Hypnothoughts Live 2022 Extravaganza!

  • July 25th -28th, 2022
    Super Speaking: Hypnotic Presentation Skills for Presenters and Public Speakers
  • July 29th -31st 2022
    Hypnothoughts Live 2022 Hypnosis Convention
    – David will be speaking at least 3 times along with hundreds of other presenters. Check out the schedule at https://htlive.net/2022-schedule/.
  • August 1st through 4th, 2022
    RWH-Identity By Design – Fast Track Hypnotherapy Certification

Spend 11 days learning and practicing your skills.


Attention Hypnothoughts Live 2022 Attendees!

Who Else Wants To Learn The Hypnotic Presentation Secrets That Have Your Audiences Salivating To Join Your Program, Become Your Clients and Fill Your Trainings  With Eager Raving Fans?



Get 11 FULL Days of Cutting Edge Hypnosis Training & Certification in Advanced Personality  Modification Techniques,


And You’ll also get an Amazing FREE
Mega Bonus Video Training
Package Worth Over $19,671.00!


All for A Ridiculously Low One Time Investment of Just $19,671.00  $1897!


Super Speaking:

Hypnotic Presentation Skills
for Presenters and Public Speakers!

Coming July 25th-28th, 2022 Las Vegas Nevada!, One Time Only!

Who Else Wants To Learn EXACTLY How To Create Powerful Hypnotic Presentations That Can Literally Hardwire  Powerful Postive Changes, Healing and Transformation Into The Minds Of Your Audience While Giving You The Precise Blueprint Expert Multi-Million Dollar Presenters Use To Cause People The STAMPEDE To The Back of the Room Wanting To… Buy Buy Buy?


People have been asking for a Special Training Geared Specifically on Practice Building and Utilizing Hypnotic Technique for


  • Public Speaking.
  • Presentations
  • Stage Shows
  • Back of the Room Sales.
  • Getting New clients


Over the past 15 years I have spent a ridiculous amount of money (well over $150,000) Acquiring information on all forms of human influence from copy writing skills, stage hypnosis, acting, neuro linguistic program, Conversational Hypnosis and More.


I’ve worked personally with some of the best trainers and exemplars (people who actually can do what they teach at a Super Star Level)


Some of them you have heard of, People Like; John Carlton, Frank Kern, David Garfinkel,


I was actually at Frank Kerns house as a guest with Frank, his partner Ed Dale and Neil Strauss the day after Frank flipped the switch on Neil’s “Annihilation Method” Home study course based from his book “The Game” and literally made over 1.4 Million Dollars in an hour.


Naturally as you know I’ve learned great things from Richard Bandler, Kenrick Cleveland  and Other Persuasion and Influence Superstars  some of whom you may know and others You Might Never Have Ever Heard of Outside of Certain Niches.


People Like David Singer who is a Giant In The Fields of Marketing and Practice Building In the Fields of Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and Lisa Sasevich Known World Wide As The Queen of Sales Conversion and whose breakthrough Speak to Sell and Invisible Close Systems were instrumental in helping hundreds of aspiring speakers, coaches and other heart-centered entrepreneurs (primarily women) achieve consistent six and seven figure incomes through public speaking…

FUN FACTOID [Frank Kern actually took some coaching sessions with Lisa then made millions by turning around and started marketing to coaches and therapists using his own brand of Lisa’s stuff. (EVIL GENIUS)]


So… Who Cares Right?


Here’s What All That Is Going To Do For You… if you’re smart enough to realize what I’m offering.


I’ve take everything I’ve ever learned from all these different and brilliant sources, I’ve distilled it down to a system that I have been field testing and using consistently now for years to effectively


  • Captivate,
  • Fascinate,
  • Educate,
  • Inspire
  • Entertain
  • and ultimately motivate people to do what I want them to do,


Now, whether that is to learn and understand the materials I am teaching.

