Attention Hypnotists...

Who Else Wants To Learn The EXACT Methods For Secretly Hypnotizing Anyone To Do What You Want Without Them Knowing You Are Doing It!

...Even If You Have Absolutely NO Clue How To Hypnotize Anyone!

From The Desk of:

David Snyder
June 17, 2017
San Diego California

Dear Hypnosis Student

Let's face it, at some time TODAY, You will want someone, somewhere to do something for you.

And They Won't Do It.


  • To Find You Attractive or Go Out With You
  • Raise Your Salary
  • Hire You
  • Buy Your Product or Service
  • Keep and honor a promise they made
  • Take out the trash or some other family chore
  • Stop smoking, over eating or taking drugs

Studies show that your ability to influence and persuade others to do what you want is the single biggest factor for surviving and thriving in modern society. The ability to persuade and influence is "The Most Important and CRITICAL ability you can possess.

In early times, A person could get by with "brute force" good genes, or a big strong club. And The person with the most Power i.e.


  • Access To Resources,
  • The Strongest Body,
  • The Best Warrior
  • or Hunter.


Had the most Influence, freedom and choice in their society. The People with these attributes rapidly gained the upper hand because they were much more able to protect themselves, acquire the important necessities for survival,

  • food,
  • shelter,
  • women (yes this was considered a form of wealth or survival need)


and be able to gain more compliance from those who either did not have access to those resources themselves or couldn't stop them from being taken away from them or take them for themselves.


In modern times, in modern "societies" some things have changed, but only a little bit.


Today, while physical power and the ability to protect yourself are useful and still somewhat important, THE WAY that we do these things has changed significantly. There are many ways to get access to the things we want and even to protect ourselves from physical danger, but even today as advanced as we are...


It's the person with the " Most Access" to resources That has the most power and freedom in our society.


And The Fastest Way To Get Access To Resources - People, Money, Opportunities, Good Will, Support and Obedience from The group and society etc. - The Real Power Goes To Person With The Ability To Influence and Persuade Others.


Today the person who dominates in society is the person with the ability to easily influence and persuade others to willingly do what you want them to do.


Now Don't Get Me Wrong, while, resources, physical power, the ability to defend yourself are still important.


The person who wields the power of persuasion can easily cause others to share or even give those resources to you. The Power to secretly influence others to like you, love you, and believe in you is the fastest and most efficient way to attain pretty much every thing that might be important to you.

  • Money
  • Beliefs and Support
  • Their Love
  • Protection
  • etc.


Studies and real world field reports also decisively prove that the most powerful and direct way to influence the minds of others to

  • Follow your instructions,
  • Believe what you say and
  • Do what you want is

In Fact, the elements of conversational hypnosis in one form or another are used by EVERY Single Agency and Person of Power and Influence In The World and is Largely Responsible for the World Changing Results These People and Agencies Have Achieved...


For Example...


  • Political Figures - Barack Obama, Bill Clinton And Even Ronald Reagan Used Powerful Covert Hypnotic Techniques To Win and influence public opinion time and time again
  • Religious Figures - Most Religious Presentation, sermons, prayer, rituals etc are Laced With Highly Hypnotic and Mind Altering language patterns and other hypnotic phenomenon, all designed to bliss you out or frighten you into compliance
  • Celebrities - The entire craft of acting is about the art of "Covert and Conversational Hypnosis" actors by their very nature are trained to systematically suspend your critical and analytical faculties, engage your imagination and cause you to "Believe in the world they are presenting too you."Studies show that the most powerful form or resistance reducing hypnotic operator is "Story" or Narrative.These forms of communication are "inherently hypnotic" and simply cause you to begin to "buy in" to many subliminal messages and "psychological primes" often embedded in the story.Things you'll never "consciously perceive" but secretly instruct your unconscious mind how to think about things in a certain way.
  • News Reporters: News Reporters especially television personalities, Regularly use The Powerful Hypnosis Principle of Pacing and Leading to have you believing and accepting "opinions" as facts and never realizing that is exactly what they are doing.
  • Marketers and Public Relations: These influence professionals spend more time learning how to secretly hypnotize people without them knowing than probably any other agency or profession.
  • "Government Agencies" - (CIA, FBI, NSA) Doesn't it just make sense that if you are going to be engaging in covert operations, both in foreign and domestic theaters of operation.PLEASE NOTE: These agencies have contracted well known and some not so known experts in the fields of INFLUENCE Persuasion and Neuro Linguistic Programming over and over again to create programs and train operatives in the subtle arts of conversational hypnosis, mental influence And Social Engineering For decades.

