Who Else Wants to Learn Hidden Secrets of Remote Viewing/Influence, Energy Healing, Psychic Self Defense, Manifestation (LOA) and More


Vibrational Influence:

Ultimate Law of Attraction,
Advanced Mind-Magic,

Master Class


5-Day Certification Intensive

June 7-11, 2019

Peterborough, United Kingdom

Yes, David!




From the Desk of:

David Snyder C.Ht, NLP, L.Ac, M.A.O.M.,
Master Hypnosis/NLP Trainer
Location: San Diego California

April 8,2019 2:45 PM


Dear Seeker,

Before you decide to enroll in this training, read this...



The Message You Are About to Read Is Going to Sound Like Complete and Utter B.S.!

But… It’s Still Completely True


Let's Get Started...

Let me ask you this...

What would your life be like if you had the power to secretly and reliably manifest anything you wanted with a high degree of success?


Think about it, imagine it if you will, what your life MIGHT actually be like if you could Literally Manifest Anything You Wanted...


Or What About This...

How would your life change if you could literally “psychically” view people places and events in remote places, even the past, present or future, gather information and use that information to make your life or the lives of other people better?



How much more safe and confident would you be if you knew you could not only detect people seeking to harm you but actually had the ability to protect yourself, your loved ones and even fend off those attacks no matter how strong the forces that were marshaled against you?



How many people would you help if you had the ability to energetically heal yourself and others through the simple use of ancient vibrational healing technologies refined, enhanced and amplified by the most up to date scientific research?



If any of the above sounds interesting to you, I would like to cordially invite you to join me for the most mind-expanding, empowering and transformational five-day training ever.


Vibrational Influence:

Ultimate Law of Attraction,
Advanced Mind-Magic,

Master Class

5-Day Certification Intensive

June 7-11, 2019

Peterborough, United Kingdom


During this Five-Day Mind-Magic Energy Training Intensive you will Learn the Real Secrets Behind Remote Viewing, Energy Healing, Manifestation Mental Influence and Psychic Self Defense Skills And...


...Add Those Mind Blowing Skills to Your Tool Box Today!”


This Vibrational Influence: Mind-Magic, Manifestation, Full-Immersion Masterclass Training will put into your brain, Real, Workable, Proven Skills to Achieve Your Goals, Dreams and Desires Easier, Faster and More Reliably than you ever thought possible.


These Hidden Laws of Mind-Magic, Energy-Vibration and Vital Force Secrets Will Confidently, Consistently and Quickly allow you to:

  • Clear Your Energy Field
  • Use The Law of Attraction/Manifest Anything You Want.
  • Become Magnetically Charismatic and
  • Resolve Blocks to Your Success
  • Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind
  • Attract people to you,
  • Strengthen your Mind/Body/Spirit
  • Evolve your neurology,
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Mentally Influence and/or Heal People at a Distance
  • Protect Yourself from Psychic Attack, Energy Vampires and Malevolent Spiritual Influences
  • Unlock Your Natural Latent Abilities and harness your “vital force” allowing you to rapidly develop your skills as a Healer, Influencer and Law of Attraction.


After this five-day, 100% Hands-on, Learn-by-doing, vibrational influence certification intensive you’ll naturally understand exactly how to do street practical:

  • Remote Viewing and Mental Influence Applications,
  • Manifest Your Deepest Desires
  • and Effectively Use psychic and psychological Self-defense and Protective methods,
  • you’ll learn how to set up and psychic or psychological attacks are created and set up, so that you can better understand how to protect yourself and your loved ones from evil doers, frenemies and the malevolent intentions of envious peers.

The Result…

You will be dramatically more prepared and ready to protect yourself and your loved ones any time and any place from those who would seek to manipulate you, harm you or otherwise take advantage of you.




