructions into the nervous system and the nervous system will begin to reboot the system.

It will start to jettison, or purge or dissipate any experience that is stored in the body that is NOT in harmony with the new program.

Anytime that I bring somebody up here, I’m prepared for Mount St. Helen. Because sometimes they need that. They need that moment of expression to let it come up, and let it come out.

Sometimes they break out in a sweat. Sometimes they bawl for ten minutes. And then they are done.

Because as the feelings come out, they’re being vented. You will never… It’s not the feelings that come out that make you sick. There was a reference made to cancer earlier.

The way I rediscovered this process was working on a cancer patient.

My wife is Chinese. And she has a very big family. Most of whom are still in china. And we had her sick aunt who was a sweet wonderful lady. I’d like to say I saved her. I did not.

But I will tell you the story because it’s the reason most of you are here.

I taught my wife how to do energy. My wife has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry. She’s a doctor of chiropractic, she learned TCM in China and she got her Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in this country. OK? She was the Valedictorian of her Acupuncture class and her chiropractic class…. At the same time!

Ok. So when we got on a plane to go visit her aunt, because her aunt had been given roughly two weeks to live.

I thought she was going to go. I taught my wife how to do Reiki and chronic healing and stuff like that, but she already had a whole slew of skillsets in her toolkit.

So I thought… Dumb me …. That we were going to go there and she was going to do the things that she knew … And I don’t speak Chinese. I barely speak in English.

OK. So we got there. And if you’ve never seen the inside of a Chinese Cancer ward….

DON’T! If you are energetically sensitive, don’t go there. OK. I was vomiting and nauseous pretty much the entire week I was out there. I was only out there for a week.

But, I had good state control. So sick aunt needed some help, so we got there and she was maybe 70 lbs. I mean she couldn’t get out of the chair, out of the bed. She was just there. She had basically given up. Which you’ll see a lot in cancer.

OK. Cancer is almost always anger and a desire to checkout. OK.

In my experience, again this is the world according to David, if it matches yours, use it. If it doesn’t, don’t.

There is no such thing as an emotionally healthy cancer patient.

It’s the things you DON’T express, that make you sick.

It’s the things that society tells you is unacceptable to say, or express that make you sick.

OK. I am as outgoing as I am, because I want to be healthy.

I am as obnoxious as I am, because I want to be healthy.

And I don’t give a shit what society says. Because they’re the ones making you sick. They don’t know it. Well some do. But I digress.

We got there and all of a sudden I realize as we walk in and I take one look at my wife and She’s ain’t doing shit. She’s just not… I mean you know when there’s someone, who you care about, that is in that much distress, that as much as there is a part of you that is calm cool and collected as you are, they just check out. Right?

So I go OK. God you sent me here for a reason. So I’m thinking to myself … Every technique that I know is based on language. Based on On going back to the initial sensitizing event, reprocessing the experience. Even the NLP techniques that I know, largely, are based on a understanding of language, and an English based language.

I’m like Shit, what am I going to do?

And then it popped into my head.


Create either…. There’s a lot of the techniques that I created that are based on the idea of creating a construct and something that the patient, or subject, can manipulate. That they can physically act out.

So there was two techniques that I chose. That I could do through an interpreter.
One was called the grey room. Sometimes when I teach this workshop, I teach the grey room. Tonight we’re not doing the grey room. Tonight we’re doing mostly spinning work.

And sub modality work. And uh, [looks at watch and sees the time] we got to get out of here soon.

So basically I started doing the grey room is where you go into this construct, it’s a Dome shaped room, with pearly grey walls and in the center is a big glowing fire pit. On the walls are papers in various colors,

As a matter of fact, do you guys want to play with this real quick?

Pretend to go into the deepest trance that is humanly possible. … Awesome.

Imagine … You can do this with your eyes open or closed, but it’s probably better with your eyes closed. OK.

Walk into the room. You see it’s a dome shaped room, like a big A. In the center of the room is a glowing orange firepit. That’s radiating a wonderful warm soothing energy. You can actually hear the fire crackling.

And as you look around the room you notice the walls themselves are a pearly grey color, kind of translucent. And on the walls themselves are bits of paper.

And you intuitively recognize that one color represents all the positive aspects (experiences) of your life.

All the things that make you feel strong, confident, powerful, deserving, worthy. All the things that make you feel good about you.