All use these methods to influence
and control people, societies and public opinion.


Here's What Your Brain
Doesn't Want You To Know


You see most people believe that their thinking rational mind controls everything.


But it doesn't ...

Most People Are Dead Wrong!

Neuroscience proves that Your Rational Conscious Analytical Mind Is Literally The Least Informed, and The Last Part of Your Mind To "Know" anything.


Neuro-science shows us that you actually have three brains in One...

  • The Paleo Cortex or Reptile Brain
  • The Limbic System or Mammallian (emotional) Brain
  • and The Neo-Cortex, your rational, analytical Brain


The reptile brain or paleo cortex is the oldest and most powerful part of your brain. And it has an immense level of control over the other parts of your brain, and body.


Any stimulation to the reptile brain commands Instant attention and immediate response. And elite, world class persuaders already know this and use it to cause you to do what they want.


They know that All They Have To Do Is Stimulate Any of Your Reptilian Drives and You'll Automatically Begin To Act, Percieve and Believe things In Predictable Ways.


All They have to do is Just Mention, Imply or connect:


SEX - SAFETY - SURVIVAL - FOOD To Any Message And You're Reptile Brain Goes Into Action.


They know that if they take control of your reptile brain, that you'll automatically create your own reasons for doing what they want you to do.


In other words, good conversational hypnosis causes the most powerful part of the brain to override the weaker parts of the brain "the neo-cortex."


Low level persuaders try to use facts and figures, rationalizations and arguments in order to persuade people.


They try to persuade by talking to your neo-cortex and using "logic", data and rationalization to try and "convince" you to do something.


you see this most often in sales, and is known as a "Features and Benefit" Style Presentations but also many times in


  • Negotiations
  • Jury trials,
  • Job Interviews
  • Even When Trying To Get Someone to go out with you.


This form of persuasion, usually creates resistance and "bores' the person's mind.


And when a person is bored, or feeling pressured to comply, their usual response to your request is simply...NO!


So let me ask you this,

  • Are you tired of being told No?
  • Are you done feeling powerless or
  • held back from the things you want the most?
  • From the Things That Are MOST Important To You?

Would You Like To Finally GET and KEEP THE EDGE That Makes "Ethically" Getting What You Want In Life Faster and Easier Than Ever Before?


If you answered yes, to any of the questions above...


if you are ready to finally start getting new better and different results in your life. To enjoy a winning edge over the competition that only the World Class Persuasion Experts,Leaders, Pick Up Artists, Healers and Therapists Have Access To.


If you finally ready to become a member of an "Exclusive" and "ELITE" Family of World Class Persuasion Experts who Easily Get More of Everything You've Always Wanted Faster Than Ever Before, Be MORE confident and NEVER Feel Powerless Again!


The Kind of Person Who Can Rapidly Attract, Persuade and Convince Other People To Do What Ever You Want, When Ever You Want Them To...


  • One on One and In Person
  • In Large or Small Groups
  • Over The Phone
  • Via Texting and Or Voice Mail,
  • Chat and Instant Messaging


Then Keep Reading Because...


This could be the most important message you Ever Read.


If you have read this far, Congratulations!


I'd like to personally invite you to attend an Exclusive First Time Ever ... An Event Specifically Designed To Take You From Absolute Beginner, to a Competent and Confident Master of Conversational Hypnosis Able to powerfully influence any human being to believe what you say, do what you want and practically loving and thanking you for it.


During Normal Conversational, and without them even realizing you are doing it.




" Real World Conversational Hypnosis"
3 Day Conversational Hypnosis Certification
Boot Camp"

Beginner to Advanced Conversational Hypnosis Boot Camp and Certification

July 28,29,30, 2017


During Your Real World Conversational Hypnosis Immersion Class you'll learn and practice the complete STEALTH CPI conversational hypnosis system. The simplest, Fastest, Easiest and Most Effective Approach To Hypnotizing Anyone During Normal Conversations EVER Created.


STEALTH-CPI is a Completely New and Updated Method of Conversational Hypnosis That Rapidly Builds and Activates within you the ability to weave powerful and hypnotically compelling suggestions that are instantly installed deep within the mind of your subject using cutting edge modern scientific discoveries about how the brain and language really work; as well as tried and true, time tested conversational hypnosis methods.


These Specialized covert hypnotic methods that can rapidly give you the ability to quickly and consistently hypnotize people during normal conversations without them ever knowing you are doing it. And the Best Part Is You'll Be Able To Do It For practically ANY Reason You Want Or Need To.