Become more fully engaged in processes I am leading them through and Rush to the back of the room to enroll in my trainings, Buy my products or become my eager and enthusiastic clients, students or raving fans


The presentation and public speaking system I have developed is now in use by over 30 personal injury attorneys who are secretly using it to powerfully influence juries, judges and expert witnesses to side with them ultimately winning 7 and 8 figure verdicts on a consistent basis


Here’s what you’ll learn…


I show you Exactly How To


Pick a niche

All good marketers and speakers know that when you try to present to everyone, you end up with nobody listening. The reason is that people look for “specific answers to their problems and when your message is TOO general, or in most cases, way too vague people can’t relate what you are offering to what it will do for them.


I’ll show you how to establish the topics that you’re really passionate about and then how to do specific consumer and market research so you can determine who is actually willing to spend money on that area and what specific solutions they are looking for and how to let them know in a way that they recognize you as the solution to that problem.


As I am often heard to say there are two kinds of marketers in the world.


The smart ones and the not so smart ones.  Not-So-Smart Marketers/presenters/speakers/coaches etc. create a product and desperately look for someone to buy it or sell it too.


Smart Presenters, Coaches, Therapists, Teachers and Marketers find out EXACTLY what people want to buy, find the fit between what they have and what people want and create their platforms and businesses accordingly…?


 – I’ll Show You How to Do That.


So you might be asking right about now, if this is a course on hypnotic presentation and public speaking skills why are we talking about “marketing”?


Simple and make no mistake about this… speaking and presenting IS marketing.


It’s also teaching,


And it’s also making offers and creating products. They all relate and work synergistically together to build a successful 6 and 7 figure business and you have to accept this if you want to be successful.


Which, by the way, this special invitation assumes you want to be successful, Is that true for you? If not, stop reading right now because I don’t want to waste your time or MINE trying to teach you a skill set you don’t want to learn.  This is NOT a get rich quick training; it is however a Get Richer Faster and Easier Course that is only available to you because you are a graduate of one of my other training funnels either

  • Killer Influence: Secrets of Covert Hypnosis
  • CPI: Conversational Persuasion and Influence or,
  • Real World Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Certification Training

This a course that I have put together strictly my students kept asking me for training the exact approach I use to build my businesses –

  • My Therapy Practice,
  • Speaking and Training Business
  • My Physical and Digital product business
  • Martial Arts Training Business


And if you’ve been with our group for any length of time you’ve seen firsthand exactly how we’ve grown.

It wasn’t always easy and we made lots of mistakes along the way but the systems we’ve developed have been really field tested and proven to work if you actually put them into practice and it actually costs very little money to DO any of it.

And that’s important because…

You see in spite of many less than perfect processes we’ve experimented with over the years.


We’ve always been profitable!

Our systems have always been reliable, repeatable and sustainable regardless of the economy, marketing budgets, internet policy changes, FTC rulings etc.

So what I’m going to share with you during the Strategic Speaking –Charisma On Command Is NOT pretty, it’s not flashy.

It’s how to get started, Get Known, Get Big and Get Profitable right away starting with…

How to design an offer that makes people drool and stampede To the Back of the Room to get your stuff!


How To Present and Transition from Your Talk to Your Offer without Feeling Sleazy Slimy or Like a High Pressure used Car Sales Men


Persuasion Architecture – Designing a Talk for Specific Purpose of Training, Selling, List Building and more

  • Designing Talks and presentations for Converting Small Groups – Ideal for therapist’s coaches and other service professionals.
  • Designing Talks for converting large groups – Public Speakers, Trainers, Educators


The Art and Science of Persuasive Story Telling – Different kinds of stories serve different purposes I’ll show you how to use stories as


  • delivery vehicles for installing suggestions,
  • Subliminal Buying Triggers
  • How to use live audience testimonials
  • priming the audience to choose to do what you want them to do,
  • eliminate resistance and more


Mass Control: Secrets of Hypnotic Stage Craft and Group Dynamics

 – Charisma – Chemistry – Connection – Compliance on Command


– This is hypnosis FROM the stage, NOT Stage-Hypnosis. Although the methods principles and techniques can easily be used within any stage hypnosis show this course is about “Hypnotic Presentation” capturing and leading  the minds, bodies emotions and imaginations of a group of people and giving them the exact experience they need to eagerly and willingly do what you want them to do.


