San Diego NLP Training – Rapid Attraction Skills 3 Day Boot Camp

On Monday August 18, 2014 We held our latest NLPPOWER TRAINING On How To Use NLP and Related Skills In The Real World entitled...

Renegade Romance: Rapid Attraction Skills For Dating Mating and Relating


Here's What We Didn't Expect...

The audience broached so many topics on Monday Night at our Renegade Romance Event That it Was Obvious That We Needed To Do Something Much More Intensive and Comprehensive in order to fill the Gaps in people  knowledge of how to find, attract and keep the ideal mate, lover or relationship.

So here is the offer I made If enough people would commit to it which They Did We have enough comittments to host the event we can still take a few more but we are going to keep this one relatively small to preserve the integrity of the training.

On September 19, 20 and 21 We'll be doing a special 3 day intensive workshop on the entire systematic approach to becoming unstoppably attractive, and learning how to create the relationships of your dreams, how to screen out the people who can't and won't fulfill your deepest most important needs without wasting months of time and energy.

How to recognize "All the Stages of Attraction" that both men and women generate and how to know what you should be doing and when. ...And What To Watch Out For

and some of the most powerful and pleasurable ways to make anyone fall in love with you and stay that way for life.

I also offered  to anyone who wanted to jump into that 3 day training Which is Now Scheduled for September 19, 20, and 21, 2014 the opportunity to take my 2 day Secrets of Personal Transformation - Self Mastery Super Charger Intensive ($1950.00 Value)


Our next Self Mastery Weekend is This Saturday and Sunday, August 23rd and 24th, 2014 At My Clinic here in Solana Beach.

I'll send you the address and other details after we get you registered, provided of course you Want To Be Included In This Training.

Normally for the Information I Teach in The 3 Day Unlimited Lover: Secrets of Rapid Attraction Event
I Charge Right around $1950.00 per person.

Add that to the 2 Day Self Mastery Super Charger Event ($497.00 Value)

As you can Already see Its a huge value and a total of five days of training that focuses first on getting all your own  "stuff"  handled and out of the way so that you can actually attract the kind of person you want rather than what has been programmed into you.

As Well as how to continue making powerful changes in your life for the rest of your life, and then...

...moving into extremely powerful proven and "ethical" relationship, romance and attraction skills that really prepare you to be the most irresistible person you can be to anyone you chose.

The entire Package, 5 days of training the Self Mastery Super Charger Event Plus the 3 day Unlimited Lover: Secrets of Rapid Attraction training would normally cost $3469.00

But For Renegade Romance Attendees We gave a super special discount of $2674.00 OFF The Package Price if you enrolled that night So you can get all five days of training

For Only $795.00 - Click This Link To Reserve Your Seat Before it Expires

That was the special I offer I made to the folks who waited after the meetup to ask about it.
You may or may not have heard about it so I thought I'd just give you everything.

Get back to me asap one way or another because I have to rent the venue and order workbooks so I need to know how many to get.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Your Friend,

PS: I'm also throwing in a FREE VIP Pass To My Next 2 Day Self Master Super Charger Event. You can use the pass any time to attend the training. We usually retail that at 497.00 alone.

So here is what you are getting.

  •     2 Day Self Mastery Super Charger Training - $497.00  Value
  •     3 Day Rapid Attraction Secrets Training   - $1975.00 Value
  •     Full Video Copy of The Rapid Attraction
        Secrets Course                            - $997.00  Value

Total Package Value:$3469

Your Fast Action Discount: $2674.00

Total Investment: Only 795.


Published at: August 21, 2014
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