Hypnosis Class: Hypnosis Lesson 7 – The Eye Lock and Waking Hypnosis



Hypnosis Comes In Many Varieties. From Overt Direct Suggestion Hypnosis To Covert Conversational Hypnosis.  Today's lesson covers what I consider to be the "Black Belt Level"  Of Hypnosis Technique.

Overt Waking Hypnosis.

Overt meaning there is no attempt to mask or hide the process of exerting influence, and waking because there IS no Obvious Induction. Merely the will, vital force and personality of the hypnotist giving very direct and powerful instructions to the subject and generating compliance.

The Eye Lock Featured Here is the One I learned from Gerry Kein and Features what W. Clement Stone Termed The Powerful Directing Force of the Eyes.

There are other forms of compelling  aka "Hypnotic Gaze such as the " Magnetic Compelling Gaze and the "Soft Eyes or Haukalau as is often taught in some esoteric martial arts and magickal disciplines.

Mastery of this technique and the various hypnotic gazes lets you exert a maximum amount of hypnotic fascination and compelling suggestion any where and any time you want.

That being said it does require that you become comfortable wielding power and exerting obvious influence. A Trait that is often lacking in those who seek out the power of conversational hypnosis.

In our Real World Hypnosis Trainings and Other Live STEALTH Events We Have  a Special process all our attendees go through that literally unlocks their latent hypnotic potentials and natural abilities to exert hypnotic influence. Its a process no other trainer or training has or can do.

Once you've been "unlocked" you are taught how to systematically project influence into anyone you want and create powerful emotionally compelling physiological shifts in your subjects that automatically put them in eyes open waking trance.

I Sincerely Hope You Enjoy This Video.

Practice The Eye Lock and Let Me Know How You Are Doing With It. Please remember to like and share this video if you found it useful and by all means if you really want to take your Hypnosis Skills BEYOND what Is Normally Taught in Conventional Trainings and Make Your Conversational Hypnosis Techniques Practically Unstoppable and Irresistible I Cordially Invite You To Check Out Our Next Live Real World Hypnosis Event Scheduled For January 21 through January 25th, 2014

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Published at: January 1, 2014
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