  • How To use Pacing and Leading
  • Psychological Priming
  • Commitment and Consistency
  • Social Proof
  • Advanced Group Rapport Tactics
  • The Rule of Three That causes people to psychologically entrain to your suggestions
  • How to make sure at least a 1 in 3 people or more convert from your small group talk


How to Set up Your Room for Maximum Conversions:  Believe it or not the smallest things can dramatically impact exactly how much of your audience converts to buyers, prospects and clients.


I’ll give you a simple step by step checklist for making sure your presentation setup maximizes the amount of people you convert.


I’ll show you how fly solo – Many times, especially when you are just starting out, you are not in a position to have a person at the back of the room managing your conversions and back of the room processes.


I’ll show you a simple method I learned from Dr. David Singer for practically getting clients to sign themselves up for your free consultations – I’ve used this process for closing prospects for ten years and it never failed me when I had to fly solo.


Room Set Up and Environmental Priming:

That Lubricates Audience Responsiveness and makes it easier for people to become prospects, clients and customers

Converting Audience Members to Prospects and Prospects to Clients: moving people from audience members, to prospects to clients are three distinct processes.  I’ll show you how to

  • Find and Fill Your Audience – With people who are hungry for your message
  • Separate The Prospects From The Non-Prospects – Getting The People Who Want More To Raise Their Hands So You Can Help Them
  • Convert your prospects into clients – People Don’t Want to Be Sold, They want To Buy from you, but they only want to buy the things that solve their problems. And the truth is most coaches, therapists and other service providers DON’T Want To Sell. I’ll show you exactly how to make your clients want to buy without actually selling but instead use “offer psychology” to create a strong buying desire in the hearts and minds of your customers.


  • I’ll show you exactly step by step how to cause the prospect to talk themselves into seeing you as the solution and hardest you’ll ever have to ask for the sale is “How Soon Would You Like To Get Started”


Finding Places To Speak – reaching out to People As Opposed To Creating your own events


David’s Tried and True Magical Mystical Meetup Marketing Method!


It’s no secret that I run some of, if not the most successful personal  development, martial arts, nlp and hypnosis meetups here in Las Vegas. In fact at the recent Hypnothoughts Live Convention I was repeatedly told that our Las Vegas NLPPOWER Meetups are LEGENDARY!


There is a secret formula that I use to create these powerful, fun, life changing HIGH CONVERTING events that any who follows the formula can do.  And I’ll teach it to you. In fact, I will walk you through the process of actually getting your first meetup set, what topics to pick, marketing copy to use. How to record the event and then…


EXACTLY What To Do With That Recording.


Meetup.com is the single biggest opportunity for you as a speaker to create a powerful enthusiastic tribe of dedicated fans, prospects and customers and you can do it for almost NOTHING. Even if you have zero marketing budget this process IS the fastest Most Direct Way To Build Your Business… PERIOD!




Well, that’s What I’ve Got For You.

It’s quite a bit for a 4 day event.

But by the time you’re done you’ll have a complete step by step system that you will have already implemented before you go home Because You’ll have done it as you learned it. (Bring your lap top to the training).


I’ll show you what to do, and how to do it.


I’ll walk you through getting it done so that by the time you finish on day three


You’ll have everything you need to start speaking and building your business fast using the art and science of hypnotic public speaking and presentation skills

  1. You’ll be set up with your Niche
  2. Your Unique Offer
  3. Your very own meetup user interface all set up
  4. A talk That you can start using right away
  5. Intensive hands on training in presenting your introduction, body and Offer From The Stage
  6. You’ll know what to say, how to say it and when to say it for maximum effect


And That’s just the start.