Here’s what else you will learn…


Secrets of Personal Transformation:
Real Vibrational Alchemy

You’ll also learn how to clear your energy field and raise your vibrational to remove mental and emotional blocks to your success, and heal past traumas that may be causing you pain or other health issues.


You’ll learn how your mirror neurons and proprioceptive systems form the foundation of your energetic and ultimately your psycho-emotional experiences.


How to:

  • Cleanse, Measure and Balance Your Chakras to restore healthy functioning to your entire system.
  • Clear your energy field and remove the vibrational residue of negative entities, people and places.
  • How to prime and develop your vibrational systems for greater awareness, consciousness and manifestation powers.


During this five-day Vibrational Influence Mind-Power intensive you will be fully immersed in a complete system of mind-body-energy integration that allows you to easily and naturally build, refine and control your own personal energy and psychic resources allowing you to tap into the unlimited power of your subconscious and super-conscious mind to:

  • Access information, people, times and places remote in time and space,
  • Influence people from a distance,
  • and Manifest Anything You Want in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • How to protect yourself from psychic attacks and effectively fight back when you detect someone or “something” is out to get you.
  • You’ll also be introduced to the hidden secrets of vibrational influence and self-defense extracted from such amazing martial arts disciplines as Kyushojitsu, Kiaijutsu, Systema, Aikijutsu, Tai Chi and more.


You’ll also learn:


"Hermetic Skills Training"

Secrets of Elemental Psychology, Rapport
Transformation, and Manifestation:

  • How to Gain Vibrational Rapport with Elemental Forces
  • And use those forces to change yourself or get what you want.
  • Raise and lower your energy fields, and shield your mind from various forms of “mental and “intentional” attacks from others.


This approach is completely based on a new understanding of vibrational transference and the proprioception and mirror neuron systems of the body. As well as cutting edge research in neuroscience.


Methods that allow you to:

  • Raise and Lower Your Body Temperature at Will
  • Make Yourself Lighter/Heavier On Demand
  • Radiate More Charismatic, Confidence and Charm at Will
  • Be More Confident
  • Breath Fear and Pain Out of Your Body
  • Expand, Extend, or Transfer Your Consciousness into Objects, People or Places
  • Use Specific Energy Sounds to Strengthen or Weaken an Opponent’s Energy Field and Physical Body
  • Increase their susceptibility to vibrational influence
  • Protect Yourself from Malicious Intent
  • Remove Negative Emotions, Traits and Characteristics and
  • Replace Them with Positive Ones That Make Your Life Better




During this five-day training I'll be teaching, training and sharing with you one of my most prized secrets, a method I've spent the last 30 years honing and refining for my own personal use.

The Vibrational Self-Defense and Manifestation Secrets

of the Ancient Ninja Warrior-Mystics of Japan.


This is a profound secret that I have never revealed to anyone.


I have spent the last 30 years researching and reverse engineering the ancient Mystical and Magical Training Systems known as Kuji Goshin Ho – (9 Syllable Self Defense Method), Kuji Kiri, Kuji In, Ketsu In, Taoist Mizhong, Zheng Yi, Mikkyo, Huna and Nei Gong Systems.




Using NLP modeling techniques, and decades of interviews, observation, experimentation and using “hermetic principles” as a guide I finally managed to reverse engineer this powerful Mind-Magic Manifestation and Psychic Self Defense System Fast, Effective Easy to Learn and Use System.


The result has been a dramatic increase in my health, income, prosperity, intuition, charisma, ability to influence people remotely, and generate massive amounts of “good luck’ and rapidly manifesting even “seemingly impossible" things.


And when I combined this with the “Ultimate Manifestation Method” my results were nothing short of Miraculous.


And… Yes, during this five-day intensive I will ALSO BE TEACHING YOU THE ULTIMATE MANIFESTATION METHOD.


But I have to be honest, it’s NOT just a technique.


It’s actually a vibrational manifestation engine that drives a huge portion of all the vibrational influence technologies you will be learning, and after you understand it...


