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I really need your help with something that's been driving me

On August 13-21, 2019 I'm doing this Super Charged Course
on Human Influence In Las Vegas


I'm trying to finalize a really cool logo design for our books
and t-shirts for our upcoming Killer Influence: Covert Hypnosis and Defense Against The Black Arts of Social Seduction Training.

If you could help me out by reviewing the designs below and
casting your vote for the logo design that you like that best embodies the Idea of Charisma On Command, Covert Hypnosis and
Defense Against Evil Mind Control Skills aka "The Dark Arts"

All You have to do is look at the picture below choose your favorite three from most preferred to least preferred

Just post your vote in the comments section  and let me
know your top three choices from Most Liked Second and
Third Runner Up!

Can't Wait To Read Your Feed Back!

A                                          B                                                    C

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Much Love!

Talk To you Soon.


Your Friend



PS: If you are interested in actually coming to Las Vegas With me for a FULL Nine Day Hypnotic Influence Extravaganza Go Here For Details And Call my administrative Goddess Stephanie at 858 282 4663


Published at: July 7, 2019
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