Hey All you hypno guys and gals, fans of covert and conversational hypnosis all! 

Please pardon our dust as we continue to remodel the site following our recent site crash. The process of recovering all of the immensely powerful and popular posts, videos, articles and stuff, (that's a technical term) continues.

In the meantime, please continue to post your comments and opinions. Spammers and affiliate marketers, Give it up!

I moderate all the posts and your stuff won't last long if it gets through at all.

If you have good content and something my readers and subscribers would find of benefit, post it, if its good stuff we will let it stay and you will get the traffic you deserve.

Post crap and I Will set my elite corps of highly trained hackers on you, I teach them how to make more money and get more girls and they make my "problems" go away. if you know what I mean.

I understand the need for trafffic, list building and all that stuff. But I also believe in giving people good value in return for their attention and participation. Follow my rules and you will be very well rewarded.

Anyway, For all you covert hypnosis fans feel free to cruise the site, read the articles and also check out my special video learning members only site where for a very short time we have some full length videos posted from some of my group training and practice sessions here in San Diego.

This Stuff is HOT!   (its completely unedited so be prepared)

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