While the other color represents all the less-than-positive things. All the things that you consciously know about, and most importantly the things that you UNCONSCIOUSLY know about.

All the things that make you feel bad at the wrong time. That guide you and move you in ways that aren’t always for your highest benefit.

And when you recognize the colors that are associated with which, all I want you to do is simply reach out and touch one of those pieces of paper that represents a less-than-positive experience and I want you to rip it off the all and rip it up and crumple it up in your hands. And as you crumple it up notice where you feel it in your body. Notice how that feeling already begins to shift and change.

and when you’re ready for it …..ready to get rid of it….. walk over to the firepit and throw it in the fire.

Watch it burn up. Feel the release of that negative energy. As that piece is removed from your body. Solved, dissolved and resolved from your body. Solved, dissolved and resolved from you mind.

And then you know what I want you to do when you’re ready, and only when you’re ready, I want you to reach out and grab another one of those pieces of paper and rip it off the wall. Crumple it up. Walk over to that firepit. Notice where in your body you feel it. As you crumple it up and throw it in the fire and

Feel the release. You may notice some of you beginning to yawn. That’s usually a sign of your body releasing. It means you’re doing it right. Not everybody does it that way.

Walk over to the walk and grab another one of those pieces of paper and rip it off the wall.
Crumple it up. Walk over to the firepit. Throw it in.

feel the release.

Feel the energy releasing from your mind and body. Feel your emotions shift and change. Feel your body becoming lighter.

[1:10:01] {two thirds mark}
As you begin to discover the keys to changing your mind and body. And now what I want you to do, at the rate and speed that’s optimal for you, I want you to go through every part of this room. I want you to rip off every piece of paper that represents a less-than-positive aspect or experience in your life, The things you consciously know about, and more importantly ladies and gentlemen, the things you unconsciously know about. Be thorough, look behind the positive pieces of papers because sometimes that shit hides.

Rip it off the wall. Crumple it up. Notice in your body where you feel it. and throw it in the fire. Feel the release.

Remember the more you get the body involved, the more rapidly and deeper you change.
I can’t do this for you. This is all on you.

Notice how good it feels. Feel the release.

And if any emotions come up as they go in the fire, let them, That’s just a sign that your body is shifting and reorganizing itself.

It’s the way it’s supposed to work. Solved, dissolved and resolved from your body. Solved, dissolved and resolved from you mind. And when you know you’re done, and you work at your own speed, no matter what I say, no matt

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Covert Hypnosis Using Descriptive Imagery

Covert hypnosis using descriptive imagery is one way to accomplish getting an individual into a trace. Vote4hope. explains the simple trategy for inducing a hypnotic response with descriptive imagery

"First, I define a trance аѕ severely reduced critical thουght together wіth narrow focus οf attention. I feel thіѕ definition very useful whеn considering covert hypnosis. Thеrе аrе various tools tο gеt a person inside a trance аnd here I’ll point out аn extremely powerful technique I lіkе tο call vivid imagery.

"A simple strategy tο explaining wουld individually bе thіѕ:

Connect with descriptions of beautiful peaceful places like this.

"Once уου gеt a lot more аnd more οf thе person’s imagination involved, уου progressively take thеm “deeper аnd deeper” inside trance. Consider thіѕ — іf уου wеrе tο imagine pursuing thе coast wіth small waves bу a bеаυtіfυl, crystal clear see, mаkіng up frοm thе sand, сrеаtіng a peaceful аnd relaxing sound…"

"Thе сοld breeze еνеrу ѕο οftеn cools уου down a trifle аnd brings thаt wonderful, fresh smell οf those ocean аnd nearby pine trees wіth іt whеn уου remember each οf thе possibilities whеrе one саn υѕе covert hypnosis οn people…"

"Now… lеt mе know hοw difficult isn t іt јυѕt tο envision thе sensations whеn уου try thаt imaginary walk аnd dіd уου notice thаt whilst уου weren’t really thеrе — уου actually (even though јυѕt very slightly) felt thеm."

"Wе саn easily plant such images within ουr listener’s οr reader’s mind bу utilizing something thаt’s called “descriptive language”. Thе thουght ѕhουld bе tο describe thе problems wе need a person tο experience іn detail, using emotional (“rіght brain”) words similar tο “gοοd looking” compared tο “attractive” аѕ уου progress. Hаνе уου recognize thе dіffеrеnсе between thе two?"

