Hypnosis Training: Technique – How To Get Rid of Negative Feelings, Blocks and Beliefs

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[0:00] David: So we start with the grey room.  Now I did not invent the grey room. I don't know who did, but whoever did should get a Nobel Prize.   Student ask, "what is it?"


[0:10] Ooo you don't know, well Ok then… [signals come here to student]


[0:19] HUH?  I have all the time in the world. I don't need to be anywhere.



[0:25] I need a prop for this one.


[0:41] Now ok…. Would you like to go into a trance?   Student:  sure ….[laughs]  I'm not already there.



[0:48] David:  Do you think you're there?   Ok… So close your eyes…. I want you to pretend to go into the deepest trance that you've ever gone into. … that’s right, all the way down.



[1:00] Deeper and deeper with every breath you take and every beat of your heart you're just going deeper and deeper down.  Feeling fully supported, fully secure, fully  strengthened.   Now in a moment, not yet, but in  just a moment I'm going to gently sit you back into the chair and that wont disturb you or distract you in any way, in fact you'll just go deeper and deeper into a wonderful state of trance.


[1:20] Your body will remain somewhat erect but you'll still go deeper and deeper down. Now in a moment but not yet, I'm going to ask you to open and close your eyes.


[1:34] Each and every time you to close your eyes, I just want you to double,  even triple this level of wonderful  relaxation and trance that you are experiencing. You want it to happen.


[1:43] Expect it to happen. Enjoy the process of allowing it to happen. Open your eyes…..Close your eyes...deep sleep all the way down…. that’s right. Open your eyes…..Close your eyes...deep sleep all the way down…. that’s right. You're doing wonderfully.  I have you. You're fully safe and secure. Open your eyes…..and [strong commanding voice] DEEP sleep all the way down…. that’s right. Ten times deeper than ever before.   [Subject is laughing]   [this is a common occurrence]


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[2:06] David:  Noticing how good you feel.  You'll remain nice and solid in the chair. I want you to begin to use your amazing imagination.  I want you to imagine that you can begin to float up right out of your physical body.  And you can look down and you can see us here in the room. You can see us here in the chair as your body continues to go deeper.


[2:24] And deeper into a wonderful state of relaxation. You can begin to feel some interesting feelings moving through your body. Feelings that you enjoy. Feelings that begin the process of change inside.  Even as your consciousness, your awareness begins to float up out of your physical body and as you float higher and higher and as you look down and you can see us here.


[2:45] Playing together, having a wonderful time,  and as you float higher and higher you can actually see the roof of the hotel and you can see everything.  And its cool.  And you continue to float higher and higher as your body goes deeper and deeper.


[2:59] And you find yourself in what looks like a wonderful outer space type of place, but its not like space like we would imagine it. No. Its dark like you would imagine  space to be but it feels warm…. It feels safe … it feel inviting…. almost like the womb.


[3:22] You feel that sense of certainty …. of being supported and nurtured in all the right ways.  And as you look around just as if you were in outer space you see beautiful lights all around…. And as you look around you notice one particular light… shines and twinkles in the distance … and it begins to call your attention … and you begin to find your consciousness looking towards it.


[3:43] And as you begin to move closer and closer towards that light… little beams of starlight begin to touch you … begin to wash over you in various places… cleansing you… and as they do, every part of you begins to become cleansed… healed,  revitalized and rejuvenated.     [note: It is normal for clients to feel good during trances and they may smile, giggle, laugh, shiver or give some other sign of response to what they are experiencing.  This is regarded as a sign of participation and compliance. It is to be encouraged.]


[4:00] And as you get closer and closer to that warmth, that starlight washes over you. Like a shower, washing all the stress,   all the strains,  and all the less-than-positive aspects of you life, from your mind, from your body, from your spirit.


[4:13] And as you move closer and closer to the light, the beams become stronger and stronger Passing right through you, ... taking with them... all the stress ….all the strains, ….all the crap….. all the less-than-positive experiences,  leaving you feeling wonderful. Tingly in all the right places.


[4:29] So you move into that starlight, even though its very very bright it doesn't hurt your eyes at all, in fact it just makes you feel more safe.  More empowered.  More nurtured in all the right ways.


[4:42] And as you pass to the other side of that light you find yourself in the most interesting room you've ever seen. It's domed shaped, and the walls are a  pearly grey color.  In the center of the room is a glowing orange firepit. And in the firepit is a beautiful flame that crackles and radiates and washes the warmth over you… and you can feel everyplace that warmth touches you becomes energized.


