The Hypnotic Personality of David Snyder

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By: Dillon Andrews
It was just a regular meander through various hypnosis materials online, when I had come across a photo containing a group of several smiling men; known hypnotists, including one Gerald Kein.

Having an affinity for Kein’s Work (as I had learned much from watching 20 hours or so of his course material from a copy of an early 90’s VHS tape), I was curious as to who the others were that I was unfamiliar with. Shortly thereafter I had discovered the identity of the man standing next to Gerry, and it happened to be David Snyder. Snyder is currently uploading many hours of full lectures to Youtube regularly, filled with wisdom from his growing understanding and discoveries in the field of Hypnosis.

I’m reminded of a section titled ‘Auto-Hypnosis’ from the book My Voice Will Go With You, The Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson, from the father of conversational hypnosis. In ‘Auto-Hypnosis’, Erickson writes of a woman who would pull into his driveway at night and imagine that he had appeared in the car for a therapy session. She would consequently receive the solutions/instructions she needed to hear as though he had been there to offer them. (A literal example of his dictum “it is the patient who does the therapy”). Drawing from the obvious implication in the book’s title – a personality/voice that inspires by its sheer creativity, adaptability, and playfulness is a handy tool to draw upon when doing self-hypnosis work. Not to mention the benefits of having one to offer for those drawn-to the personality as a physical (er-that is reality-based) therapist for creating change.

Repeated viewings of David’s lectures reveal subtleties in his transmissions, and new information and insight always offers itself upon further reflection. There’s much to gain from absorbing this information and understanding it. As he says, “One thing I’ve learned is that you don’t have to believe any of it. Don’t have to believe it, you’ve just got to do it! With the 3 basic components: You gotta be playful! You’ve got to have fun with this. There is tremendous, tremendous power in playful. Even when you’re dealing with very, very serious traumas[…]” the other two components being, “you must be absorbed, and you must be focused!”

David stresses Milton Erickson’s admiration of power in change afforded with child-like wonder. His joke of ‘Smart Guy Syndrome’, and ‘Hypnotist Disease’ have been crucial in keeping myself humble in moments where I may be prone to tune-out of experiencing an event. Not to mention his sources are vast in scope, and his enthusiasm for learning is infectious.

Recalling his ‘Spin-Technique’ (which David credits to receiving during one of Kein’s classes), and creating an auditory hallucination of David’s excited voice guiding my motions as if anticipating the results known to come, “Reach out and grab that energy, and spin it like a wheel”, has done wonders in benefiting my self-work in regards to the healing of physical ailments, and overcoming emotional turbulence.

Here’s an example of a recent lecture he’s given on instant and rapid healing techniques


Be sure to check out his Youtube Channel for other interesting material on subjects ranging from NLP, Martial Arts, Energy Work, and Hypnosis: youtube.com/user/SanDiegoKarate

David’s doing powerful work empowering others, and I hope to see an ever-increase in his success and support.

Reprinted From www.thestartandtheend.com care of http://www.archive.org

Published at: August 5, 2019
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