Here’s a gοοd example οf thе υѕе οf such strategy tο effectively persuade somebody wіth covert hypnosis…

"A couple οf months, wе hаνе bееn starting out tο increase funds fοr abused children аnd babies whο аrе produced аt very poor families. Thіѕ season I’m thе president οf аnу charity club here іn Ljubljana аnd I’ve set ѕοmе pretty ambitious goals fοr those, οf whісh ѕοmе wеrе already realized аnd ѕοmе wіll hopefully bе realized soon."

"Thе thουght fοr ουr fundraising wаѕ tο hold a charity lottery during one οf a typical more prestigious balls. Fοr thаt wе hаd tο somehow gеt аѕ many donated gifts аѕ possible, ѕο wе called many businesses tο discover іf thеу′d contribute a product οr service thаt wе′d bе capable οf give аѕ prices around thе lottery."

"One οf ουr members paid visiting a elaborate restaurant tο gеt a free dinner fοr a couple possibly clone οf υѕе аѕ a present. Hе mаdе a scheduled visit іn thе owner οf уουr restaurant аnd met wіth hіm over coffee. Thе conversation didn’t gο tοο well firstly along wіth thе owner, аftеr being presented thе concept, wasn’t very thinking аbουt giving free meals. Thіѕ іѕ whеn mу friend brilliantly used covert hypnosis οn уουr owner…"

"Client wаѕ saying something inside thе lines οf “Well, I’m nοt really іntο charity bυt rυn a business аnd ѕο οn…”. (HINT: In case уουr person doesn’t instantly brush уου οff whісh includes a swift “Nο!”, many times thеу′re secretly asking уου tο persuade thеm! Thаt’s whеn іt’s usually a smart mονе tο persist аnd never ѕtοр trying)…"


The uses for covert hypnosis are restricted only by the imagination. How you decide to use this powerful tool will depend on your life, the people and places that life takes you to and your hopes and dreams for the future. Covert hypnosis using descriptive imagery can help you get the cooperation of those around you for a more positive outcome.

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Persuasion More Effective When You Use the “Unexpected” Message

Persuasion is more effective when you use the "unexpected message" and back it up with strong arguments. Why? People will listen and pay more attention to your message if you had and unexpected element to it. The problem is if you don't deliver something worthwhile the persuasion is lost. Swaycraft Persuasion Techniques discusses the surprise element for effective persuasion.

Something unexpected can either take your mind off something else or help you focus on it. Photo courtesy of

"In consumer research at least, experts can be more persuasive when they express uncertainty. Uncertainty works here because it is unexpected: we expect experts to be certain about their position because of their specialized knowledge and training."

"Many authors suggest unexpectedness as one of the persuasion cornerstones. For example, Heath brothers make unexpectedness second element in their SUCCESs formula. (SUCCESs stands for Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional, Story – see their bestsellingMade to Stick)."

"Overall, this is solid advice. But it can also backfire."

"Research indeed shows that in general unexpectedness boosts persuasion. The reason: unexpected message surprises your audience; they pay more attention; the more attention they pay the more likely it is that the message will sway them."

"In essence, people are more likely to meditate on your message if it surprises them.

"But here is a critical requirement: your message must be supported by strong arguments. If not, your message will be ineffective or will even backfire because your audience will be more likely to spot any flaws."


  • Richard E. Petty, John T. Cacioppo, Rachel Goldman, “Personal Involvement as a Determinant of Argument-Based Persuasion,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 41, 847-55 (1981).
  • Richard E. Petty and John T. Cacioppo, Communication and Persuasion: Central and Peripheral Routes to Persuasion (1986)
I know this works with children, I used to watch my kids' pre-school teacher do this all the time. She was always prepared with a silly song or an unexpected detail, and it held the interest of most of the kids while she taught what she needed to. It's works in advertising and relationships and business, persuasion is more effective when you use the unexpected message. 
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Covert Hypnosis is Only One Form of Persuasion

Covert hypnosis is only one form of persuasion. There are many ways to use the sound of your voice, body language, specific words,  touch, and appearance to persuade others to follow your thinking and do what you suggest. The art and science (and it is both) of persuasion calls upon many skills and resources. The article featured today found on shows that covert hypnosis is only one form of persuasion that you can learn to bring more confidence and success to your life and to the lives of others.