[5:07] Becomes revitalized, strengthened, empowered in all the right ways.  You can feel your chakra beginning to vibrate in harmony with the flame. And that energy seeks out all the areas in your energy field in your chakras and your awareness.


[5:20] Where you're harboring any stress, any strain, anything less than  positive.  It begins to dissolve it, to break it up, to move it out of your body … and while that process is happening ...your eyes begin to gaze around the room … as they gaze around the room, you notice on the walls are what look like bits of paper


[5:40] Now the interesting thing about this particular aspect is sometimes we see bits of paper, sometimes we see tiles, sometimes we see something else, but it is something that we can physically manipulate.  Now I'm going to take my hand away and you're just going to Sit up straighter and stronger and go deeper into this feeling.


[6:00] And you instinctively see one color on the wall represents all of the positive aspects of your life …. All the things that make you feel strong … confident … powerful … all the positive aspects of your self image  that make you love who you are and make you feel good about yourself are represented by one particular color on this wall.


[6:21] While the other color represents the less-than-positive aspects of your life … things that make you feel less worthy, less weak, less strong, less confident … things that you consciously know about, but more importantly the things you unconsciously know about. The things that lurk below the surface below the threshold of conscious awareness


[6:44] That have been stored in the body and mind,...that have been running your life without you knowing it.  Changing your perceptions in ways that you weren't even aware of … They're represented there too.


[6:53] Now I'm going to take my right hand away … that wont disturb you or distract you … what is going to happen is in a moment…. not yet, but in a moment, .. I want you to reach out with your dominant hand and walk over to one of those pieces of paper that represents one of those less-than-positive experiences and I want you to reach out with your physical hand


[7:13] RIP one of those things off the wall, <ripping paper sound>  That’s right…. Crumple it up in your hand… feel that feeling in your body, notice where it is, notice how that feeling begins to shift and change the more you crumple up that piece of paper… the more you crumple it up the more it begins to loosen… that's right … and when you're ready… and when you know its time for that feeling to go bye bye, walk over to the firepit and <whoosh>  throw it in the fire, notice the feeling in your body beginning to change...to burn up, to leave your body as that energy burns and leaves your body as that paper catches on fire.


[7:47] And you feel your body become lighter and more cleansed, more healthy, more powerful, in all the right ways, … and these feelings come up as you go through this process, let them, that just means that you've revealed it… and you've healed it.   [note: sometimes the subject may cry when this is going on. Others feel happy, joyful, astonished, and other emotions as they let go of these feelings. Allow them to feel whatever it is they want to feel. This is always cathartic for the clients.]


[8:01] It's all been dissolved from the body...It's all been dissolved from the mind...that's right Just like that...and when you're ready, reach over and grab another one of those pieces of paper,  rip it off the wall,  crumple it up, ...feel it changing inside you as you crumple it up, and when  you're ready, throw it into the fire.  <swwhoosh>


[8:25] Feel the rush of energy. .. Feel the relief from your body...  Feel your body changing from the inside out …… as you take charge of changes in your life.  Inside and outside.  Notice how good that feels … to finally be free of it …


[8:44] One more time, ...reach out, ...grab one of those papers,...crumple it up ... that’s right, throw it in the fire,  <swoosh>  There you go. Now I think it was pretty self explanatory Wasn't it...you know.


[9:02] Now I want you to take all the time you need. …. Go to every part of this room, …even look behind the positive papers….. get every single one of those less-than-positive papers, [strong voice]  RIP it off the wall,... crumple it up, ….throw it in the fire ...feel the release, that’s right … crumple it up …. in the fire …take your time ... go for it ...


[9:24] Feel your body changing … Feel your spirit becoming lighter … feel the joy and pleasure  you're capable of experiencing in your body only magnified, stronger and stronger, as every aspect burns up,... releases …. that energy is taken into your body and recycled for something better.


[9:42] Take all the time you need, and when you know you're done, and only when you know you're done …. Look under the positive ones too, because sometimes that shit hides … let that finger  float up when you know you're done and we'll continue with our process.


[9:53] [Student is still throwing stuff into the fire.]   David:  <sswwooosh>  dissolve dissolve and resolved from the body … dissolve dissolve resolve from the mind.   <shooosh>   [Student is looking around for any they missed.]   David: There you go, see some of that shit tried to get away.   [Student throws another piece into the fire.]   David:  No one escapes


[10:16] Take a tour of your mind. Take a tour of your body.  Notice just how different you feel.  That's right.   [Student is still searching for more pieces of paper] {sometimes we have a lot of old stuff to get rid of}


[10:24] David:  See Any more? When you know you're done and only when you know you're done just lift that finger up to let me know.    [Student is looking around,  grabs another one from near the floor]   David:  There you go see ….That was a hiding one.  


