Real World Hypnosis Sneak Preview

Learn Hypnosis Online: Lesson One - Instant Pain Removal

Free Hypnosis Training On  Instant And Rapid Pain Removal For Your Self and Others.

WARNING: This Offer Closes in


This Free Online Hypnosis Training features an amazingly powerful and versatile hypnosis technique we call "neuro-somatic energetic repatterning.

Aka Energetic Spinning

It's a very modern hypnosis method the blends cutting edge neuroscience with tried and true conversational and orthodox hypnotic technique.

I've successfully used this method on everything from Fears and Phobias, to Chronic Low Back Pain, to Tumors, Tachycardia, Fluid in the lungs, High Blood Pressure, and lots more.


I've also used this same method to install positive beliefs, amplify confidence, remove anxiety, and host of other psycho emotional issues.

And the vast majority of the work takes less than 3 minutes to accomplish. The subject doesn't need to believe it will work for the effects to happen.

You only need three things to make the method work for you

A. Compliance - The full willingness and ability to follow instructions

B. Absorption

C. Focus of Attention.

I go pretty deeply into all of the elements as a foundation for future techniques I'll be sharing.


This just one of the over 30 different techniques I'll be teaching at our Next Real World Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Certification Boot Camp March 17 through March 21, 2015 - In Sunny San Diego California, Still a Few Seats Left.

But Going Fast... Don't Miss Out On The Cutting Edge Hypnosis Techniques That Transforming Peoples Lives All Over The World

For More Information and to reserve your seat before they are gone ( these things sell out)

Go Here Now:



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