How toread people

In life, business, social situations and of course romance, knowing and understanding who you are and what it important to you is vital for creating your best life. It’s also true that having the ability to know and understand others gives you an unspeakable advantage in life, business, and love.

Knowing how to read people and predict their behaviours, attitudes, personality traits and temperament lets you make better decisions faster and with greater certainty.

These days trust is one of the most important elements for business success.

Unfortunately, not everyone conducts themselves in an ethical manner. Whether you choose to accept it or not, deliberate deception, misinformation and false news are rampant in our business, romantic, social, and personal lives.

Some lies are mostly benign, acting as a social lubricant that allows people to relate and get along within society. Other forms of lying and deception are far more malevolent, setting the stage for fraud, theft, embezzlement, cheating and infidelity and more.

Learning and understanding how to detect deception and manage these interactions is one of the most important skills for keeping yourself, your family and business safe from those who are seeking to take advantage of you in some way.

Dr. David has spent the last forty years researching and developing some of most powerful forms of human influence, among them the ability to read and understand body language and other non-verbal “tells” that let you know how someone is most likely thinking and feeling.

These easy to learn skills allow you to detect and catch liars before they have a chance to take advantage of you, or those care about.

Interview skills like these let you zero in on who is most likely being deceptive and how to set up ways to “catch” these perpetrators before they infiltrate your life and wreak havoc in your life, business, or social circle.

If you have ever been lied to, taken advantage of or gaslighted this program is for you.

What if it were possible to actually look at someone’s face and know in minutes

The way they think, The secret emotions they keep buried inside that they never let out.

How they respond to authority, how they make decisions. How detail oriented they are, how romantically or sexually compatible they may be as well as the actual state of their physical health.

This system of Face Diagnosis known as “Mian Xiang” in Chinese Medicine is over 2500 years old and Dr. David Snyder – A Doctor of Chinese Medicine has spent the last five years organizing and updating the system into a powerful, fast, effective, and reliable way to rapidly read and understand people’s personality and temperament, health, lifestyle and constitution, emotional history, trauma history and more just by looking at the markings and features of the face.

Students of Dr. David’s Face Reading For Fun and Profit Personality Profiling System are able to create an effective and reliable personality profile of anyone they see in just a few minutes.

If you are a healer, coach, therapist, team leader, entrepreneur, or business manager these powerful and reliable face reading skills let you peel back the layers people hide behind to find out who they truly are and understand them better than practically any other tool available today.

93% of human communication is non-verbal. Human beings can communicate more in 90 seconds of non-verbal exchange than they can in 60 minutes of speaking. Body language tells us what is really going on with a person.

And because its largely unconscious, it almost always reveals the truth about what it is going on with a person. By understanding and reading body language you can know instantly how some Is feeling, what emotions they are concealing how engaged and attentive or attractive to you they are and so much more.

If you understand how to actually USE your body language you can move through the world radiating magnetic charisma and presence, exude greater levels of authority, be perceived as more authentic, trustworthy, and attractive.

And that is just the beginning.

Whether its business, love and romance, social activities, networking, negotiation, mediation, or healing. Reading, Understanding and Using Your Body Language Effectively can be one of single most powerful tools for creating the life that you want, the way that you want it.

Dr. David Snyder has spent over forty years researching, developing, and refining the most powerful methods for ethically influencing the hearts and minds of people to lead them to ever increasing levels of success, wealth health and happiness.

Using Dr. David’s Real-World Proven Systems and Technologies You’ll Automatically be able to

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