Attention Hypnotists...Coming To Las Vegas, August 2017!


Introducing ...

A Better, Faster, More Effective and Reliable Way To Heal Trauma, Cure P.TS.D., Remove Pain and Treat Chronic Illness


...In a FRACTION Of The Time

...With Better, More Consistent Results Than Ever Before

Many Times Without Even Using An Induction...

Speed Healing:

Secrets of Energy Hypnosis &  Vibrational Hypnotherapy



What would it be like to clear deep traumas in just minutes To Do Instant Age Regression and Relieve Pain and Suffering
In a fraction of the time it takes for a conventional hypnosis or NLP-Style Intervention and Not ONLY THAT


What IF You Could Do SAFER, FASTER and

More FOOLPROOF Than Ever Before?


Sounds Pretty Crazy Doesn't It?


That's What I thought Too, Until I Saw it Happening In My Clinic Over And Over Again...


  • What would it be like to remove pain with just a color? 
  • Stop Tumors and other forms of Chronic Illness Dead In Its Tracks? 
  • To Do Deep Level Age Regression Therapy and Resolve Deeply Repressed Emotional Issues FAST, SAFE and Without the Need For Deep Trance or RELIVING The Event Over and Over Again To Get Rid of the problem.


What if you could literally resolve ANY form of

  • Trauma
  • Pain,
  • Addiction Relapse
  • or and OTHER Form Of PTSD, Chronic Illness, Or Behavioral Issue In a FRACTION of The Time.
  • Clear Hundreds of Memories and Emotional Imprints All At Once ...And That is Just For Starters!


IF any of the above sounds even remotely interesting for you I would like to cordially invite you to experience the power of what truly promises to be the next STAGE in the Evolution of Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Energy Psychology.


Vibrational Hypnotherapy & Energy-Based Hypnosis.


This truly unique one day healing intensive and certification will introduce you to a System of Techniques that will Completely Revolutionize Your Hypnotherapy. NLP, or Coaching Practice and give you a nearly super-human ability to Uncover, Address, and resolve virtually any form of trauma, memory-based illness, Acute or Chronic Pain, Addiction Triggers and Prevent Relapses and more.


We've been clinically testing this methodology extensively over the last 24 months and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal. New discoveries in the fields of Neuro-science, Oriental Medicine, Energy-psychology, as well as other disciplines have come together to reveal an entirely new understanding of the human mind and nervous system.


You'll get a full immersion into the theory and most importantly the application of this technology to your unique field of expertise as well as using it to clear up your own issues in record time.


This course rapidly removes all the guess work from hypnotherapy of all kinds ranging from medical and dental issues to PTSD and even Sports Improvement and Performance Enhancement Niches, During this training you'll learn utilize a clients unconscious mind in a whole new way...


Using A Simple Clear STEP-BY-STEP BLUEPRINT To Follow That Allows You To Change Practically Anything You Want About Yourself In The Shortest Amount of Time PossibleEven In As Little As Seven Minutes


I'll even show you how to use it with my seven stage Identity By Design Process for Rapidly Transforming Ones Personality to Be Exactly What the You Want It to Be

  • FIND and Eliminate Blocks To YOUR Success Minutes
  • Overcome Traumas Stress and Phobias FAST
  • Program Yourself for Rapid and Automatic Success and Good Luck!


The Material in This Course Can be taught as a complete self-hypnosis course or used clinically for deep comprehensive therapeutic and pervasive personality change work.

  • Raise Your Sense of Self Worth/Self Esteem
  • Completely Recreate and Custom Design Your Self Image
  • Magnify Your Sense of Deservingness and Eliminate Victim Mentality
  • Accelerate and Amplify Your Personal Power Through a Deeper Understand of how to access the latent powers of the human nervous system

By Systematically...

