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David-Van-Arrick-Solid-Go125-130_thumb.jpgThe topic of today's article is a very simple one. And yet its easily one of the most important topics there is.

How To Choose The Right Teacher, Guru, Or Mentor For You


...And The 5 Keys To Actually Learning Something From Them.

Please Note:  I'm writing this to you in the broad context of learning and training in Covert and Conversational Hypnosis Techniques...But The context of this post is/was originally  about a topic that many people feel VERY Strongly About.


If the idea of understanding and using hypnotic principles to improve your ability to

  • Find

  • Meet

  • And Attract

...High Quality Members of the Opposite Sex Offends You


The truth is that  if any use of hypnotic principles for success in social and professional applications outside of "therapy" bothers you . Then you are probably hanging out in the wrong community. STEALTH Hypnosis Systems  Are probably Not For You. And should check out someone whose teachings are a little more watered down,  conventional, traditional and "vanilla" in their approach to life, the universe, and everything. Like Maybe...

  • Igor Ledochowsky,
  • Jeff Stevens
  • or  Jim Katsoulis.

And Don't Get Me Wrong...

ALL of these Guys Have Great Stuff.

...And depending on your unique Needs and Desires Their Stuff,  May Actually Be A Better Fit For You. Which actually fits perfectly with the topic of today's article doesn't it? Seriously. Moving On...

The Question That Inspired This Post Is From One of My STEALTH-CPI  Students "Kevin" - Who Writes...


Dear David,

With so many PUAs and dating gurus out there, I'm so lost and confused about what works and what does not!

My very first Guru was Ross Jeffries back in the 1990s.

Never got a chance to test SS material though.

In the light of your experience, who's the very best seduction Guru out there?

Do you teach seduction?

My Answer....

Yes, In Addition to Hypnosis/hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, and Conversational Hypnosis. I teach "Seduction", "Attraction", "Advanced Social Dynamics" and "Social Engineering". I'm very familiar with Ross's stuff. To Answer Your Question... The very best seduction guru is really subjective. The best way to do decide is

A. Who Consistently Gets The Girls They Want And B. How Closely Are The Girls They Are Getting Match The Kind of Girls You Want. C. How Close to your own personal style is the guru. D. How Much Are You Willing To Change In Order To Be Like That "Guru" The first three are usually pretty easy. It's the last step that screws people up. Why? Because its the things we aren't willing to do that hold us back. We labor under this illusion of having to "just be ourselves" that being "Authentic" is enough. I'm sorry. It's not. If "Being" yourself really worked most of us wouldn't be doing these kinds of courses or seeking this kind of information. In spite of what the so called experts tell you. "Being yourself is ALSO often Misunderstood completely by those of us who haven't quite figured it out yet. When the gurus are talking about "being" yourself, they usually mean the self you become AFTER you've gone through the process of changing and learning. The truth is, if the "Self"  You Are Expressing Right Now, Isn't getting the results you want in your life, then YOU MUST Change Yourself For The Better. You do that through Education, Observation, Emulation and Evaluation.


First You Must Learn - Theories, Attitudes, Necessary Beliefs, Behaviors, Etc - You Need to Know How The System Works and Why.


Then You Must Observe - Observation is critical. Your first round of observation actually happens before you jump in to the process. By that I mean you actually have to observe the person you are considering emulating and learning from...

Are they producing the results that you want to achieve?

  If they can't walk the talk, you shouldn't be following them. If they give you excuses instead of results ... walk away. The second level of observation happens after you've made the decision and begun the process of learning. You must constantly observe your role-models in action, watch and listen to what they do, how they do it, over and over again. This is as much a neurological process as a it is a Mental One. (I'll explain that in another post)


Then You Must Emulate You must begin to emulate your mentor, do what they do the way they do it as closely as they do as possible...

No matter how imperfectly that emulation may be at first.

  Without emulation you can't really own any skill set, or change your perceptions. The more you stay locked in your own behaviors, the more stuck you get. Emulation allows new learnings, perceptions and insights to arise as a result of direct experience.


Then Evaluate Your Results   It has been said: "Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions" Once you've begun the process of emulating then you need to periodically evaluate the results you are producing. Get feedback from your mentors when ever possible. Continue observing and emulating your teachers because our perceptions work and grow in levels. For example - One of my mentors in the martial arts devised a system that allowed any normal human being to hit a person as many as 11 to 16 times in under one second. The average human and even highly trained martial artists couldn't believe it. In fact they actually WOULDN'T Believe it because they couldn't SEE it... They Literally Could Not See Many of The Hits. We actually had to slow the video down and show them over and over again. You see their own belief systems and neurological filters weren't evolved and educated enough to perceive certain levels of effect... until they received a little more training. As Dr. John La Tourrette Put It...

You Can't Perceive What Is Not Already Inside Of You

So...How do you get the information and ability to perceive more inside of you?

Education - Observation -Emulation -Evaluation

  This is one of my big personal development secrets. When I have anything that I want to learn I go through the material over and over again doing the same process.

Educate - Observe -Emulate -Evaluate

  Many times when a expert in his or her field is doing something we can only perceive a tiny bit of what is really going on simply because we don't have enough experience and sensory acuity to detect the more subtle processes at work. It's only through emulation, and observation over an over again that we can begin to fine tune our awareness so that we can capture the subtle aspects of any teachers methods the small things that ultimately give us the big results. So the last secret key to becoming like what ever "guru" you choose, is simply Determined "Repetition" you have to just keep going through the process over and over again. Give your systems and senses time to evolve, constantly learn, observe, emulate and evaluate.

Wash Rinse Repeat.

Inevitably you will begin to pick up the "invisible parts" the principles and protocols that were hidden in plain sight all the time, but that you just weren't ready to see yet.


Hope that helps you. David PS: If you know what kind of results you want and want the fast track to getting them Starting Today. I invite you to check out my STEALTH Instant Conversational Crash Course   PPS: Looking Something More? We have an amazing Live TRAINING The MEGA HYPNOSIS/NLP Certification BootCamp Coming Up OCTOBER 21- October 27, 2013 But we only have about 17 Seats Left. In fact it might already Be Too Late. Check it Out. If the Page Is still Up Then We have a Few seats left. Please Call Me if You Have Any Questions 858-947-8382 But hurry, This could end at any time. Go Here Now

Published at: September 9, 2013
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