Online Hypnosis Lesson 4: Procrastination Hesitation Elimination

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Hypnosis Lesson Four

"The Procrastination Blaster!"


One of the biggest barriers to getting what we want in life is a phenomenon we hypnotists call.


The causes of resistance are many.

The symptoms of resistance are pretty easy to spot.

Procrastination and Hesitation

And Just like there are two kinds of beliefs that we have.

Those we know about, and  those we don't know about.

Resistance also has two types

Conscious and Unconscious.

Over the past 20 years I've researched and  studied many different sciences and forms of influence all for one primary purpose

Removing and Eliminating  Resistance

...and Gaining Compliance

That study has led me to  some interesting places.

But I digress...

Resistance Category One:

Conscious Resistance: conscious resistance happens whenever we percieve a threat to any one of three areas.

1. Identity - How We See Ourselves

2. Image - How We Think Others
Will Perceive Us.

3. Personal Ideology - We recoil from  and resist any influence  that contradicts what we know to be right  and/or true in our world.

But there is another more sneaky and underhanded form of resistance that creeps in and undermines our efforts even when we WANT The

This Form of Unconscious Resistance is Called


And quite honestly,

It's the one MOST Responsible for You Not Getting What You Want.

Reactance Occurs Any Time you Perceive A Threat To you Sense of Personal Autonomy.

In other words...

Personal Freedom and Choice

The moment we sense ANY kind  of influence, whether it is good for us,or not, that we did not ask for...

...and even some we do ask  for

WE Instinctively Fight Back Against That Influence...

... Even if That Influence is  Coming from OURSELVES.

Bet I Got Your Attention With That One, Didn't I?

You see most of the things we want in life require discipline and action to achieve.

Now, one one level that just makes sense.


... To the Most Primal And Primitive Part of Us.

The Reptile Brain, The Deep Unconscious Mind.

Discipline = Pain

Discipline = Loss of Freedom

Discipline = Change and Change Is  Different From What  is Familiar

Familiar = Safe

Different = Danger

Your reptile brain:

moves away from pain and  towards pleasure.

-  Towards What is Familiar  and Away From What is Different.

Towards Freedom and Away From  Captivity

And When We Sense Change Is Being  IMPOSED On US...

Then Mentally We engage in one of  Three Possible Reptilian Responses

- We Flee -

- We Freeze

- We Fight Back

Here is where things get "Weird"

We Can Actually Do This To Our Selves, and Often Do.

We Unconsciously Screw Ourselves Up By Turning  "Want To's"  into "Have To's"

You see anything we WANT to do Has a PLEASURE REWARD Connected to it,

and When we talk to ourselves about it...

We automatically use certain Types of "hypnotic" language.

The Language Patterns We Use  On Ourselves

- Create A Desire for Pleasure

- The Motivation is Perceived as   Internally Generated

- and is Perceived By Our  Unconscious Mind As An Act of Free Will and Choice.


This is where it gets really weird.

There is a circuit or a "Switch that often occurs in the average person.

Whereby, When we talk to ourselves about certain activities,

Even those we say we want.

We Turn them from "Want To's" Into "Have To's"

The moment we "unconsciously switch from "Want To" Language To "Have To" Language..

The perceived direction of motivation shifts from

-  Internal To External

-  Pleasure To Pain

-  From Free Will To Coercion


Instant Reactance, Resistance, and Ultimately ...Procrastination and Hesitation.

Reactance Forms the Back bone of most failed New Years Resolutions

- Diets, and Weight Loss

- Fitness Programs,

- Budgeting and Saving Money

- and Just about Any Household

Resistance and Reactance Are The Major Players that Can And WILL Stop You From ACTIVATING The Other Laws of Attraction  IF You Don't Blast Them Out of  Your Mind IMMEDIATELY.

... And Keep Them Out.

And That's Exactly What Today's FREE HYPNOSIS LESSON Is All About...

How To Blast Procrastination and Hesitation Right Out Of Your Life And Begin Taking Instant Action Toward Getting The Things You
Want In Life.