...I truly believe you will have the ability to take completely take your life to the next level and beyond, to fully and completely empower, heal and expand your consciousness and the gain permanent access to the abilities that go with it to the point where…


You will literally feel like a Jedi Master or Wizard.

PLEASE NOTE:  I do not make these statement lightly…

and because of that…


Warning #2

You May NOT Qualify to Attend This Five-Day
Ultimate Law of Attraction
Advanced Mind-Magic
Certification Master Class


I’ll be honest with you;


I have never EVER really felt comfortable revealing this level of information to the public.

In fact, I have still have strong reservations about it even now.

And If you are familiar with my work and the power of the materials we have already released to the public… you may understand why…


This stuff is Powerful…EFFECTIVE, and It CAN be Misused.


While it’s true that I am mostly doing this training to show gratitude to my International Students who have supported me through the last five years and give them the ability to take their knowledge and abilities even further...


It is also true, that if you are not aware of these skills, if you don’t know how to use these skills and detect their use…Then…


You May Become a Victim of Someone Using These Skills Against You!


And based on the number of calls and emails I get in my clinic every day from people suffering from some form of” psychic attack, or psychological assault.”


There are quite a few of those “Psychic Sociopaths” out there.




This training is Not for You IF…


If you like hurting people... or are just Sadistic... just like pushing people around... or Are mentally ill or emotionally disturbed...


...then don't bother reading further. These secrets aren't for you.



... If you're looking for a magic pill to fix all the problems in your life, or you can't follow instructions, or don't listen to advice...


...then this is not going to work for you either.


It's not a skill to be abused or misused.



... if you 're the least bit shady, and looking for a quickie way to "whomp on " little old ladies

and push around any one you choose, regardless of their size...then look somewhere else.

We don't want these kinds of people learning these “Mind Power Secrets” either.


But Wait…

There’s More!


If you answered no to all of the above,

You Are Qualified!


keep reading, you are almost there...


But there is one more thing I want you to think about, something you may have never seriously thought about before...


What if you had the ability to enter and psychically influence the mind and body of anyone you choose and mentally “prime" them to do what you wanted them to do?




What if it were actually possible to get people to enter the dreams of others and actually have them tell you what you most wanted to know?

Pretty Cool Super-Power Right...?



Here is a sobering thought…

  • What if there were people out there, that knew how to do this to you?
  • How would you protect yourself from “that” kind of influence?
  • They are out there, and they are looking for victims


And if you are thinking,


“I’ll just summon a pillar of white light and

put a shield around me and I’ll be safe…

You Are Dead Wrong!


…That’s exactly what psychic predators
want you to believe.


Now, my gut tells me you are a good person and would NEVER misuse these skills, and as a self-defense teacher and specialist in human influence, here is what I can tell you…


Anything outside of your awareness is
outside of your control.


just because you are not aware something 

does not mean you are NOT being affected by it.


When we are together in Peterborough this coming June.


I’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Do and use these skills,
  • How to protect yourself from these skills
  • and guide you step-by-step through the process of mastering these skills.


One of the most important factors in becoming powerful with these methods is to have a strongly developed and integrated mind-body-spirit system in place and then to build up your personal charge of vital force so powerfully that only someone with a significantly higher vibrational amplitude has the ability to influence your system.


To help you do that, I will also be teaching a very special High-Speed Energy Building System that can simultaneously power all of your manifesting, influencing and defensive skills.


I Call It ...

Speed Qi Gong:
How Rapidly Build Up Your Vital Force in as Little as 90 Days!


This “closed door” rapid vital force-building system is based on the work of some of the most cutting-edge (and controversial) names in the field of Martial Qi Gong, Nei Gong, and Shen Gong Practices combined with hidden and sometimes “lost” teachings of Taoist and Hermetic masters.


