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... Release Shame, Fear and Anger

Relieve Stress,

Regain Your Confidence and Self Esteem,

Resolve Blocks To Your Success!

Hey [FNAME],

This is David From Real World Hypnosis and

You probably didn't know what I am about to tell you, or
maybe even you always suspected it but didn't know how
to do anything about it until now...

You have a Super Power inside of You!

You Are a Remarkable Healer.

You hold, within you the Untapped Ability...
The To Heal...

Locked Inside of you is the immense power to influence
the dynamic flow of energy defined as the "body-mind."

Otherwise Known at "Your Subconscious Mind"

Because you are special, and because you made the
conscious choice to upgrade your life for the better when you
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Learn How to Empower Your Own
"Healer Within"

...Because The Skilled Healing In Your Life Is YOU!

The Simple Undeniable Truth is...

Everyone Needs To Heal Something.

Whether It's a

  • Recent Break Up, or Heartbreak
  • Getting Fired or Layed-Off From Work.
  • Losing someone you loved when you were a kid, or even
  • Getting Past Some Horrific Event/Trauma That Still Haunts
    You To This Day...
  • Overcoming An Addiction to A Substance or Person
    or Both...

Maybe you are struggling with Guilt, Fear, Shame, Worry, Anxiety
or Some Other form of Self Sabotage...

Many of us struggle to find the path to freedom from the past events
that have left their mark on us.

Memories and Events That Keep Holding us back, Stopping You
From Moving Forward, Preventing You achieving the lasting
Success and Fulfillment you came into this world to experience
as Your Birthright.

And, If you are like many of the beautiful but hurting souls I have
encountered. There may even be a part of you with a sincere
desire to help others beyond just your own healing.

If the idea of finally getting past the things holding you back and
even helping others appeals to you.

I'd like to invite you to something Very Special Five Day Event
On September 26-30th, 2017

I will be holding a special five day hypnosis and hypnotherapy
intensive that can not only help you rapidly.

  • Remove Blocks To Your Success
  • Release Traumas and Phobias From Your Life
  • Eliminate Physical and Emotional Pain and Suffering
  • Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind For Unlimited Success
    and Abundance

This is Five Day Full Immersion Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Training
Certification Intensive
Will RAPIDLY Give You The Skills To:

  • Restore Balance To Your Life,
  • Bring healing to the deep hurts you and others have been carrying
    around and
  • Give You The Most Cutting Edge Tools and Secrets For Mastering and Reprogramming The body-mind helping Yourself and Others
  • Gain greater control over your life once and for all.

It Will Also EMPOWER YOU To help Other People Do The Same Thing

On September 26-30th, 2017 I'll be teaching a brand new curriculum for
doing Exactly That - Regression Technologies Specialist

Real World Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
Real World Regression Technologies
Five Day Boot Camp Intensive



September 9th, 2017
11:59 PM

Click Here To

If the idea of becoming an unstoppable powerful, confident
hypnotist able to quickly and easily use the powers of hypnosis
to get everything you want in life and help other people do the

This Training Is For You.

I fully BELIEVE in the breakthrough mindbody technology I'll be
teaching you because I use it every single day to help hundreds
of people change their lives

...Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Break Free of The Chains From The
Past Holding Them Back and Live A Life FREE From Blocks, Fears,
Addictions, Disease, and So Much More.

I will personally lead you through each and every exercise, drill and
method, assisting you on your journey to unlocking the amazing healing
powers within and you allowing you to take your rightful place as an
unstoppable agent of change, transformation and personal healing in
this world.

But, even I have limitations, I can only effectively teach a certain amount of people so I just wanted to let you know that...


Time is Running Out...

To Make Sure Everyone Gets The Attention They Need and Deserve We Can Only Honor This Special Promotion for A Limited Time and For a Smaller Number Of People Than Usual.

At 11:59 PM - And if we exceed our Quota

We Do Reserve The Right To Remove The Special Rate EARLIER To Preserve a manageable Student-Instructor Ratio.

PLEASE NOTE: This Training Fills Up FAST So...

So IF and ONLY IF you are serious about your personal healing of mental, physical and emotional pain, suffering, addictions,
PTSD or other forms of chronic illness.


The event will be held September 26th-30th 2017 at

Country Inn and Suites 5975 Lusk Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121

But in order to reserve your spot you will need to

Click The Link Below Immediately

Click This Link Now.

Before You Enroll, Call Me With Any Questions

You May Have:

858 947 8382

That's it for now.

Talk Soon.

Your Friend,


PS: Just Had A Couple Seats Open Up for My Las Vegas Celebration Certification

August 24th. 2017- August 30th, 2017



Published at: August 8, 2017
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