Hypnotherapy Class: Case Study the Story of “Amanda”


 Today I have something very special that I’d like to share with you.Personal-Transformation---C

 A Case Study.

 Telling Clinical Hypnosis Stories Online Is Something I Rarely Do.
But today, I have this intuition that there is something extremely
relevant and important for you in it.


Let me know if I am wrong, or what your take away might be.
One day I received an urgent request from one of my
referral doctors…Dr. Dawn,


Dr. Dawn had called me because one of her patients
was suffering from a rather unique and baffling condition.


Her Name was Amanda. Amanda was very young, in her early
twenties and a student at a local community college.


She was bright, cheerful, very caring, and giving kind Girl next door.
If you know the kind I mean.
...Just a Sweetheart.


It seems that one fateful day, Amanda's right hand mysteriously
just stopped working.


No apparent warning...No real symptoms, Nothing.


But the hand didn’t just stop working…
It only seemed to stop working whenever she tried to communicate
anything in Writing, Texting, Or Typing.
Of Course when this problem manifested, Amanda immediately consulted
her medical doctor.


But The Doctor Couldn't Find Anything Wrong With Amanda
No signs of Stroke, Epilepsy, or Obvious Neurological Trauma that
could account for the problem.
So He referred Amanda to a Neurologist …


…who, after a battery of tests, promptly referred her to another specialist,


… and then another


....And So On,


And So On…


By the time Amanda had been referred to me, She'd been to
everyone you could think of including a psychologist and her
local Minister


( I’m not exactly sure, I think she even went to a faith healer,
but don’t quote me on that one)

To Make Matters Worse…


During those months of constant referrals Amanda’s problem
continued deteriorate...


But still only when she tried to communicate in writing or text!


…her hand simply refused to function.


Being a smart, determined, and resourceful young woman with a
busy academic life and lots or work to get done,


She refused to let it stop her,


Amanda compensated for the loss of use in her right hand by
training herself to write and do her work with her left hand.


And though it was far from ideal at the very least it allowed her
to function and maintain her life...




One Day Her Left Hand Stopped Working Too!
It was like someone literally flipped the off switch.
It was a night mare, she could do the dishes, wash her face,
even play with the dog, but the moment she tried to write, type or


… Instant Immobility.


Her hands simply refused to work.
And Now she couldn’t write ,text or type with EITHER hand.


Needless To Say Amanda Was Freaking Out!


That was when Dr. Dawn realized There might be something
"else" going on here.


That’s When She Called Me…


As both a practitioner of Oriental Medicine, Various Forms of Energy
Healing/Martial Arts, and of Course NLP and Hypnotherapy she felt
I might have some insight into Amanda’s Problem.


During my initial session with Amanda, I went through all the
standard questions that every medical person or practitioner of
Oriental Medicine Might Ask.


Nothing in her history indicated what or where this problem came


Nothing Amanda Could Consciously Think of, Or Tell Me About Indicated
How, Where Or Why This Issue Started.
That’s when I realized It was time to pull out the big guns…
It Was Time … "Talk To The Boss"


The Boss of course was Amanda's Unconscious Mind.


The Part That Knew EVERYTHING About Amanda.


Using a powerful hypnotic uncovering and regression
technique known as an "Affect Bridge"


We Instantly zeroed in on the causal event, the Time, People,
Places and Events Leading To The Reason Why Amanda's hand
suddenly stopped working in the first place.


As it turns out…

… Kind

... Sweet

… Gentle

... Charming,

…Loving Amanda…


…Was Really Really ANGRY Inside!


and Rightfully So!


Not Only Was She Angry, She Was Hurting, Feeling Betrayed,
Ostracized and Rejected... And Part of Her,


...The Conscious, Rational, Thinking Part


… Didn’t Even Know It!


You see Amanda had buried the Hurt, Suppressed The Anger,
Denied The Feelings and Literally


...Programmed Herself to Consciously Forget It.
Because her orthodox religious upbringing, spiritual beliefs and devotion
to the moral teachings of her family forbade her from being able to
adequately and appropriately ...


Acknowledge And Accept That She Even Had Those Feels AND...

just as importantly…It Prevented Her From Being Able To Express
and Manage Those Feelings and Subsequent Desires.


So what did Amanda Do Instead?


She kept those feelings bottled up, buried deep inside her
unconscious mind and body.


But all that toxic emotional energy had to go somewhere.


Her deep unconscious knew that, and it also knew this condition
could NOT be allowed to continue, so it sent a message to
Amanda in the form of a symbolic symptom.


But Amanda Didn’t Get The Message Right Away.


In Fact, she didn’t get the message at all.
And when Amanda Still Didn't get the message…
…her unconscious mind began escalating things until she could
no longer afford to ignore or work around the symptom.


And she had no other place to look for a solution except inside
her own mind.


You see that is really the only place where a negative emotion can
hurt you is locked inside of you.


It Was True In Chinese Medicine 5000 years ago,


It’s just as true today in modern mind/body disciplines and psycho-somatic medicine.


Human beings must express themselves in order to be healthy.