I’ll introduce you to this rapid energy development system and how to integrate it with all of the methods and skill sets I have described to you in this message. When utilized properly the these fast-energy-building secrets can take your ability to influence people’s Minds and Bodies to near-Jedi levels.


Okay, Now I'm Having Second thoughts…


It's interesting that, even as I write this, I am wondering if I should be sharing all this “top secret” and in many cases “forbidden” information with the public. But there is a part of me that knows certain people, maybe people like you, were really meant to have this information and while I have pretty good intuition...


I still don’t get to judge who gets access to this information… at least not fully. Karma is real and you will reap what you sow. (you have been warned)


That being said…


These skills and principles WILL change your life if you learn
and use them the way I teach you.


But ONLY IF You Learn Them and Use Them!


And I really really want you to use them. and that’s why I am going to reward those who step up and take fast decisive action toward getting the life of their dreams.

For the First 15 Fast Action Super Charging Seekers of Self Mastery Who Reserve Their Seat For This Training I have to decided to add some amazing and extremely useful FREE Bonuses Valued at over $4476.00

And if the Super Early Bird Discount wasn't enough, maybe these awesome extra's will do the trick.

Reserve Your Seat Today and Get Automatic Access to These Amazing Bonuses

Awesome Bonus #1

Vibrational Influence:
Secrets of Remote Viewing/Influence
and Hermetic Skills Home Study Course


This course goes through my entire "Basic" Remote Viewing/Influence and Hermetic Skills Training Program in it you'll see people literally remote viewing targets with a high degree of accuracy influencing the bodily functions blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate in a testable blinded format.


And So Much More.


This course shreds the veil of secrecy surrounding real world vibrational influence technologies, connects all the missing dots and gives you a practical, workable, road map to follow, allowing you to develop and build your own manifestation and vital force abilities.


This is a Vibrational Influence Bonus Course (Valued at $1497.00) is perfect primer for the upcoming Five Day Master Class in June and You'll be able to start immediately preparing to lay the strongest foundations and hit the ground running for the Five Day Master Class June 7-11, 2019

  • You'll learn how to effect people’s energy with sound,
  • how to breath negative energies out of the body.
  • Use Elemental Energies and understand the complete system of energetics and vibrational science that has been lost for centuries.

And so much more...A lot More


Please Note: This Is an Advanced Course and Pre-supposes familiarity with our State Control, Kinesthetic Rapport and Self Directed Trance work systems.


This course is a perfect study aid and pre-work for the upcoming five-day event in Peterborough

Total Value $1497.00 Yours FREE!

When You are one of the first 15 people to register before
the deadline on May 31, 2019


Awesome Bonus #2


Vibrational Healing:
Secrets of Energy Healing Home Study Course


Just like Vibrational Influence gave you a deep dive into the realm of vibrational influence and remote viewing skills. Vibrational Healing gives you a thorough understanding of the various modes of energy healing, how they work, how they are different, the pros and cons of each one and which method is most suitable for different cases.


You'll also be introduced to

  • Elemental Work, 
  • Vibrational Breathwork
  • and Internal Energy Training
  • Mineral and Crystal Healing 

and Overview of Energy Healing systems as well as practical methods of utilizing the

  • Pranic Healing - Projective Model
  • Reiki - Evocative Healing
  • DNA Theta Healing 
  • Qi Gong and 
  • Bengston Energy Healing Systems are all discussed in this course, how they work, which ones are most reliable and how to learn them for yourself.

This course will be an invaluable study guide and pre-training resource that will give you a solid foundation of energy healing skills that you can start putting to work right away to heal yourself and others.

Total Value $1497.00 Yours FREE!

When You are one of the first 15 people to register before
the deadline on May 31, 2019

If you never learn them, then you’ll never truly understand what kind of life you could be having as result of using them effectively.


Awesome Bonus #3

NLPPOWER Master Mind Mentoring

Perhaps one of the most important things any aspiring, hypnotist, neuro-linguistic programming or aspiring Master of Manifestation needs is a support system. The simple truth is that after you leave most trainings.