Covert hypnosis is only one form of persuasion. Public speaking uses several types of persuasion techniques.


Getting Someone to Agree With You

"Being able to be persuasive is a skill that is important in the working world and can help you in your personal relationships as well. Persuasiveness is the ability to make someone else agree with what you are saying, whether they are agreeing that a certain product is a good investment or they are agreeing with a personal belief you have."

"The famous Greek philosopher Aristotle said there are three things you must use to be persuasive: ethos, pathos and logos. Ethos uses trust to convince someone, pathos appeals to a person’s emotions, and logos uses evidence and logic as a means to persuade someone."

Verbal Techniques

"When you are trying to persuade someone of something, you must talk to them to get them to see your point. There are many verbal techniques you can use to make your point of view seem right and appealing. For instance, using big words makes you seem knowledgeable and therefore right. Other verbal techniques include using a loud, convincing voice, repeating certain phrases or words, interrupting the other person and making sure you get the last word."

Physical Techniques

"Although you can’t use physical action to make someone listen to your point, you can use subtle physical techniques to persuade someone. For example, standing on a podium when delivering a message makes you seem tall and authoritative, and people are more apt to be persuaded by your words. Other physical techniques include using wide hand gestures or looking people directly in the eyes to establish trust."

Combination Techniques

"The most effective way to persuade your audience is to use a combination of verbal and physical techniques. The next time you watch a powerful figure deliver a speech, notice how they combine physical gestures along with words to really get their point across. When you are trying to convince someone of your point, use an authoritative tone and convincing words and look them in the eye as you talk."

Other Techniques

"Although verbal and physical techniques are the main techniques people use to be persuasive, there are other factors that play into how persuasive you are. Another way to be persuasive is using your personal appearance. Someone who is dressed in a suit and tie is more persuasive than someone in casual clothes because his appearance makes him look more credible. Your general stubbornness is also an attribute in being persuasive because if you refuse to give up, you are more likely to succeed in persuading someone of something."

Persuasion isn't an "all or nothing" endeavor either, it sometimes comes in stages and sometimes people will agree with you on one subject but not on another. The article mentions that your level of determination can be a factor as well as your confidence in yourself, this is very true. If you try a technique and it doesn't work right away don't lose confidence, project it! You'll notice the difference in others reactions to you immediately and because covert hypnosis is only one form of persuasion, make sure you are aware of and integrating all possible and appropriate techniques for your purpose.

Have you begun using covert hypnosis techniques? What is holding you back?

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Covert Hypnosis Techniques Anyone Can Learn

Building rapport is a crucial step for effectively using covert hypnosis

There are many programs that claim to offer covert hypnosis techniques anyone can learn but if you are as skeptical as I was at first you will want to do some research before buying into these claims. The article below comes from a site that does offer a covert hypnosis program however I was more interested in their explanations of covert hypnosis and the information they present to support what a hypnotist needs to do.

I like the way they presented this information and that it is not geared towards sexual seduction or other inappropriate uses. When you read the article below you will realize that there are covert hypnosis techniques anyone can learn.

"Covert Hypnosis also known as conversational hypnosis is the process in which one gains control over the others mind without their knowledge just by making conversations by the listener’s subconscious mind. The ultimate aim here is to change the opinion of the person in question by manipulating their thoughts and making them do things your way."

"In this process the hypnotizer changes the thought pattern of the people, their behavior, emotions and perception of life on a subconscious level. Unlike with conventional hypnotherapy sessions covert hypnosis does not involve closing of the eyes or any kind of moving pendulum or strange hand gestures."

Suggestive Commands

"The commands or suggestions given by the person hypnotizing to the person being hypnotized are more of a metaphor and presented in an indirect fashion, although in certain cases they are also given directly. Stories are one of the tools of covert hypnosis which can be effectively used to convey your actual message across and help remember it with much more probability."

"The initial step in covert hypnosis though is to build a rapport with the listener. It is easy to do it with friends and family but also not that difficult to do it with strangers. All you have to do is use some compliment on them or laugh at their jokes to build a comfort level with your unknown listener. It is not necessary that you go too deep into building a connection with your listener."

