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From the Desk of: David Snyder
Date: April 15, 2019
Place: San Diego CA, USA
Time: 10:19 PM


Dear Friend;


We all know there is more to us than just our bodies.

We have all, at one time or another had moments of
genuine psychic/intuitive events, even if its just thinking
of someone who suddenly calls you on the phone.

If you are ready to tap into your true psychic energy
skills in a fun filled, relaxed and exciting no bs approach.

This Post Could Change Your Life Forever and
you need to get your rsvp asap for this amazing adventure
and initiation into the realm of psychic energy healing,
manifesting and more.

We will be covering the entire scope of energy models
so that you know exactly how each system works.

You''ll immediately understand where disciplines like

  • Reiki,
  • Pranic Healing,
  • Theta,
  • Qi Gong

and More All Have their similarities and their differences....the differences are important

  • We will even be discussing things most people will 
    never know about the hidden science of energy and
  • How different energy systems interact and
  • How to determine which systems are the best tool
    for the task at hand and which ones are best for you.

Not only that we will be actually practicing simple
easy and powerful techniques that unlock your latent
psychic energy skills and begin to give you access to
them on demand.

We will also be setting the foundation for:

  • Psychic Self-Defense and Attack,
  • Law of Attraction (The Real One)
  • Remote Influence,
  • Remote Viewing

...and Much More.

This Special  5-Day Training, like our other successful trainings
is based on a hands on no bs approach that guarantees
you will get what you came for.


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Taught in the course !

Please Note: this is subject to change as I decide to add more materials and receive your feedback on what you want to focus on.

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If you have any more questions contact me immediately. Call me if you have any questions. email us at [email protected] or 



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Talk To You Soon,


Your Friend  

David Snyder 

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