Whether it be hypnosis, NLP, Law of Attraction, Qi Gong, etc.,


You are for most part...


All Alone,


You are left on your own with little to zero support system to help you over the rough spots, clear the confusion or answer the questions that inevitably arise while actually going out into the world and utilizing the skills you paid good money to learn.


And that is exactly why in 2010 we created the world’s most successful and longest running hands on skill building and support community that exists.


The NLPPOWER, master mind mentoring Group. a group created specifically to give people the exact hands-on practice and ongoing support for the skills they learn in seminar or other forms of training i.e. virtual trainings, or podcasts, books etc.


As part of your Vibrational Influence Master Class Registration You Will Receive a


Full FREE Six-Month Membership to Our On-going NLPPOWER Mastermind Mentoring Archive and Study Group.


Here's how it works...

On the Third Saturday of every month you'll be able to visit us in person or virtually through our online portal and literally participate in a live group mentoring training sessions where we will create a customized curriculum for the day based on group needs and wants and

  • Drill You On Those Skills for The Full Session.
  • You'll have the opportunity to get all of your questions answered
  • Practice your techniques,
  • Get good feedback so you can improve, refine and hone your skills to a razor-sharp edge
  • and even Learn New Techniques as they arise.

You'll never feel alone, disconnected or unsupported ever again.

The Regular Monthly Tuition to Participate in The Program is $247.00/month but

IF You Are One of the First 15 People to Register BEFORE The Deadline on May 31, 2019 at 11:59 PM

You'll get a FULL SIX MONTH VIP Membership to the Group
$1482.00 VALUE  FOR FREE!



Let’s Do the Math On This...


As one of the first 15 people to register for this once in a life-time (quite literally) Ultimate Law of Attraction Training Event Valued Minimally at £3900.00 for low One-Time Investment of 1950.00 and Instantly SAVE £1950.00!


Plus, you'll also get completely FREE!

  • Vibrational Influence: Remote Viewing/Influence and Hermetic Skills Training Valued at 1497.00!
    Yours FREE!
  • Vibrational Healing: Energy Healing Made Easy and Hermetic Skills Training Valued at 1497.00!
    Yours FREE!


  • 6-MONTH VIP Membership NLPPOWER Master Mind Mentoring Group/Archives
    Valued at $1482.00
    Yours FREE!

That means you'll be getting the most in-depth, comprehensive hands on training plus all the support and materials a person could ask for

Total Value: $9570.18


All for The Super-Low, One-Time Investment of Just


Yes, David!


Whew, I broke a sweat just typing that...


And I will say this …


This is the only time I have willingly thrown back the curtain to reveal so much of my most treasured and secret energetic and vibrational influence skills. If you have ever wondered how we actually get the results, we get with clients any time anywhere and for any reason. Now Is Your Chance!

Click The Link Below to Confirm Your Seat Now

Yes, David!


This Vibrational Influence:
Ultimate Law of Attraction,
Advanced Mind-Magic Intensive
is EXACTLY what you need to get the life
and results you want, the way you want it!


Look I know you are busy so I’ll get right to the point.


On Friday June 7, 2019 in Peterborough United Kingdom; come rain or shine, I’ll be taking a select few lucky individuals through the entire spectrum of mind-power, and Vibrational Influence skills I have spent a lifetime refining.

Skills That Have Allowed Me and My Students:

  • To Learn things, they couldn't learn any other way
  • Heal The Sick and Those in Pain
  • Manifest everything from Love, To Houses, New Cars, Better Jobs, Even Admission into College Programs They were told they didn't qualify for.

And those are just the beginning.