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 Transcripts Below:

Hypnosis Training:

Learn Hypnosis Online Lesson 4 - The Procrastination Blaster

Hello David,
Here you go, A much more accurate transcription of this video.
I also added some Olympic info for you.
I’ve also added the white board diagrams.

Please verify the information before posting it.

So the next technique, “Oh, there’s more?” Do you guys need a minute?

Lets talk about taking action. Now the whole process, if I were to actually map out the whole silo would start with:

1. Universal Solvent (which is another negativity clearing & then we would go to)
2. Grey Room (then we would go to magic frame)
3. Magic Frame
4. Pillars of Power
5. Voice of Authority
6. Womb of Eternity

Numbers 4, 5, & 6 are called the “identities by design process.”

So we’ve shown you the grey room and we’ve shown you the building blocks of the pillars of power which are the neuro-somnamic-energetic-repatterning …
Or as I like to call it, “energy spinning 101,” ok.
Emotional release technique, whatever you want to call it.

Magic Frame is a specific negativity clearing exercise that is also a blind technique, it is used to remove the stuff that didn’t come out with the general negativity clearing, if there is anything left. Sometimes the general negativity clearing takes care of all of it.

And it has a more of a neuro-linguistic NLP style approach to it. It is still done within the parameters of a trance state or of a hypnotic induction but it doesn’t have to be.

So as long as you have engagement of the body, and the mind, you can create powerful changes with just that.

We wont go into it too deeply here but simply to give you an idea there is a whole string of processes that are going on here. I’m giving you some choice cuts that you can go out and play with and start to get some big leverage with right away. Whether you are doing it with clients or doing for yourself.

Umm, the next drill is not even on this timeline or it’s not even in this silo, but it’s one that everybody seemed to or when I talked about it, everybody seem to groove on it, about destroying procrastination and hesitation.

We’ve actually got two that fall into this line.
One is called the “Autonimizer.”
And the other is called “the Procrastination Blaster.”
We’re going to start with …. Both of these do something very very specific. They reverse your motivation.

Now what do I mean by that?

We have two kinds of things that we have to deal with:
“Things we HAVE to do, or MUST do.” and
“Things that we WANT to do.”

As a rule the human nervous system views anything that MUST be done…. As painful!
It’s important. Anything that MUST be done …. Is painful! Even if it is a pleasurable thing, if we HAVE to do it, we view it as pain.

OK? It becomes important.
It views anything we WANT to do as pleasurable. Ok?

The reptile runs away from pain and towards pleasure. So the trick becomes…well it’s not a trick, it’s a process. How do we turn our, “MUST dos” into “WANT tos.”
Pretty cool?
Now ….
I need somebody who is really emotionally expressive that I can play with. YOU….
Notice how much I ask for volunteers. {chuckles}

Come on up here and have a seat.

Ok, you have a choice…. A or B … pick one.

Student: B
David: B OOOO {surprise}
David: Ok, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to pick something on a scale of zero to ten. Ten being the thing you are avoiding the most. And Zero being something you’re not avoiding at all. I want you to pick something that is around a one or a two.

Student: I can only think of things that are like seven to ten cuz I’m kind of….
David: How about that huh? {speaking to the rest of the room}
Student: I have to really think of something that is only a one…. [pause] ….. OK.
David: You got it?
Student: ugh huh {signals yes}
David: Here is what I want you to do. This technique is called “the Procrastination Blaster.”

In your mind….close you eyes….now what I want you to do is tell yourself over and over and over again …”I MUST do X”
[voice getting stronger, more commanding]
“I MUST do X” ….”I MUST do X” …. “I MUST do X”
And as you repeat it over and over and over, I want you to increase the emotional intensity, the emotional amplitude.
“I MUST do this” …”I MUST do this”
Maybe you don’t want to do it but you just keep amplifying whatever feelings you’re having. I don’t care if you want to do it.
“I MUST do this” …. “I MUST do this” If you’re feeling rebellious, that’s fine.
When it reaches its climax. When it reaches its emotional crescendo and you just do NOT want to do it… take a deep breathe and blow it out …. Drop everything. …become as impassive and indifferent as you can.
[softer voice]
Go completely relaxed. And I want you to say to yourself, over and over again in a different kind of way, …. “I don’t want to”
“I don’t want to” … “I don’t want to” …. “I don’t want to” and begin to increase the emotional intensity over and over and over again.
And when it absolutely reaches its peak….
[voice a little stronger now]
“I don’t want to”…. “I don’t want to”
Take a deep breath and let it go…..and just sit still quietly for a while and begin to notice a voice
Begins to well up in your mind… it might even say something like …[tiny voice]
“I want to” …. Notice it getting louder…. And louder …. And louder … And when it reaches its peak, when it reaches its climax…. open your eyes and get up [stronger voice]
Student: is that it?
David: That’s pretty cool eh? Did you see her shift… Give her a big round of applause.