It will be recorded; It will be available for the live attendees only. And here is the reason why.

There is something YOU should know about the Internet Marketing World.


Most of the time the things they try to sell you worked really really well…

And then it stopped working very well. Sometimes it’s because too many people started doing it. Sometimes it’s because the internet environment changed.


Every time Google and other internet providers change their advertising policies and search algorithms hundreds of business disappear from the net in the blink of an eye. Some never get back.

But people who sell internet marketing information only sell that information to the public AFTER IT STOPS WORKING.

That’s right.

For the most part the vast majority of marketing stuff you see on the internet IS OLD, Out of Date and have lost its effectiveness.

So marketers find a new way to make money from those techniques by selling it as the latest thing to folks who are NOT in the know.


That is also why this information WILL NOT Be released to the public. I’m still using it, It’s still working and I only want members of our group to know about it.


I also know we have a few folks who have in fact uploaded some of our stuff to the file sharing networks, some of which I have only ever released to a handful of people so I have a pretty good idea who they are.


To be honest, I’ll probably only do this training once and only for graduates of our programs. It’s too easy to get started and really does give you a solid, reliable way to start getting known, being recognized as an expert, creating products, services and a business that really helps people while making you a great living.


And even if you never use the practice building component there simply isn’t any place in the world where the ability to influence and persuade large groups of people to do what you want is a bad thing…Ever!


The training is Scheduled for July 25th-28th, 2022, at the Orleans Hotel and Casino . Immediately before Hypnothoughts Live 2022 The Worlds Largest and Most Popular Hypnosis Convention!


I always over deliver. I want you to be successful and I get so tired of people NOT getting the things they want so yah, you could say I have a very personal agenda here.


So listen up.


Getting started is pretty easy.


If you are interested in becoming one of the most powerful, influential and mesmerizing public speakers on the planet this special four-day hypnothoughts live special pre-conference event is for you!

Post-Conference Certification Special!

4-Day Fast-Track Hypnotherapy Certification Intensive

Dear Hypnosis Student

Let me ask you this..


What Do You Get When You Combine…


  • Unstoppable Covert Conversational Hypnosis Techniques
  • Cutting Edge Neuro-Science and Holographic Mind Control Techniques
  • Mind-Blowing and (Slightly) Controversial Personality Changing Methods
  • Advanced Conversational Hypnosis Belief Change and Behavior Modification
  • Break-through Vibrational Influence and Energy-hypnosis Principles
  • Blended With A Real-World Clinically-Proven 7-Stage Process For Strategically
    Re-building and Custom Designing Identity and Behavior from The Ground
  • With a Practically Foolproof Process for Installing Those Changes Deeply Into
    Yourself or Your Subjects at will?




You Get One of The Most Powerful
Systems of Strategic Human Influence NEVER Presented to The Public.



A Unique system of Fast, Effective and Practically Unstoppable Change-work or direct and indirect process hypnotherapy that allows you to practically rebuild personality, resolve traumas, and install permanent powerful changes from the ground up.


A system that shows you the specific step-by-step practices that let you

  • EASILY Bypass Resistance and Make People Want To Do What You Want Them To Do (This is great for any kind addictions or stop smoking specialist a proven protocol for increasing compliance and has even been used to conversationally remove physical pain)
  • How To CONFIDENTLY and Consistently Drop Anyone Into Trance in blink of an eye or create any instant or rapid induction you want
  • PLEASURE POWER – How To Use Ecstatic Trance States Empower and Reinforce Positive Change


Many of these Secrets of Advanced Personality Change Have NEVER Been Revealed publicly before, and for good reason.




They are powerful and they fly in the face of what many conventional hypnosis programs teach. I won’t say this is “dark side” material because that wouldn’t be entirely accurate.

But the material in this course give you a significant advantage in creating the deep level changes in your clients, subjects and yourself that you really want. Overtly or Covertly!

  • This course rapidly removes the guess work from any change work you do.