Building Rapport

"The next step after building a rapport with the person to be hypnotized you have to try and switch off the listener’s critical mind. It is nothing but diverting the listener’s mind from its normal thinking state to an imaginary thinking state. You can always start by using some scenarios and asking them questions like “What if…” or “Imagine this…” This immediately shuts off their critical mind and lets their imagination dominate their thought process."

"After successfully taking the listener off his/her critical mindset you may now make your irresistible commands and describe the things you want him/her to do. The effectiveness of this method depends on a lot of things that you put in to it. It depends on the way you transform their mind from critical thinking to imagination and the kind of statements you make to convince them well enough to perform the task you give them."

I used to be skeptical about the covert hypnosis techniques but I've actually used it myself many times and now I can honestly say there  are effective covert hypnosis techniques anyone can learn to use in any situation.

Conversational Hypnosis Breaks Through Mental Barriers

Conversational hypnosis works by narrowing your focus and overcoming mental barriers

Conversational hypnosis breaks through mental barriers by overcoming a persons "BS detector" or by grabbing their attention so completely that their focus remains on the source of their attention. Kevin Hogan, expert hypnotist demonstrates this effective technique in the article below with his story about the cover of Cosmo in the airport.

"Seduction can be defined in one of three ways. Seduction can be used to lead someone astray from their principles, much like Darth Vader attempted to do to young Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. I'm not too big on revealing secrets on how to win converts to the dark side...."

"Seduction can also refer to inducing or tempting someone to have sex, much like Delilah did to Samson in The Bible. This area of seduction is certainly more interesting and playful than leading someone astray from their core values...but still not really where my core interest lies."

"No, the seduction I refer to in The Art of Hypnotic Seduction is the inducement and enticement to win over someone to your side...or to your point of view. But what about the "hypnotic" part?"

"Hypnosis can be defined as a "narrowing focus of attention" or "resonating with the anti-suggestive barrier of the mind." In the first case, a narrowing focus of attention, I think of walking through the airport today and seeing Carmen (Electra) on the cover of Stuff magazine."

"I walked into Simply Books to find the August issue of Cosmo (they interviewed me for this months issue) but my mind totally spaced the world out as my mind was captured by Carmen on the cover of Stuff. (Carmen stars on a TV show called Living Large...something I've never seen or heard of but I will check it out...) I was literally hypnotized by the cover of Stuff magazine. Who was on Time? Newsweek? Good Housekeeping? Sports Illustrated? Business Week? Yahoo? Money? ...I have no clue."

"No one who walked into Simply Books did. It was just you and Carmen right there at the check out counter. I walked over to Carmen and picked her up. There was a little "tag" above her shoulder on the right side of the magazine that said, "Unfold for More". So, I did, opening the magazine to see a Carmen with even fewer square inches of garment on than the cover boasted. In the upper right hand corner it said, "Stop staring and buy the magazine." 

"It was absolutely brilliant. I almost took it to the checkout counter when I remembered that I subscribed and I thought it would be nice to have it in the mailbox today. That's the hypnotic power of magazine cover...not a real, living, breathing...person... That's hypnosis."

"Hypnosis is all about narrowing another person or group of people's attention to where what you are saying is the only thing they are paying attention to and then when you give the suggestion to "stop staring and buy the magazine," they do so."

Breaking Through the Barrier

"Hypnosis is also about resonating with the antisuggestive barrier of the mind. Each person has a metaphorical "mechanism in the mind" that "protects" the mind from all that might be bad for them. My antisuggestive barrier instantly filters out telemarketers, stock brokers, television preachers, anyone who knocks on my front door, and hundreds of other stimuli."

"In other words, there is a "wall" in my mind that is very tall...a "BS detector" that goes off like a fog horn when I see, feel or hear anything that my BS detector has coded as EVIL. (The BS detector of course is often's just a detector like the ones at the airport. It's a warning device that there MIGHT be something wrong here...but certainly not always."

"If you can make it past my BS detector without setting it off, you will have my full attention and it will not likely be diverted anywhere else.) That's hypnosis, too. When the BS detector says, "I like this guy," I might just filter out the rest of the world and you will have my complete and undivided attention."

There is no doubt that conversational hypnosis works by breaking through mental barriers. We all use our brain to automatically filter out what we don't care about or are not interested in. When conversational hypnosis is used correctly it bypasses that filter and gets the person to focus on whatever you want them to.

