Covert Hypnosis – Dehypnotizing, Resisting and Defense Against The Dark Arts

When it comes to the field of covert hypnosis there are two primary categories that people want to know about.

How to do covert hypnosis, and of course... How to defend against it.

Well first things first. In order to be able to adequately defend against covert hypnosis, you must first know how to use covert hypnosis. ironic but true.

Here is why... The first principle that drives the secret art of covert hypnosis as we teach it in Killer Influence- Secrets of Covert Hypnosis.

"Anything Outside of Your Awareness Is Outside of Your Control"

There is a lot of power and information contained in that one sentence.

  • First - If you can't detect it you have no way to know its being used on you because you can't recognize it.
  • Second - Without an understanding and awareness of whats being done to you, you can't create a successful counter measure to it.
  • Third - if you do not know a technique you certainly won't have the power to use it either.

so the first goal of every good covert hypnosis student, whether you are interested in projecting influence or merely resisting persuasion and hypnotic attempts to control you is to systematically increase your awareness of hypnosis techniques both covert and otherwise. Its vitally important for your health and safety for obvious reasons.

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PS: In future blog post we will be talking more about what I loving call "the defense against the dark arts" In the world of covert hypnosis there are good jedi and bad jedi. Its time to learn how to be prepared for when you have to deal with them. In the Meantime Sign up for our newsletter and get your free covert hypnosis audio as my gift to you. ( I got lots more planned for the future.!)

Published at: July 29, 2010
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