  • Teaches you how to remove even deeply held emotional imprints without having to re-activate or relive the experiences.
  • Amplifies the power and effectiveness of any self-hypnosis processes you do
  • Trains your unconscious mind to rapidly and reliably respond to your commands
  • and gives you a Simple Clear STEP-BY-STEP BLUEPRINT To Follow That Allows You To Change Practically Anything You Want About Yourself Or Your
    Clients In The Shortest Amount of Time Possible…


Sometimes In
As Little As Seven Minutes!”


In addition to the Instant and rapid inductions, vibrational hypnotherapy, and conversational hypnosis this course also includes my Seven-stage Identity By Design Process for Rapidly Transforming Ones Personality to Be Exactly What You Want It to Be


You’ll Rapidly Discover PRECISELY How To

  • FIND and Eliminate Blocks To YOUR Success Minutes
  • Overcome Traumas Stress and Phobias FAST
  • Program Yourself for Rapid and Automatic Success and Good Luck!
  • Utilize Advanced Holographic Deep Trance Identification Processes To Acquire The Traits, Qualities and Characteristics You Admire and Desire For Yourself Or your clients.


The Material in This Course Can be utilized as complete personality renovation process for yourself, as a complete self-hypnosis course or used clinically for deep comprehensive therapeutic and pervasive personality change work.

Plus we’ll also be revealing some of the MOST POWERFUL AMPLIFIERS TO HYPNOTIC POWER And Control ever discovered.


These Methods and secrets that truly blend energetics and vibrational influence technologies, cutting edge neuroscience and unstoppable conversational hypnosis methods that make your expression of hypnotic technique truly world class.


You’ll Easily Discover the Master-keys and Clinically Proven Techniques To…


  • Raise Your Sense of Self Worth/Self Esteem
  • Completely Recreate and Custom Design Your Self Image
  • Magnify Your Sense of Deservingness and Eliminate Victim Mentality
  • Accelerate and Amplify Your Personal Power Through a Deeper Understand of how to access the latent powers of the human nervous system


By Systematically

  • Removing Unconsciously Stored/Repressed Negativity in the Body
    Events That the Unconscious Mind is “Deliberately” Holding On To and
    Giving It an Alternative Process to Simply and Easily Reprocess The
    Experience Quickly.
  • Installing Default Driver States That Automatically Propel You to Be More Successful In Every Aspect of your Life Instead of the States Programmed Into You by Default
  • Removing and Reprogramming The Voices Inside Your Head So They Only Build You Up and Inspire You Instead of Tearing Your Down and Holding You Back…
  • Completely and Systematically Removing The Negativity From Your Past and Changing Your Own Personal History and Memories To What You Want Them To Be So That When You Remember The Past You Only Remember It In Ways That Make your Life Better and Supports the New Identity You Are Building
  • Then Taking this New Improved Version of You and Installing It as A Filter before You Were Born So That Everything You Experience Afterward is processed Through Those New Perspectives


And Finally…


Systematically and Strategically Installing the Traits, Qualities, Beliefs, Skill Sets and Other Attributes of People You Admire Building Them Into this New Persona That You have Created and then accelerating and amplifying it Into the Future in a Positive Self Fulfilling Prophecy


You’ll Also Learn:

  • The Hidden Laws of Mental Dynamics That Give You Maximum Control Over Your Own Mind And Body In Minimum Time.
  • The Right Way to Give Yourself Suggestions and Affirmations That Actually Have a Chance of Working.
  • How To Borrow The Genius Of Anyone You Want And Actually Begin To Own Their Skills Just Like They Do
  • How To Program Your Own Mind In Just Minutes A Day To Zero In On The Successful Situations, Goals And Events That You Want, and Automatically CREATE The Behaviors That Result In Your Actually Getting It


And if FOUR FULL DAYS of the most cutting edge mind altering methods,
principles and techniques aren’t enough.

Check Out What Else I Have Just For You!

