NLP Vs. Hypnosis – Which Is Better?

NLP Hypnosis: How Do NLP And Hypnosis Work Together... Are NLP and Hypnosis Different... The Shocking Truth!
Hypnosis and NLP are two different concepts used for mind control, but they are also interrelated in many ways.

NLP or neuro- linguistic programming is a technique that is widely used and adopted in the interpersonal communication.
The techniques of NLP have been effectively used as effective approach to modern psychotherapy. 
The techniques of NLP find great usage in fields such as business and industries.

It is also greatly used by advocates in various training activities, workshops ad also knowledge dissemination program. These workshops are essentially used in order to influence the other person’s views and perception. The underlying principle here is that with the acquisition of new knowledge and ideas there are also suitable change and modifications in a persons attitude and behavior. 

Hypnosis is also a means that is used to influence the mind and the behavior of a person, but this process is highly unconventional, but none the less popular. Hypnosis generally targets the person’s subconscious. In this a person is commanded to perform actions, in a state of half sleep. In such a state of mind, the mind is more conducive to the obeying and accepting external demands from a third party. Until recently, it was often regarded that hypnosis was like dealing with psychic.

But of late this perception has entirely changed. Now hypnosis is treated with utmost scientific approach, according to the new study, we face hypnotic trance almost daily in our lives. You yourself must have experienced hypnosis while watching scenes in a movie or television.
Now the question that arises is, can we combine the two alike process NL and hypnosis? And if yes, what will be the significance? The answer is that the mixture of these two principles will lead to a better facilitation of knowledge and skill dissemination. In fact, there are many training sessions that involve the techniques of both the processes. By combing the two processes we can actually control the conscious and the sub-conscious state of mind. The end result of the combination is almost always positive.

Hypnosis is an unconventional method, wherein a person is motivated to do certain things and is also made to recall memories that are hidden in the deep traces of our minds

If you are planning to have a workshop and are using both these techniques, then it is very important that you hire professionals who are experienced in the mentioned fields. Hypnosis is a tricky business and the person you hire should be a person who is a professional and knows his job. This search may require a certain amount of investment and effort, but for the welfare of all the parties involved, it is very essential.

Black Hypnosis: The Dark Side of NLP& Hypnosis

NLP-Hypnosis and the Dark Side...

hypnosis is a naturally occurring state...

for the most part hypnotic trances are just random phenomenon that every human
experiences multiple times daily.

For the most part these states of mind come and go without our notice
and at random and by default.

But there are certain agencies that understand exactly how to use these
natural states to manipulate peoples minds. Making them believe things they
wouldn't normally believe.

Buy things they wouldn't normally by and of course not think about things they
should pay attention to.

Can you guess who these evil denizens of the black hypnosis underworld might

no its not the CIA, or the MAFIA, or some Columbian drug cartel.

Its the Media.. advertising, government and a few chosen masters of the hidden
and secret art... expertly use these hidden black hypnosis NLP mind control
skills to make you do what they want and think its all your own idea.

They achieve this effect through a mechanism known as "CFB" or Critical Factor ByPass".

Most advertising is "designed" to automatically bypass your thinking mind and install what the
companies want you to think right into your unconscious mind.

Even the news is designed to trick you into believing that the reporters are completely
truthful and unbiased... The media knows exactly what they are doing.

Now a days you get as much "biased opinion"  ith your news as you do what appear to
be facts and data.

Its all rigged.

and the only true way to defend and protect yourself against it is to understand and
be aware of what is being done to you and how.

Forewarned is forearmed


David X.