Weapons of Social Seduction: The 7 Most Powerful NLP Hypnotic Language Patterns

Weapons of Social Seduction:

The 7 Most Powerful NLP Hypnotic Language Patterns




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Protect yourself from manipulators and easily handle difficult people.

Have People Thinking Feeling and Acting The Way You Want Them To So That They Naturally Follow Your Lead

Program Yourself To Create Massive Financial Abundance With More Than Enough Money To Buy The Things You Want and Then Some

Cause Anyone You Meet To Like, Admire, Trust You (and Even Love You)

NAIL 2 out 3 job interviews on the spot and have them salivating to hire you.

Inspire Your Employees, Children or Spouse To Do What You Want Them To Do, When You Want Them To Do it

Attract and Surround yourself with lots of new trustworthy and loyal friends

Easily Put Anyone You Want "Under Your Spell," Just By Talking To Them Even If You Have Zero Knowledge Of Hypnosis

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Exposed! Hidden Laws Of Attraction – David Snyder NLP and The Hidden Laws of Attraction

Exposed! Hidden Laws Of Attraction

David Snyder NLP and The Hidden Laws of Attraction



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