The original,.. the basis of that technique is called “The Echo Magnet.”
It comes from the original autogenic training used by Soviet athletes, when they swept the Olympics back in like the 70s or 80s.
They took like 30 Gold Medals or something like that.

Historical note:
In 1972 the Soviet Union won 50 Gold medals in the summer Olympics.
In 1976 the Soviet Union won 49 Gold medals in the summer Olympics.
In 1980 the Soviet union won 80 Gold medals in the summer Olympics, and had another 115 medals of the Silver and Bronze categories. (195 total medals)

It should be noted that the 1980 Olympics were held in Moscow and were boycotted by the United States and several other countries.

Source: Wikipedia

It was from a very highly classified top secret training program, … that was later released by a defector. It is found in a book called “Red Gold” if you want to read about the original process.

David, to previous volunteer: “What did you experience? When you did that, actually I should have you up here when you explain that, but I’ll let you sit back there.”

Student: umm well I started out with something small and I picked something bad. And then I see something small …yeah, and then I followed along and I did this big dramatic “I don’t want to” and then I did the little “I don’t want to” in which I felt like a little girl … like a 4 year old girl. You know, pouting, and then when that was blown up and cleared out and then I noticed that I said “I want to” and then YOU said you might notice that you say “I want to”

David” and I knew that would happen but I had to make that explicit but you actually had it before I said it. Pretty cool!

David: and the whole idea is that you just let that voice play. And you’ll notice that the inner dialog, for that particular part gets louder and louder, you’ll get more motivated to go do it. And you just whoosh, go do it. Ok

And I taught that technique… Anything that I teach you that doesn’t involve a formal hypnotic process doesn’t mean you aren’t in trance, it just means that there is more conscious mind interaction going on.

If you do this process in a deep state of somnambulism ten times more powerful. Because the filters that are modulating your internal experience are gone. OK

But you can do this as simple self programming.


Student from floor question: So you don’t have to have somnambulism?

David: No, unless you’re getting motivated to fall asleep.

Student: Can you actually show us the actual steps?
David: Sure ….. Is this actually worth the price of admission?


It’s that simple.

Alright, so I’m going to give you one last technique

Student from the floor: Question
David: Yes
Student: For that step that “I don’t want to” that has to be a smaller more weak voice?
David: It tends to be a softer quieter voice. Are you talking about step one or step two?
Student: Step two.
David: Step two, again you’re going to start low level but you’re going to let the intensity build. You’re going to create a state of complete indifference to the task at hand. You don’t give a shit. Ok …. And you say, “I don’t want to”
[each one louder and bigger than the previous one]
“I don’t want to” “I don’t want to” “I don’t want to” “I don’t want to”
When it reaches its emotional climax…. Plooosh … dump it, let it go. Deflate.

just wait. And the voice will happen on its own.

Don’t look for it. Ok

So a lot of times I will have you have the experience before I explain the mechanics of it, because if you are told before hand, when your conscious mind hears the process … and then tries to take over the process instead of having the experience. And you need to have the experience.

Everything I do is based on nosis. There are techniques and systems that are based on faith. And there are systems that are based on direct experience.

You know it because you’ve experienced it. That’s the world according to David.
That’s why I say, ….don’t believe anything I say, …. GO DO IT.

That’s why all my, with very few exceptions, there have been lately didactic classes most of my stuff is based on getting up, rolling up your sleeves, doing the drills and getting the skills.

I am a skill building kind of guy.


Published at: August 22, 2016
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