“Experts” Say The root of over 90 percent of all the illness that we face is due to stress.
This is a proven medical fact.
But where does 90% of that stress come from?
It comes from your repressed emotional responses.
The things you refuse to deal with, vent, or express in an appropriate

  • The Things You Deny and Refuse To Accept,
  • The Things You Refuse To Let Go Of,
  • The Things You Think Do NOT or Should Not Bother You… But Really Do
  • Things you know about,
  • Things you don't consciously know about
  • Things you don't want to say
  • Things you are afraid to say
  • Things You Don't Know How To Say
  • Things Society and Your Peer Groups Tell You That You Can't Say


We live in a culture or cultures that pride itself on

  • “Political Correctness”
  • Emotional Control,
  • On Being Rational, Logical Creatures


It's mostly bullshit.

At their core, most human beings are none of those things,
In spite of what they want to believe.
And the simple fact is dear reader...


If you want to have more power and control over your own life,
In your Own World.
Then you need to start working with the world as it is now, rather
than what you think it should be, otherwise...


You're more than likely never going to achieve the kind of world
you want.


You can accept that or deny it,


The choice is yours In our society…


We practice emotional repression under the guise of Emotional Control.


We ignore, distract ourselves, and dissociate from the things that
cause us emotional distress because we mistakenly believe that
accepting it, owning it and expressing it somehow makes us weak
or whiny.
This is the root of disease, suffering and poverty.

In order for us to be truly free we have to cleanse
our emotional world just as powerfully as we work to cleanse
our physical bodies.

To Do That...

 • We need to have the tools to express who we are and
what we truly feel inside


• And then we need the courage and the guidance
to go where few people know how to tread.

Amanda’s hand stopped working because She was taught that
It was inappropriate to have certain feelings and beliefs and
even more wrong to accept and express those feelings because


...doing so would make her a bad person or a sinner.


But Her unconscious mind loved her so much that it did everything it
could to contain those feelings, but when it realized and understood
the danger it began manifesting symptoms to get her attention.


  • It Did Not - Ask Amanda’s Permission.
  • It Did Not - Inform Amanda Overtly What or Why It Was Doing What It Was Doing
  • It Did Not – Calculate or Take Into Consideration The Long Term Effects of What It Created
  • It Did Not Care How It’s Actions Effected Every Other Area of Amanda’s Life!


Your Unconscious Mind Works This Way Too!
Once The Unconscious Mind Decides Something Is True,
Your Unconscious Mind Instantly Goes To Work, Re-Creating
Your Reality…

It Simply Acts, Rapidly Manifesting What Ever “External Conditions”

It Feels Are In Harmony With Your Internal Needs and Beliefs.

And It will take steps to make sure things stay that way,
until it decides differently, as in the case of “Amanda’s Other Hand”

And Since Your Unconscious Mind pretty much controls everything
about you, including your body, and your perceptions.

Without some way to understand, dialogue and influence
Your Subconscious Mind,


You are pretty much at the mercy of whatever beliefs,
attitudes and ideas are lurking below the surface.
That’s Why I Created

STEALTH: Hidden Laws of Attraction
In The First Place.

Because more People Need To Understand These Principles…

Because without a thorough understanding of how to

  • Communicate with Your Inner Mind,
  • Find and Remove the Limiting Beliefs Attitudes Perceptions You have at the Unconscious Level;

Your chances of manifesting and succeeding are dramatically
limited and subject to the whims of Your Unconscious Mind.
But once you

  • Harness those mechanisms that are running on autopilot,
  • Clean them up and
  • Learn how to install new directions, attitudes beliefs and instructions.

Those same mechanisms that kept you stuck, now Rocket You Toward what ever you want... health, wealth and happiness are Just as easy, if not more so, to achieve than poverty sadness and bad health.
When You Know and Understand How Your Mind Really Works…
Everything can change in an instant.


And That's Exactly What Happened With Amanda.


During our One session together Amanda Found The Event That
Triggered All of the Feelings,

...and The Feelings about The Feelings,

she learned about and understood herself at a much deeper
level than she ever knew she had.

She vented and released the emotions she’d kept bottled up

She learned to be grateful to her unconscious mind,

To realize it wasn’t trying to hurt or punish her but to save
her from something worse.

  • She Found The Feelings
  • She Accepted The Feelings
  • She Vented Those Feelings
  • She Found Forgiveness For Herself and All Parties Involved.

She Found Freedom!

In Less Than One Hour Both of Amanda’s Hands Were Working Perfectly.
Amanda had her life back better than before.

She was astonished.
I cried. ( But I I Hid It Well)
To Watch That Kind of Transformation is Humbling,

To See That little Girl Set Free,

To Witness The Power of The Unconscious Mind To Radically
Change Reality Like that Is See The Source of True Magic.

Like I Said Earlier, Something told me today that I needed to share this story with you.

Not Sure Why.

My Unconscious Mind Obviously Knows Something I Do Not.
What Are Your Thoughts?


Post Your Comments. Please Like and Share This Post If You Found It Useful.


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Published at: August 4, 2016
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