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Simple Conversational Hypnosis Techniques For Persuasion

Can you read the signs during a simple conversation?

Try these simple conversational hypnosis techniques for persuasion to help you get others to do what you want them to. Just by talking to them and learning how to "mirror" their words and actions you can eliminate arguments and conflicts and by overriding the typical patterns that are the causes of the conflicts you will finally have peace and harmony at home and the office. The article below appears on and offers simple conversational hypnosis techniques for persuasion.

More Persuasion Techniques
1. "Use a person’s name. You have undoubtedly heard salesmen use and abuse this technique. Maybe a statement like “Look Steve, you can see the benefits of this…” just turns you off. Using a person’s name IS a powerful persuasion technique, but there is more subtlety and art to persuasion than just following simple rules."
"People do love to hear their own name, but you have to be careful how you use it. First of all, use it how they want to hear it. Ask how they prefer to be addressed. A Mike may not like “Michael,” and a Joseph may be irritated by you calling him “Joe.”
"Second, use it at the right time. Unless you are great at reading people and know it is okay, don’t say “Hi Betty!” the moment she walks into your office. Wait until there is a bit of rapport, and sometimes even ask permission (“Is it okay if I call you Betty?”).
2. "Use motivating words. Say “think about,” they’ll do that. It is not a call to action. Use words like “today,” and “now,” and “do this.” Many subliminal experts will tell you that even using “by now,” repetitively, as in “By now you can see that this car is luxurious,” is subconsciously taken as “buy now.”"Remember to use THEIR words. If they use the word “efficient” often, then it’s an important word to them. Start using it: “You can see how efficient this RV is in it’s use of space.” Pay attention and pick out any words they use often. Persuasion is easier when you speak the same “language.”
3. "Be a chameleon. Change your language to more closely match theirs. Slow or accelerate your speech to match theirs. Sit in the same position that they sit in. Use the same facial expressions. Laugh when they laugh."
"This technique is called “mirroring and matching,” and, when done well, you can establish rapport quickly and easily with most people. Most people will never notice you’re doing this, but don’t be too obvious. The person will just feel like you’re like they are, that you can “relate” to them. A bond will begin to develop between you, and you can test this bond by “leading.”
"This means that once you have established the bond, you can change your body posture, to see if they unconsciously do the same. If so, they are ready to follow. You continue to mirror and match, but you also start to lead them right to the bottom line on the contract, or to whatever action you want them to take. This is one of the more powerful persuasion techniques." 

The first time you try conversational hypnosis with someone,you may feel akward and if you are not careful the other person may pick up on your mirroring or conversational mimicking which is why you should work with your family and friends first. Don't get discouraged you must keep practicing these simple conversational hypnosis techniques for persuasion in order to perfect them and move on to more advanced learning.

S.T.E.A.L.T.H. Hypnosis – How to Hypnotize Someone Without Them Knowing

The easiest way to hypnotize someone without them knowing it is through a method called covert conversational hypnosis. Using conversational hypnosis techniques you can put people in a profound eyes open state of trance just by talking in a certain way.

The art of conversational and covert hypnosis begins with the study of state control, rapport skills and moves on to the use of very specific 7 secret hypnotic language patterns that work on everyone hearing them.

This irresistible method of influence flies completely under the radar of most people, giving you the ability to literally cause people to fall in love with you, win arguments, close more sales  buy your products and services and lots more. 

So Stop for a moment and Imagine...

What would your life be like if you could simply walk up to someone and in just minutes have that person hanging on your every word and doing exactly what you say. Covert hypnosis is all about getting people to feel what you want sot that they naturally do what feels right to them.

What if you could ask someone about something they believe strongly, and in just a few minutes of talking have them believing exactly the opposite and even possibly condemning their old way of thinking.

Contrary to what most people believe conversational hypnosis is not hard to learn.

In fact if, you have the right teacher learning it is fast, easy and a whole lot of fun. When you are ready to learn hard-core, real world conversational hypnosis techniques I invite you to check one of My FREE 80 MInute Covert Hypnosis Audios.

Just fill in your name and email in box below and click the Button To Get some of the easiest, fastest and most powerful covert and conversational hypnosis techniques that exist. You will also get a free subscription to my covert hypnosis newsletter.  You are going to love it.

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