Learn Conversational Hypnosis: How to Get Someone into Trance Just By Talking To Them.

Getting someone into trance just by talking isn't really all that hard.

Mostly because people are already in a trance state pretty much 24 hours a day, seven days  a week.

The question becomes...

Using Covert and Conversational Hypnosis...

How Do We Get Them Into The Trance We Need Them To Be In, So that they will do what we want?


What are the exact steps?

First and foremost, there are certain principles you must understand if you want to put someone in trance just by talking to them.

The Primary formula is as follows.

  • Attention
  • Engagement
  • Absorption
  • Focus

We’ll talk about attention in a minute.

To get engagement you need to get your subject Interested enough in what you are doing to actually want to Interact with you.

And ultimately interested enough in what you are saying That they become completely absorbed and narrowly focused on you and what you are saying in such a way that they naturally follow along without being distracted or splitting their attention on something else.

Another important aspect of conversational trancing is Knowing Your Outcome In Advance.

When trying to put someone in trance during conversation, you have to know exactly what it is you're trying to achieve.

You see not every trance state human beings go into is conducive for a specific objective.

For example,

If you're objective is one of inducing very strong positive or negative hallucinations that might require a trance with slightly different dynamics than say a trance you might use to attract or persuade someone to follow your lead or buy your product or service.

Of course depending on their natural level of susceptibility one trance might easily help you achieve both outcomes.

I hesitate to use the word susceptibility because it implies something outside of your control when in fact; hypnotic susceptibility is really based mostly on you the hypnotist.

What I mean by that is that in my experience, the level of hypnotic responsiveness in the subject on any given day is directly related to your own level of confidence and emotional state control.

So the more powerful you become in terms of your state-control and ability to modulate your internal emotional states more rapidly

The more easily and rapidly you will find yourself inducing the state suggestibility in everyone you meet.

But I digress, (to learn more about emotional state control be sure to check out our next STEALTH LIVE BOOTCAMP, because it’s the only place we teach this top secret skill)

Now getting back to our step-by-step process for getting people into trance during conversation. 

Attention: first and foremost you must get their attention

Now attention comes in two forms: Conscious and unconscious

Conscious Attention is Pretty Obvious. At least for most people. Start with eye contact. If you don’t have eye contact you don’t have their attention… period. Remember we don’t want part of their attention, we want all of it. You must create within them a state of in-distractibility - we call this narrowing focus of attention.

But unconscious attention is where you do something with your body and their body follows along

In my conversational hypnosis boot camps we teach a very Specific module and sub modules designed to unlock the ability your natural ability to entrain with another person’s nervous system that goes far beyond “classical rapport skills” commonly taught in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

The principles we teach are based on the laws of physics and verified by neuroscientists, so we know they are pretty darn unstoppable.

Rapport on this level is pre-conscious. But silently and invisibly changes their perceptions of the world literally forcing them to pay attention to what you are saying.

It's very powerful and it changes peoples mind from the Inside out. Unfortunately this particular skill is taught exclusively in our live events. But once you know how to do it. You become truly powerful in all forms of hypnosis.

To Get Attention -You need to zero in on something and create an opportunity to get them out of their

World and into yours.

You see most people are moving through the world with the direction of their attention focused inside. As a conversational hypnotist you can’t affect people whose attention is inside their heads. You need to bring them out so you can “engage” with them.

So the first thing we do is interrupt that state.

We need to interrupt the state - draw them out and get them Interacting - we need to get engagement with the subject


Once you have attention and engagement you facilitate absorption.

To facilitate absorption you must focus on something that the subject wants to interact with you about.  Using high levels of sensory based language – Visuals, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory and gustatory will enhance the sensory experience of subject and amplify absorption.

But the real power happens when You engage the emotions.

Anything that shifts emotional state tends to create absorption.

As engagement continues and absorption deepens, narrowing focus of attention is your next major step.

When you do this the filters between conscious and unconscious mind begin to disappear to become flimsier and thinner and thinner until eventually there is no filter between

The ability to amplify absorption and focus of attention in is largely dependent on your ability with language.

in other words, the more you know how to create powerful  neurologically-based influential speech that correctly stimulates a subjects nervous system and causing them to just get fully sucked in  to what you are saying and doing, the more easily and rapidly people will just start obeying your instructions.

Now, the other side of that coin is what you don’t see.

What you don’t see, and you don’t hear that will deeply impact your subject without them knowing it is the feelings you generate in your body and transmit pre-consciously , subliminally to another person.

So in a nutshell, there's  only three or four stages that you need to really focus on to get people into deep trance just by talking.

Let’s Review,

Attention: Their attention to get them out of their head and into the world

Engagement: You must facilitate communication. I.e. you must get them Interacting with you engaged with what you are doing and  the world you are creating. And you must do it in such a way that

Absorption: They Become Absorbed In The Experience With You.

And Finally…

Narrow Their Focus of Attention: Get them so absorbed in the world you’ve created that they literally are unable to pay attention to anything else.

Remember: All trance is merely a combination of Absorption in an experience combined with a narrowing focus attention.

To the degree that you can do that you can create any trance phenomenon you want and you can easily transition from one type of trance to another.

Back to the beginning: The kind of trance you need to induce is based on your outcome.

So once you know what your overall  outcome is you may need to back up a little bit or chunk down a  little bit and figure out… okay, in order for that ultimate  outcome to happen…

What has to happen first…

And for that to  happen what has to happen first…

etc, etc,

Just  keep backing up and backing  up from the end result to the beginning of the interaction so what you end up with is a series of benchmarks smaller sub-objectives within the overall flow of your interaction that you achieve one at a time and ultimately leads to your grand outcome.

This would be your overall trance strategy that tells you how to get  from Point A to point B.

Now That My Friend in a nutshell is how you induce  Trance during a conversation  and those are the exact steps you should use.

If  you want to  know more, I highly recommend you check out my STEALTH INSTANT

Where we have a very Special video that shows you dramatically how to use the Attention-Engagement-Absorption-Focus Formula for Rapid, Massive Trance during Normal Conversations.

You’ll learn how to achieve all of that using 3 simple sets of questions.

You’ll also learn about the seven secret language patterns that turn everything you say into an absolutely compelling engagement producing hypnotic installation.

Using Conversational Hypnosis Is EASY FAST and Fun When You Understand the Principles and are shown in simple clear and easy to follow steps exactly what, where and how to do it.

Friend and hypnosis mentor David Van Arrick.

Published at: August 21, 2013
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