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If you are ready to become a powerful hypnotist, and instantly and automatically be able to create powerful hypnotic language that installs change in yourself and others ON DEMAND, then take action and join the Real World Hypnosis: Identity By Design class.

This powerful hypnotherapy training class will give you the EXACT skills you need to become a powerful hypnotherapist, that you can use to melt away people’s emotional problems and heal them from pain. This course is David’s most complete hypnosis training and certification curriculum, that trains you on key healing silos that you can put in to practice right away. It’s heavily focused on intensive drilling and training, so you will install these skills directly to your subconscious mind, and automatically be able to apply these skills whenever you do a session.

You will discover the secrets of Identity, and how to leverage your own self image and others self image to create powerful change.

In Real World Hypnosis: Identity By Design, you will learn:

  • A Brand New Model On Exactly How The Mind/Body Works (And How You Can Use It For Therapy)
  • The Basic Hypnotic Theories And Understandings That Will Put You In The Top 1% Of Hypnotherapists
  • The 7 Stage Personality Transformation Protocol That Will Allow You To Install And Change Whatever Personality Traits You Want In A Client
  • How To Systematically Remove Specific Negative Events From A Clients Past History
  • How To Install Powerful Emotional Driver States That Will Automatically Propel A Client Towards Success
  • How To Change The Inner Voice In Your Head To Automatically Empower You
  • How To Systematically Rewrite Your Own Personal History So You Can Only Remember Ways That Make You Feel Better
  • The POWERFUL “Womb Of Eternity” Technique, That Will Allow You To Build The Person You Want To Be
  • How To Automatically Build In The Qualities, Characteristics, And Attributes Of The People You Admire
  • POWERFUL Instant Pain Control Techniques

This class is a complete hypnosis certification program that will give you the skills to hypnotize anyone, anywhere, at any time. Join David Snyder as he installs those skillsets directly to your mind, so you have access to them whenever you choose.

Join the Real World Hypnosis: Identity By Design class today.



    Learn how to systematically clear specific and general negativity from a clients past. You will learn healing techniques that help your and your clients clear out troublesome parts of their past so they can start to live their lives again as they are ready to.


    Learn exactly how to discover the belief patterns of a client and systematically change the belief systems around any particular issue. This level of training will give you the ability to heal any issue and install productive beliefs that draw them closer to their goals.


    Learn the secrets of hypnotically working with the building blocks of identity and personality, and help your clients become the kind of person they always wanted to be. Help them effortlessly achieve their goals by becoming flexible in all areas of life.


    Achieve a professional hypnosis certification from David Synder of NLPPower. This certification will prove that you have sufficiently put in the time, study, and practice to become one of the best hypnotists on the planet.


    Learn how to give your clients access to the most powerful internal emotional resources that they have, so that they can automatically becoming propelled towards their goals.

Yes David, I am ready to attend the next Real World Hypnosis: Identity By Design class, and take my hypnosis skills to the next level!

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