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One of the biggest barriers to getting what we want in
life is a phenomenon we hypnotists call...



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The causes of resistance are many.

The symptoms of resistance are pretty easy to spot.


And Just like there are two kinds of beliefs that
we have.

Those we know about, and those we don't know about.


- Conscious and Unconscious.

Over the past 20 years done Extensive Testing And Research
From Many sciences and forms of influence...

With One Goal In Mind.

Removing and Eliminating Resistance and...

...Gaining Compliance

That study has led me to some interesting places.

But I digress...


"Conscious Resistance"

conscious resistance happens whenever we perceive a threat
to any one of three areas.

1. Self Identity - How We See Ourselves

2. Image - How We Think Others  Will Perceive Us.

3. Personal Ideology - We recoil from and resist any influence
that contradicts what we know to be right and/or
true in our world.

But there is another more sneaky and underhanded form of resistance
that creeps in and undermines our efforts...

...Even when we WANT The Change.

This Form of Unconscious Resistance  is Called:


And quite honestly,

It's the one MOST Responsible for You Not Getting What You Want.

Reactance Occurs Any Time you Perceive A Threat To Your
Sense of Personal Autonomy.

In other words...

Your Personal Freedom and Choice

The moment we sense ANY kind of influence, whether it is
good for us,or not, that we did not ask for...

...and even some we do ask for

WE Instinctively Fight Back Against That Influence...

... Even if That Influence is Coming from OURSELVES.

Bet I Got Your Attention With That One, Didn't I?

You see most of the things we want in life require discipline and action
to achieve.

Now, one one level that just makes sense.


... To the Most Primal And Primitive Part of Us.

The Reptile Brain, The Deep Unconscious Mind.

  • Discipline = Pain
  • Discipline = Loss of Freedom
  • Discipline = Change and Change Is
  • Different From What is Familiar

Familiar = Safe

 Different = Danger

Your reptile brain:

-  moves away from pain and  towards pleasure.

-  Towards What is Familiar and Away From What is Different.

-  Towards Freedom and Away From  Captivity

And When We Sense Change Is Being  IMPOSED On US...

Then Mentally We engage in one of Three Possible Reptilian

- We Flee -

- We Freeze

- We Fight Back

Here is where things get "Weird"

We Can Actually Do This To Our Selves, and Often Do.

We Unconsciously Screw Ourselves Up By Turning

"Want To's" Into "Have To's"

You see anything we WANT to do Has a PLEASURE REWARD
Connected to it,

and When we talk to ourselves about it...

We automatically use certain Types of "hypnotic" language.

The Language Patterns We Use On Ourselves

- Create A Desire for pleasure

- The Motivation is Perceived as Internally Generated

- and is Perceived By Our Unconscious Mind As Free Will and Choice.


This is where it gets really weird.

There is a circuit or a "Switch that often occurs in the average

Whereby, When we talk to ourselves about certain activities,

Even those we say we want.

We Turn them from "Want To's" Into "Have To's"

The moment we "unconsciously switch from "Want To" Language
To "Have To" Language..

The perceived direction of motivation shifts from

-  Internal To External

-  Pleasure To Pain

-  From Free Will To Coercion



Instant Reactance, Resistance, and Ultimately Procrastination and Hesitation.

Reactance Forms the Back bone of most failed New Years Resolutions

- Diets,

- Fitness programs,

- Budgeting and Saving Money

- and Just about Any Household Chore.

Resistance and Reactance Are The Major Players that Can And
WILL Stop You From ACTIVATING The Other Laws of Attraction


You Don't Blast Them Out of Your Mind IMMEDIATELY.

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