Get the EXACT STEPS To Hypnotizing Anyone Without
Them Knowing You Are Doing It!


STEALTH CPI also teaches you the Complete "Critical Path of Influence" a streamlined and practically unstoppable Conversational Hypnosis Blue Print That Literally Gives You A Hypnotic Persuasion Road Map for Any Situation or circumstance you might find yourself in and it doesn't matter where or what you are using it for.


A System So Versatile You Can Use It Anywhere!


The Board Room - Job Interviews, Negotiations, meetings, Presentations of Any Kind, Sale Calls Etc During these important business interactions, the reptile brain is the real power behind the decisions, Only STEALTH CPI Will Show You How To Engage The Reptile Brain and Make People Want To Pay Attention and Act on Your Suggestions.


The Class Room - Keeping Students Actively Engaged, Absorbed In the Materials and actually learning both consciously and unconsciously, teachers who use this system are amazed at how students respond to this unique method of speaking and teaching


The Living Room - How many times have you tried to get through to a member of your family, Husband, Wife, daughter, son etc and simply been ignored or disobeyed. husbands and wives who use our special core hypnotic language patterns are thrilled when they see how quickly what they are saying or asking is heard, understood and obeyed.


The Treatment Room - Most people don't realize that STEALTH CPI was rigorously field tested in a busy acupuncture Training Clinic Over the course of thousands of hours on people with real medical issues and proved to be consistently effective in relieving and healing many forms of physical as well as emotional issues. Including, Tumors, Constipation, Acute and Chronic Pain, Depression, Some Forms of OCD, PTSD and Substance Abuse. (and much more)




The Bedroom: Another area where much of our early field testing of the STEALTH-CPI technology was in the realm of attraction and relationship enhancement.


Using the STEALTH CPI system you can rapidly attract the kind of people you want into your life and Even More Importantly Keep That Person Happy and Satisfied Forever, Using STEALTH you can even put the spark back into a relationship that has gone flat often simply by following the Critical Path of Influence Hypnotic Persuasion Blue Print you'll be taught during your live training event in July


But the magic isn't just in the system, which is obviously powerful, the magic is also in the training method we use to install these skills into you, a training method that literally forces you to become extremely good at conversational hypnosis automatically.


 How Does That Work EXACTLY?

Very simple, you see most people try to teach conversational hypnosis like a college lecture class. They spout hours of theory and complex jargon at you maybe do a demo or two, break you up into pairs or threesomes, and you get to practice it once each and then its back to the lecture, or more demo.


Some instructors even claim to just install the skills into you unconsciously.


Hey, I'm a firm believer in unconscious learning, but I also know that if a person doesn't know what they know, then even when you actually use the skills in the real world, you won't be able to recognize that you are actually doing it. and if you can't consciously recognize when you are using it you won't gain any confidence in your ability to use it and you'll always feel like there is a gap in your training or knowledge.


You need to have some conscious mind engagement in order to cement in the complete certainty and confidence that you actually learned something and so you can tweak and modify as needed to fit the situation.


it becomes extremely hard to get better. So the only way you can get better is to go back to the person who "unconsciously" programmed you in hopes of getting an upgrade to your skills.


That's good for repeat business but not good for your own sense of personal freedom, growth and autonomy.


Our training method takes a much different approach. You'll learn only as much theory as you need in order to apply the techniques. You'll practice those skills over an over again until you own them and then you'll be shown how to systematically build your own repertoire of hypnotic techniques based on your own personal style and way of expressing yourself.


During your training our instructors will be using the system to both consciously and unconsciously install your new skills, abilities and beliefs directly into your unconscious mind. Creating not only the instructions for your unconscious mind to follow but also serving as a model for your mirror neurons to replicate and intuitively and empathcally reproduce in you.


You'll be exposed to the many myths that limit classically trained conversational hypnotists and how to rapidly apply virtually unknown hypnotic principles to super charge everything you do.


We'll train you to use conversational hypnosis the way a martial arts master trains his body and mind for action in the real world. You'll not only learn how to hypnotize people, you'll also learn how to detect and protect yourself from unwanted influence.


Evil Hypnosis and Evil Hypnotists Do Exist And In Order To Protect Yourself, You need to know EXACTLY how to use "the art" in all its many forms.


Why Our Graduates Are So Unstoppable!


One of the secrets behind the unparalleled success our students enjoy in the real world is because we train you for real world applications practically from the beginning, You'll be able to use your new conversational hypnosis skills in practically any situation. Starting from the very first day of training.