And I would like to personally invite you to join me for this five-day full immersion training and certification



  • Remote Viewing and Psychic Skills Training Process
  • Remote Influencing Technologies
  • The Complete Model of Energy Healing Systems – How All of the Various Models of Energy Healing Work Together within the Hermetic System and which one to choose for what purpose
  • Vibrational Psychology – How to Rapidly Remove Fear, Pain, Trauma and other issues using Vibrational Influence Techniques
  • Rapid Energy Development Protocols for building your vital force and ability to project and manipulate energy fields easily and effectively
  • Military Grade Psychic Self Defense and Mind-Magic Secrets for Fending Off Energy Vampires, Frenemies and More
  • The Ultimate Manifestation Method
  • And How to Put It All Together in a Powerful Synergistic System That Dramatically Magnifies your Charisma and Amplifies the force behind your hypnotic skills.


As you can see, I plan on fully immersing you in these technologies for a full five-days.

By the end of five days you know how to:

  • Access people and places remote in time and space,
  • Influence people
  • And even heal them from a distance.
  • Tap into the fundamental archetypal vibrations from which everything is created and use it to amplify your manifestation skills to get whatever you want.



  • The Ultimate Manifestation Method that is the engine behind some of the most powerful Law of Attraction and Manifesting skills ever known.
  • The 9-Level Ninja Mind-Magic Manifestation System for Self-Empowerment, Psychic Attack and Self Defense.
  • The Speed Qi Gong - Rapid Functional Vital Force Energy-Building System


I could go on but I think you get the point.


This training is NOT for tourists.


It’s for serious students of vibrational influence who want to upgrade their skills and understanding beyond anything that is currently known.


So you are probably wondering…


Okay David, how much is the Once in a lifetime super training going to cost?


Well, the truth is…

…Not Nearly Enough


I could easily charge £10,000.00, £12000.00 even £15000.00 for the kind of information, I’m offering in this five-day full immersion certification boot camp. (And to be completely frank) I have easily spent 20 times that much to research, acquire, learn and develop these technologies.


So honestly,


It would still be truly worth it at any of the price.




Obviously, I can't actually "Charge" that much to learn these materials
(although my peers think I should)


But, I do still need to keep the tire kickers and tourists out




If you are truly serious about learning Real World Proven Vibrational Influence Technologies, if you are tired of always leaving seminars feeling like something was being held back. Or like you didn’t quite get it.


If you want a clearly defined road map for developing and enhancing your Powers of Manifestation, Harnessing Your Spiritual Gifts, Finding Your True Purpose and Amplifying Your Ability to Influence and Control Your Own Reality (and those around you.)


All you have to do is click this link now and you’ll get a VIP seat at this elite level training live in Peterborough United Kingdom Friday June 7,2019-June 11, 2019. And you receive full access and instruction in these methods Guaranteed to change your life in ways you never even dreamed possible.


And the best part is…


It’s NOT going to cost you…





It’s not even going to cost you…




All you have to do is be one of the first 35 to register for this once in a lifetime special event and you get the entire training for the single low one-time investment of just



No, that is not a typo.


I know you’re probably wondering why I would give so much solid gold information like this away for one low investment of just £1950.


Yes, David!


Here's the truth, the simple fact is

It's NOT About the Money, It’s about the Mission


It’s because I’ve dedicated my life to searching for and discovering these secrets, secrets that people think are either myths, legend or lies.


I have spent my life looking for ways to become more powerful with them and here is what I have discovered.


The more I pass on this information the more the universe sends me to share.
(it’s my purely selfish reason for doing this)


And not only that…


Part of my personal Mission in this life, my “Golden Path” as you may have heard me talk about. Is to share this information with as many people who truly deserve it as possible.


One of the things you’ll learn during the training are the “laws” that govern karma and how to give and receive from the universe, and one of those laws is the law of balance, meaning there must always be balance in the exchange.


You see I want as many people as possible to have this information

... IF they are truly ready to have it.


