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My Journey to Energetic Mastery
Was Loaded With Failure…
Until I Discovered This


When I first discovered the arts of energy work… I went to many spiritual healers to experience these “energetic treatments” for myself.

I wanted to first prove to myself that it worked… and then figure out how it was working.

Trying to find a real energy healer led to more frustration than you can possibly imagine.

First of all... there are frauds everywhere. I didn’t know who to trust.

I would try to get referrals from friends, but I found that a lot of the time, my buddies were just falling for the “placebo effect” and not getting true energetic healing from the people they were paying.

At this point in my career, I had at least developed a very lethal skill of reading people, so I could at least tell who believed they were legit.

Sadly, out of every ten practitioners who thought they knew how to use energetic healing, there was maybe one who had some skill. (This doesn’t count the tons of frauds that knew they were making shit up).

And out of everyone who had at least some power to heal, almost none of them could actually teach me how to do it.

I mean, they could share the techniques they learned… and many of them tried their best.

But what they learned in class was not quite what they were doing. Not really.

These mass-training programs show you how to place your hands, and tell you what it’s supposed to feel like.

But as for actually tapping into the universal source… pulling energy inside yourself… and then delivering a powerful healing transformation of spiritual energy…

That was beyond what most could understand.

So I made it my mission to figure out exactly what these few skilled energy healers were doing… even if they didn’t know.

I took the same classes they took… and traveled the world… learning from masters who trained in China, India, and Eastern Europe.

I cross-referenced everything I learned with my martial arts training, to see where they intersected.

And after every class or private lesson I took, I asked myself…  “What is this person missing from their skillset?” even if I was learning from a bonafide master.

Over time, I got better.

And I learned that it wasn’t enough to just be a “Reiki Master” or “Certified Healer.” There are deep fundamentals you have to learn… or it all becomes a fancy show that may or may not work.

What I found was that there are THREE STEPS to becoming a reliable energy healer that can consistently alleviate pain, trauma, and hardship, both physical and mental.


Jul 24 - 27 2023


All Day




The Sahara Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas


David Snyder
David Snyder
[email protected]

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