"Something That Works"

David has found a way to make the language patterns, the models, the complex rituals workable in any situation. He took pieces of NLP, parts of persuasion trainings, marketing seminars, speed seduction, and Hypnosis and stripped them down, found the common denominators, and built something from that foundation. Something That Works

“Scott Sandland


That is exactly the opposite way that most "conventionally trained hypnotists are taught.


You see most conversational hypnosis systems are derived from "Ericksonian Hypnosis" The Conversational Hypnosis System Based on the Work of Dr. Milton Erickson - The father of conversational hypnosis.


But Dr. Erickson was a psychiatrist and a therapist. And As Cutting Edge As His Methods Were In His Time, Two Things Are Also true. That his methods were primarily derived for "Therapy" applications and are largely based on "confusion style" and often meandering hypnotic language patterns.


These methods work well in a "therapy context" but usually just don't mesh well with real world persuasion and business applications.


What I am sharing with you is NOT like The Traditional Ericksonian Based Hypnosis Systems you see being offered by every newly minted Neuro Linguistic Programmer or Graduate of Any “Orthodox” and Conventionally Trained School of Hypnosis.


In fact, most courses claiming to teach conversational hypnosis simply repackage the same old stuff that’s been floating around the hypnotherapy world for decades.


Now for the record…


I’m NOT putting down old school hypnosis.


Not at all,


In fact, much of the tried and true hypnosis from centuries ago, still actually works pretty well today.


But, as I’m sure you’ll agree, life in the 21st century is far different from life in the 18th, 19th or even the 20th century.


For example, even as little as 10 years ago, cell phones existed, did they not?


But as you are probably aware no one in their right mind is using the same cell phone technology today in 2017 that we used back then in 2004.


Why Not?


I think you already know the answer to that. Don’t You?


Now the good news is that human beings don’t change nearly as fast in terms of their operating systems, as “cell phone technology” often does, but what we have learned about how humans think, process information and behave has dramatically increased.


We’ve learned powerful NEW ways to influence a person’s mind body and beliefs.


And while a cell phone from 10 years ago might still work today. You most likely wouldn’t use it by choice if you had a much better option available, True or Not True?


The old tech simply can’t deal with the new environment we find ourselves living in today, it can’t perform all the new functions and applications we want and need to be healthy, happy, effective and successful in our lives right now.


It’s simply not designed for rapid, real world, results in the ever changing faster moving world we live in.


That’s exactly why “Traditional Conversational Hypnosis” methods and Ericksonian Based Techniques Simply Don’t Measure Up.


They can’t give you the fast-acting, real world results you demand because most of those techniques were NEVER designed to be used the way most people want to use them.


But I am here to tell you that it is not only possible to secretly hypnotize people:

  • Without telling them,
  • During Normal Conversations
  • In Practically Any Situation
  • For Practically Any Reason.


Love - Attraction- Business - Selling - Teaching - Presenting - and Yes Healing and Therapy!

Without years of trial and error, without sounding weird vague or confusing and being able to directly say exactly what the subject most needs to hear in order for them to want to do what you want them to do.


Ethically, Honestly and Joyfully!



The good news is that this conversational hypnosis method already exists and has been proving its worth and power in the real world for years to


  • Rapidly change people minds and bodies, often in as little as 2 minutes.
  • That can generate deep attraction, and even make people fall in love with you
  • Find, Change or Remove limiting beliefs,
  • Give you the upper hand in any business setting or negotiation,
  • Win court cases, persuade Cops, judges, juries and even “expert witnesses” To Your Side
  • Get friends and family to do what you ask, when you ask them
  • And much more.


And the new technology I’ll be sharing with you can do it easier, faster and better than ever because that’s exactly what it WAS Designed to Do. Those are just some of the apps this new conversational hypnosis technology can handle and more.


You can use it:

  • In person
  • Over The phone
  • Chat and Instant Messaging
  • Texting
  • Email
  • and even handwritten letters


Hey I know that sounds kind of funny but there are a few "old schoolers" out there who still write letters. 😉


The best part is, you can learn it much faster and easier to learn than ANY of the Older Conversational Hypnosis Technology Being Repackaged and Sold on the Internet Today.




Because the teaching methods we use have evolved right along with the technologies we are teaching you.


I won’t tell you that hypnotizing people to do what you want will be as easy as pushing a button on your Android or I-Phone, But it can sure come close.


So Who Am I and Why Might You Want to Listen to "ME" Anyway?