  • Removing Unconsciously Stored/Repressed Negativity in the Body
  • ELIMINATE RESISTANCE TO CHANGE by Targeting Specific Events That the Unconscious Mind is "Deliberately" Holding On To and Giving It an Alternative Process to Simply and Easily Reprocess The Experience Quickly.
  • Installing Default Driver States That Automatically Propel You to Be More Successful In Every Aspect of your Life Instead of the States Programmed Into You by Default
  • Removing and Reprogramming The Voices Inside Your Head So They Only Build You Up and Inspire You Instead of Tearing Your Down and Holding You Back...
  • Completely and Systematically Removing The Negativity From Your Past and Changing Your Own Personal History and Memories To What You Want Them To Be So That When You Remember The Past You Only Remember It In Ways That Make your Life Better and Supports the New Identity You Are Building
  • Then Taking this New Improved Version of You and Installing It as A Filter before You Were Born So That Everything You Experience Afterward is processed Through Those New Perspectives


And Finally...

Systematically and Strategically Installing the Traits, Qualities, Beliefs, Skill Sets and Other Attributes of People You Admire Building Them Into this New Persona That You have Created and then accelerating and amplifying it Into the Future in a Positive Self Fulfilling Prophecy






SPEED HEALING: Secrets of Vibrational Hypnotherapy and Energy Hypnosis

1 Day Pre-Conference Certification

You'll Get  ALL Of These Amazing Bonuses Valued At OVER $5720.00  For FREE!

Here is a  Quick Summary Of What I am Giving You This Year!

    Complete Secrets of Personality Transformation 3 Day Training and Certification
     $1950.00 Value.
    Self Mastery Super Charger Home Study Course
    14 DVD Quality Video  Set $497.00 Value 
  • FREE VIP  Ticket To Any LIVE Training Event. (O.M.G!)   $1950.00 VALUE
    • Erotic Hypnosis 2014:
      Sensuality Enhancement: 
      Secrets of Erotic Conversational Hypnosis

      2-Day Post Conference Event On Video $997.00 VALUE
    • Erotic Hypnosis 2015
      Beyond Orgasm -
      Orgasm On Command & Healing Through Pleasure

      2-Day Post Conference Event On Video  $997.00 VALUE
    • Instant Conversational Hypnosis 2013
      (3-Hour VIDEO Training) $297.00 Value
    • Attractivation 2013
      (2-HourVIDEO Training)  $197.00 Value
    • Energy Hypnosis - Speed Healing 2013
      (1-Hour VIDEO Training) $97.00 Value
    • Instant Conversational Hypnosis 2 2014
      (2-Hour VIDEO Training) $197.00 Value
    • Speed Healing - Energy Hypnosis 2014
      (2-Hour Training) $197.00 Value
    • Attraction Mastery 2014
      (2-Hour Training) - $197.00 Value
    • Lie To Me IF You DARE... How To Catch a Liar  2015
      (2-Hour Training) $197.00 Value
    • Instant Conversational Hypnosis 2015
      (One-Hour VIDEO Training) $97.00 Value


So By Now You Are Probably THINKING... HOLY COW!

How Much Is This Package Going To Cost Me?



Well, To be honest, based on the feed back I am getting...



Look I'll cut through the B.S. and get right to the point because I betting you hate reading letters like this as much as I do. So I'll Put Things In Their Proper Perspective, Get Down to The Bottom Line And Get Things Moving. 

The Regular Tuition For A Package Like This Would Be Well Over $7000.00 at Full Price.


But When You Are One of The First 25 People To Enroll In This Amazing One Time Live Training Event You'll Get The Entire Package Complete With All The Bonuses Totaling Over $5720.00 For Only





Yours Today For Only




Yep, you read that right, that's less than a tenth of the total Value You'll be getting and honestly, I know you'll be thrilled to discover just how POWERFUL, FUN AND EASY No-Holds Barred Personality Change-Making Hypnosis Can Be.


You'll literally be able to take complex processes that would normally take hours using conventional hypnosis methods and literally be able to do them in just minutes. and If you Haven't Learned How To  Do Everything I describe by the end of the three days...I'll Give You Your Money Back, or Coach You For As Long As it Takes Until You Can!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Always Remember That I Am Totally Committed To Giving YOU The Best Training Experience Humanly Possible.