If I were to charge £3900.00 for this five-days, it would still be a low investment compared to the value you will be getting BUT only the super-rich and other one-percenters could afford it. So I'm Opening This training to the public for the amazing low one-time investment of £1950.00


Why So Little?



I'm Just Trying to Level the Playing Field


If I gave it away, I would be doing more harm than good because it would cause such an incredible energy and karmic imbalance, like handing a loaded gun to child.


I’m pretty certain you wouldn’t do that, and I know I certainly will not.


And that’s exactly why I’m offering you this one chance to get fully trained in these secrets for just one Low Investment of £1950.00

Yes, David!




I can’t keep this price point open for very long.

In fact, I’ve set an early bird expiration date for May 15,2019


Early Bird Bonus Package


May 15, 2019

WARNING: This Offer Closes in
(Open Now)

After that the prices start going up, up up.

Yes, David!


Anyone with common sense and who is familiar with the work we do can understand the full value of this five-day Vibrational Influence: Mind-Magic and Manifestation Master Class.


We do fill up quickly and once the 35 seats are gone I will either have to close the training completely or raise the price back up to at least £3900.00 to keep the muggles at bay but you can make sure you get full unfettered access not only to the information but the hands on training that will turn you into a veritable master of manifestation and create the life of your dreams.

But after May 15, 2019 - It all goes away.


So if you if you know in your heart this is where you need to be.

Click this Link Now to Reserve Your Seat
Before Someone Else Takes Your Spot.


WARNING: This Offer Closes in
(Open Now)


Yes, David!


My good friend James Always told me...


"Good People Know Good People"


So if you are a truly good person and you know you deserve everything life has to offer, and even if you don't think you deserve it yet, I'll show you how you can deserve and then manifest it for yourself.


After you access the information and have fully undergone the training process you’ll have earned the right to keep these powerful abilities forever. Abilities that will only grow stronger and more powerful the longer you continue to use them.


So let me ask you this…


Do you deserve this kind of power?


Are you finally ready to make your life everything you want it to be? To finally become the master of your reality. To raise your consciousness and empower yourself in all the ways that are truly important to you and give your life meaning.


If so,


I invite you to join me in Peterborough United Kingdom, June 7, 2019 through June 11, 2019 for what will be the most enlightening, empowering and transformational training ever.


Just Click the Link Below to Skip to The Front of the Line

Yes, David!


That's All I Have for You Today.

I truly believe these amazing Vibrational Influence Skills Will Give You the Exact Skills You Need to Take Your Life to The Next Level.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!


And if you are not convinced these skills are as powerful as I describe just let me know by 12:00 PM on June 7th, 2019 and I'll give you a full refund - No Questions Asked!





Remember, this isn't just ANY seminar.


This is THE seminar that will pull back the curtain behind what ancient mystics, Qi Gong Masters, Yogi's and Magicians have known and kept secret for centuries. You'll get all the must-have information with none of the metaphysical bs.


That's my personal promise to you. No Filler, Fluff nor Felgerkarb! (I’ll give an extra 100.00 discount to anyone who knows where that last reference felgerkarb comes from!)


Until Then,


Best of Luck To You.




Your Friend,


David Snyder


PS: Remember The Special Early Bird Offer, Which Includes the Complete Vibrational Influence Home Study Library Which Includes:

Vibrational Influence:
$1497.00 Value Yours FREE
When You Are One of the First 15 To Register By 11:59 PM, May 31, 2019

Vibrational Healing One:
$1497.00 Value, Yours FREE
When You Are One of the First 15 To Register By 11:59 PM, May 31, 2019

Six-month membership
to Our Amazing NLPPOWER Master Mind Mentoring Archives  $1482.00 Value, Yours FREE
When You Are One of the First 15 To Register By 11:59 PM, May 31, 2019


PPS: Time is Running Out; this is our ONLY Vibrational Influence Training in Europe for 2019

Click This Link Now to Save Your Seat Before It's Too Late!

Yes, David!


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