[10:39] David:  <swwooosh>  <swwooosh>  <swwooosh>  notice how the fire gets bigger and brighter and stronger….  Washing over you and you just feel energized in all the right ways … that's right.


[10:54] Notice how good that feels…   [Student raises the index finger to indicate they are done]


[10:59] David:  Excellent. Now as soon as that last bit of paper goes into the fire some amazing things begin to happen … when that last paper goes into the fire, that fire begins to double, triple, to quadruple in size until  its ten times bigger, ….ten times more powerful… ten times more empowering than anything else.


[11:19] And the other thing that begins to happens is that all of those papers left on the walls, all of the things that make you feel amazing about yourself, …. that validate who you are, … that make you feel right and powerful and strong, … everything  that you want and need in an endless supply


[11:31] Those papers begin to glow with an inner fire, .. They begin to take on an inner radiance,  they begin to grow, … and expand … they begin to cover the entire rest of the room … merging into one another like a continuous sheet of empowerment wallpaper. ...and that energy begins to grow brighter and stronger until its brighter than the very star light that you followed into this room.


[11:53] And it begins to saturate you and surround you… and it blends with the fire from the pit and it goes deep inside… deep inside every part of you … and it takes home … it takes root inside and it becomes an endless source, an endless supply of all these things… an endless,  never ending supply … you can feel your body, … you can feel every level of body and mind, drinking in this energy … drinking in this knowledge and information …  sustained and nurtured in such a way that… that’s right… that only makes feel better, stronger, more powerful,  more of everything you could ever want …. in an endless unlimited supply.


[12:34] Changed permanently from the inside … and the very best part is anytime you want, if you want to do more work like this, all you have to do is pretend to go deeply into trance and go into your little grey room, ...find the papers, ...and you know what to do ….


[12:53]  [soft voice] That’s my gift to you….you have the power … you have the control … now …


[13:00] Let it just double,  triple … loosen your body where you know it lives   … notice it spinning in certain direction… double the spin, ….double the speed … double the amplitude, …..double the force … double the magnitude … keep doubling it until it takes on a life of its own …[stronger voice now]  until breaks out of that spot and saturates every level of your body and mind  … in an endless ever increasing supply  …. Over writing anything that might stand in its way until all you can do is feel this way, or even better.


[13:36] When you know you've got it, just enjoy that process and just let it happen… in a moment I'm going to count up from one to five, ...this process will continue .. And continue to improve as long as your heart continues to beat, for as long as your lungs continue to move air into your body and out of your body… you'll only get better and better and better…


[14:00] Tonight while you sleep and while you dream ...just like the suggestions I gave to Stephanie, … your brain will start to build new cortical connections … new ways of perceiving and experiencing the world … will only make your life better… for all the right reasons … in all the right ways.


[14:18] Number one ...feel yourself returning to this place we call reality, bringing with you your new brand new reality … a reality where you're the one who knows how to do this … you're the one who has the power … and it will only grow stronger each and every day, … you're getting better and better and better, …


[14:34] Number two … all of my suggestions from me to you, from you to your unconscious mind  are now ten times more powerful than any other part … ten times stronger and more powerful than any other less-than-powerful voice ...only speaking to you in ways that only make you feel good about yourself … that tell you the very best parts of you … and a voice that you can always believe … in a place that’s ten times louder than any other voice.


[15:00] Number three ...all of my suggestions from me to you, from you to your unconscious mind  are now ten times more powerful ...there are always at least three ways to over any situation, obstacle or circumstance that you may face…  At least three solutions to any problem that you need to solve … and your other than conscious mind will now effortlessly generate those solutions … in the quickest,  ...easiest, most effective way for the good of yourself and all concerned. …


[15:26] Number four … this is all for you, … you've done the work, you've made the investment, you've followed the instructions… you've had the experience …. You deserve the rewards,  and its true for you now… your mind and your body will just do it … and keep doing it for as long as your heart continues to beat and your lungs continue to move air into your body and out of your body,… you'll only get better … on this next count you can emerge from this state only at the rate and speed that’s you know you've got it … only at the rate and speed that you know is true at the deepest levels of your body and mind and your   other than conscious mind your unconscious, is already doing it. … and will continue to improve for as long as the sun continues to rise is the east.


[16:21] Number five … take your time,  …. Come on back …. That’s alright… how are you feeling?    [Student can't answer.]   Give her a big round of applause. .. take a minute….   David: This is general negativity clearing. Notice that I never asked what any of that shit was. They don't even have to know. That's the beauty of this.   End of video.

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