Criminal Hypnosis? Really?

People often ask “Can you really make someone do something against their will while in or while using hypnosis?”

And of course the hypnosis community at large is quick to reply with an emphatic “NO!” you can’t make anyone do something against their will in hypnosis.

They are wrong… At least on one level… okay actually several levels.


This post is NOT Going to make me popular with my Orthodox Hypnosis Community. But I sincerely believe that they are doing YOU a disservice by continuing to spread this inaccurate concept about what is and is not possible within hypnosis.

Now keep in mind, most hypnotists are NOT remotely skilled enough to be able to make someone do something against your will.

The corollary to that is also “how you ‘define” hypnosis

Not to mention something few people ever really talk about, and that is..

“What is it people really want to do, versus what they say they want to do or will do.”

A couple posts ago I showed you a video of Darren Brown Doing street hypnosis and literally walking away with a guys keys, wallet, watch etc.

Real or not? I will let you decide on that but I will tell you that what Darren is demonstrating as Street Hypnosis is a form or “waking hypnosis” Below is a video from my good friend Richard Nongard… Also a very skilled hypnotist.

Richard has a very different view of hypnosis that we see in Darren Brown’s example. Check out His YouTube Video Below

Richard has very specific view of what constitutes “hypnosis” and a hypnotic state. I don’t necessarily agree with him. Check out the Darren Brown Post On Street Hypnosis Below…

As you can see, from the two very different perspectives one side says hypnosis works this way, the other side says hypnosis works “that way”

The ability to make some do something is not a question of is it hypnosis or not.

In fact, what we really need to exploring are the differing states of mind that a human being can access and experience and what types of phenomena become possible when those states are accessed.

I’ve found three variables (and these are very big picture variables mind you)

A. you have to know your target/subject

B. You have to manage your environment

C. You have to manage the context of the interaction

If you can control those three variables, (and there are many ways to do that) you can in fact make anyone, do just about anything.


What do you think?

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Killer Influence Update Warning This May Insult You

Killer Influence Update…Warning, This May Insult You


This is your ole hypno-buddy,friend and mind control mentor, David X.

Checking in with you with regularly scheduled killer
influence Update.

I recently had a really great question about my CPI: Conversational
Persuasion and Influence Course.

It goes Something like this:

Hi David, Can you clear some confusion I have? 

You say there are 6 DVDs, but then you talk about a bootcamp
 influence weekend that brought the house down with 40 people.

How can this influence training only be 6 hours long when it was held as
a bootcamp for 3 days? 



The CPI Course is edited down to 6 one hour dvds because we had to
edit out all of the time we spent drilling and gaining real world
skills with the techniques.

You see its important to remember that everything I do and teach is
all geared toward the purpose of developing real world skills, in
real time.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am all for books and video tapes and
all kinds of homestudy courses.

But to think that any of these tools can replace real world
training with real world feedback is just insane.

The field is your greatest teacher The field is your friend.

I have been to lots of seminars where all the instructor did for
3 solid days was lecture, hand you bunches and bunches of notes and
then tell you to buy his home study course in the back of the room
without ever critiquing anything you actually did in the training.

Thats nuts.

I’m a teacher and a trainer and I am extremely proud of the students
I produce.
Because they can walk the walk as well as they talk the talk.
The best way to learn conversational hypnosis is to form practice

groups and use the course materials in the CPI program as your
foundation curriculum.
Why CPI?

Warning (biased plug for my course coming up)
Because CPI is by far the easiest, most effective and ethical way to
actually do covert conversational hypnosis in the real world,
without sounding weird, confusing or creepy.

Or worse yet.. feeling like you are doing something sneaky or evil.
It forms the foundation of my entire killer Influence system.
In fact you can’t do killer influence without it.
IT’s that critical.
Look, I know there are a ton of guys out there each selling their

own take on how to do covert hypnosis.

Thats cool, and I’m sure you are familiar with them, heck, you might
even own some of them.
But lets be straight, how much of that material can you apply?

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