Dates for this amazing 11-Day Training
Extravaganza Are As Follows:

  • July 25th -28th, 2022
    Super Speaking: Hypnotic Presentation Skills for Presenters and Public Speakers
  • July 29th -31st 2022
    Hypnothoughts Live 2022 Hypnosis Convention
  • August 1st through 4th, 2022
    RWH-Identity By Design – Fast Track Hypnotherapy Certification


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Our HUGE HTLIVE Video Training Archive That Includes Video footage of every class we have taught at HTLIVE BOTH Pre-Conference, Post Conference and During the Conference  Since 2014!


Literally hundreds of hours of the most amazing powerful and effective hypnosisface reading and human influence techniques ever put in one place!


Worth Well over $10,000, 00 and Immediately Downloadable to your computer effective July 31st, 2022 at 12:00 PM.


Here is a not so short list of what you get…


Get Everything Amazing HTL 2 for 1
for All-time Low Special Offer!


And if you think 11 Full days of the very best training in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Face Reading is Awesome, wait till you see the amazing 10,000.00 worth of FREE Bonus Videos I have For You.,


Check This Out…

You Bonus Package!

HTLive Pre-Conference Training Archive

Killer Influence: Secrets of Covert Hypnosis and Defense Against the Dark Arks Special Edition [pt- stack=”1497.00″]
Speed Healing Energy Hypnosis: $997.00
Secrets of Personality Transformation 2018: $1,497.00
Self Mastery Super Charger2014: $1,497.00
Secrets of Personality Transformation 2016: $1,497.00
HTLIVE Post Conference Archive
Vibrational Influence: Energy Healing, Remote Influence and Psychic Self Defense $1,497.00
Secrets of Face Reading And Chinese Medical Hypnotherapy: $1,497.00
Erotic Hypnosis Made Easy: Beyond Orgasm $1,497.00
Erotic Hypnosis Made Easy: Sensuality Enhancement – Erotic Conversational Hypnosis $1,497.00
HTLIVE Conference Classes Video Archive – $3349.00 VALUE
(see below for details)

Total Real World Value Today:


HTLive Conference Video Archive: 

  • Face Reading For fun and Profit – 2019
    $197.00 VALUE
  • Instant Conversational Hypnosis 2019
    $197.00 VALUE
  • Lie To Me IF You Dare -How To Catch A Liar 2019
    $197.00 VALUE



  • Speed Attraction How to Make Someone Like Love And Trust You In As Little As 20 Minutes 1-4
    $197.00 VALUE
  • Lie To Me If You Dare – How To Catch A Liar
    $197.00 VALUE
  • People Reading for Fun and Profit
    $197.00 VALUE



  • Instant Conversational Hypnosis 2017
    $197.00 VALUE
  • Secrets of Speed Attraction 2017
    197.00 VALUE
  • People Reading For Fun and Profit 2017
    197.00 VALUE

  • Speed Attraction 2016
    $197.00 VALUE
  • Body Language Secrets – People Reading For Fun and Profit
    $197.00 VALUE



  • Energy Hypnosis SPEED HEALING PT 1 and Pt 2
    $197.00 VALUE
  • Instant Conversational Hypnosis 1-3
    $197.00 VALUE
  • Attractivation
    $197.00 VALUE

NLP For Profit Copy Writing  and Sales Conversion Secrets:
$197.00 VALUE

Story Time: Neuroscience and the Power of Narrative Magic Myth and Metaphor
$197.00 VALUE

Instant Conversational Hypnosis 2020: Latest Developments In Hypnotic Influence
$197.00 VALUE


Total Real World Value Today:


Whew!!!  Thats a Lot of Stuff!


But Please Remember I can only give this amazing package and all the bonuses to the next 34 people to register for our face reading and hypnotherapy 2 for 1 Special Offer… Get Yours Now!




Jul 25 2022 - Aug 04 2022


10:00 am - 6:00 pm




The Orleans Hotel and Casino
4500 W. Tropicana Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89103

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