Sometimes… None of us are very bright… Lol


You know its ironic.

off let me tell you that I am writing this from the local Borders Bookstore. (which is relevant by the way and it is important for you too.

Today's post is about being okay with not being perfect.

I know that sounds kind of new-agey and whitelightish for the King of No-holds Barred Trance the World and Take No Prisoners Hypnosis. But, there it is.


Once upon a time...

There was a master of the Universe who decided to take a day off from preaching the power of paying attention, being in the world and taking action.

Yes, even masters of the universe need a day off.

So I pop on over to borders to peruse the volumes of current mind-body technology hidden in the magazine racks.

As I go in... I notice that off to the left there is stage set up and some musicians are talking to a crowd of eager and happy people.

I only give it a cursory glance as I make my way to my office away from home... the coffee shop.

There cafe is buzzing of course and have to assume the lure of live music and/or the threat of it is why the cafe is conspicuously empty.

I hear snippets of people talking about Jazz this and Jazz that. Kenny G's name gets thrown around.

I pay almost no attention (some skills you just can't turn off)


I do notice that the guy on the stage is very good with the crowd ( should have been my first cue to pay attention... I missed it)

never pass up a chance to watch a good influencer in action. You can always learn something ( forgot that too)

After all its my day off...(sigh)

So I am sitting here waiting for the webinar to start,hoping to death my connection doesn't time out just as the webinar starts. "Go to webinar can be a pain in the ass to log back into"

Then it starts...

The Saxophone music hits me like a proverbial ton of bricks. The band starts playing, I think to myself  "pretty good for a local group."

Okay... Webinar is starting...


I will finish this post afterwards.