If you are Not Satisfied with the training for any reason just turn in your training materials by 12:00 PM on August 24th, 2017 and I'll give you a FULL and Complete Refund or personally mentor you until you can do all of it easily!

You have absolutely zero risk and everything to gain with this Special Hypnothoughts Members Only Offer.

But you do have to grab your seat now because I can only make a small number of these special packages available.

WARNING: This Offer Closes in
(Open Now)

But Wait... Yes... There's More

Here's the Best Part... And I really think I may have gone TOO FAR This Time...Normally if you wanted to come to ANY of my Non-Hypnothoughts Live Events You'd have to pay a lot more Than $497.00.

Most of my live training events average
between $997.00 and $1950.00

for This Level of Training and

But When You Grab You're Special Edition Hypnothoughts Bonus Training Package,

You'll also Receive a Special FREE VIP TICKET TO  ANY One of My Scheduled Live Training Events For The Coming 12 Months.

That means that you can attend ANY Single Training I hold no matter what, when or where... FOR FREE! 




Wow... As I read this to myself I'm really starting to wonder if I didn't get just a little TOO Generous,  and you yourself may even be wondering...

Why I'm Giving You All These Extra-Valuable Bonus Training Materials...For FREE!

You know this is probably going to sound a little strange,  however,  the truth is I don't really come to Hypnothoughts Live Every Year with the Idea of Making A Lot Of Money.

Oh Sure I do okay, but the simple truth is that I spend a lot of time out in the world on my own working on all kinds of cool stuff. And I love it. 

But The Founders of the Convention Scott Sandland, Richard Clark and I have a very long and rich history.

I've told the story many times so I won't waste your time telling it here. Ask me about it at the convention if you really want to know. However, here is something that you are probably wondering that I will tell you about...



"I Want It All!" PACKAGE?

The Short Answer is...Because I Can.


The more in-depth answer is. I want to help.


I was training people in hypnosis nlp and related disciplines for over ten years for FREE before I ever started certifying people. Those ten years of giving teaching and training gave me more than I can ever possibly describe.  And Every Time I Help Another Human Being Live a Happier, Healthier Life I feel gratitude and, believe it or not... Humbled By the Power of What I have been given. And That, More than Anything is Why I am doing this "RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING DEAL!"

I'm Grateful For YOU, and I Want To Give Back

To The Hypnosis World As Much Humanly Possible!


I Want To Show My Gratitude To You and Every Aspiring Hypnotist Out There. And Hypnothoughts LIVE is the One Place Where I can make the biggest difference in the hypnosis world and "indirectly" the human race as a whole. More People Need The Technologies we are discovering. More People Need To Be Doing Them and WE as a profession need to be upping our game to meet the challenge.


So There you have it... My Evil Plan For World Domination and The Real Secret Agenda Behind Why I'm doing this SUPER MONDO SUPREMO Bonus Training Package. So Seriously, If you are really and truly committed to becoming a world class hypnotist, if you are finally read to own skills that less than 1% of 1% of the most effective healers in the world know.

Grab This Limited Time Special Offer Now BEFORE

I have To Take It Down.


Talk To You Soon.




Your Friend,




PS: Just a Reminder... I've limited this package deal to only the First 25 People. After That I have to start Taking Away Bonuses.

So IF... You want 100% of Everything I listed Above Including

  • SPEED HEALING: Secrets of Vibrational Hypnotherapy and Energy Hypnosis
    1 Day Pre-Conference Certification
    $997.00 Value (Clinically Priceless)
  • The 14 Video Self Mastery Super Charger Home Study Course
    $497.00 Value Yours FREE!
    VALUED AT Over $5470.00 Yours FREE!


PPS: Please Do NOT Wait Until The Last Minute because I can't Guarantee We Can Keep This Package Available This Price. But honestly even if you did miss out on the deadline, The entire program is more than Completely Worth It At FULL PRICE.


So remember act fast, be decisive and feel good about going for it. I promise you we are going to seriously rock some mind blowing hypnosis skills and with all the extra training goodies you'll be getting you'll be the most confident, effective and powerful hypnotist in your little corner of the world, and quite possibly a bunch of other peoples little corners of the world too.


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