My Name is David Snyder, aka David Van Arrick and I’m considered by many to be one of the world’s leading experts not only in the field of conversational hypnosis, but also in “Teaching” conversational hypnosis for real world applications.I regularly give private training to Various "Professions" Agencies, and Corporations on the use of covert and conversational hypnosis, tactical communications skills and advance social dynamics.


My clients and students are people who's livelihood, professional success and even sometimes their very lives depend on the persuasion and influence technologies they use. When they need "results" they call me.


Below is a "brief bio of mine that you may find useful.

Hypnosis, Mind Control and Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Specialist -NLP Business Applications
  • Certified Specialist - NLP Presentation Skills
  • Certified Specialist - Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning
  • Certified Master Hypnotist
  • Certified Hypnosis Trainer
  • Certified Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Certified Specialist: Hypnotic Techniques for Advanced Personality Change
  • Certified Trainer: Erotic Hypnosis


Medical Skills: – Oriental Medicine

  • Master Of Arts Oriental Medicine – Southern California University of Health Sciences
  • Licensed Acupuncturist State of California:
  • Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)
  • Diplomate of Acupuncture (NCCAOM)
  • Diplomate of Chinese Herbology (NCCAOM)


Energy Healing/Energy Psychology

  • Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Certified Pranic Healer
  • Certified Pranic Psychotherapist
  • Certified Adv. DNA Theta Healing


Martial Arts,

  • 9th Degree Black Belt Grand Master Ryukyu Kempo Karate
  • 4th Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kun Tao
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kosho Kempo Ryu
  • 1rst Degree Black Belt Phan Ku Ryu Jujitsu
  • Certified Instructor: Combat Systema
  • Certified Instructor: Cinco Mano Escrima
  • Certified Instructor: CSSD-Modular Blade Concepts
  • Certified Instructor In Modern Arnis (basic)
  • Practitioner Taoist Esoteric Sexual Kung Fu/Tantric Arts


Business and Management

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Management
    Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City


Over the last 20 plus years I’ve authored over 15 different programs teaching men and women all over the world how to improve their lives through the power of the mind, persuasion and influence.


But why am I telling you all this?


Because I want you to understand who I am, what I do, why that's important and that I can and will teach you EXACTLY what to do, and how to do it.

So You Get The Real World Results You Are Looking For Too!


You see I believe, hypnosis in all its forms is an important life skill. Quite possibly the MOST important Skill You Can Have.


I Believe That With The Power of Hypnosis you can easily change everything and practically everyone or anything in your life.


I don’t know of any other discipline that has that scope of power. But hypnosis IS a skill and a discipline. The only way you get the rewards, is if you put in the time and energy.


Now, because I’ve literally spent decades helping hypnotists and students of hypnosis and NLP become faster, better, more confident hypnotic operators. When it comes to teaching people how to hypnotize others in the real world, I know what works, and what doesn’t and I know how to teach you how to do it too.

  • Better
  • Faster
  • Easier
  • With More Confidence than Ever.


Here’s What Some of My Students Were Able to Accomplish With Just A Few Days Training!


"It Was Remarkable"

Recently I saw the power of this in a summary judgment hearing where the judge started out angry at everyone.

It was remarkable that by using these techniques the judge became especially friendly to our point of view.

The strange thing is that I had actually said very little. The connection and rapport were mostly visual and silent. I’ll never appear by phone for a contested hearing again.

Christopher Staugher*
Attorney, Wisconsin


Case Study: Hypnosis In Action
Christine And The Cancer "Cure" That Worked!


Again, These are just two examples of what is possible using the newest and most powerful approach to conversational hypnosis that exists today. We Have Many More.


And That's Really Just The Tip of The Hypnotic Iceberg,


Here's what else you learn and be able to do using the power of conversational hypnosis.


You’ll learn my complete step by step approach to fast, effective and practically unstoppable and undetectable methods of conversational hypnosis.


Hypnosis methods that are so powerful even if people
know you are doing it they are often powerless to resist it.


  • Techniques that practically force people’s minds and bodies to change
  • Instant pain removal or pleasure amplification (think about it)
  • How to make people want to do things they say they don’t want to do and get them to actually do it.
  • Eliminate fear, hesitation and procrastination in minutes.
  • Control The Outcome of Practically Any Meeting or Negotiation
  • Become instantly more attractive To The Opposite Sex Women can attract any man they want, men any female they can talk with.
  • Understand the foundations of Neurological Frame Control
  • The Secret Law of Physics That Practically Guarantees Unstoppable Rapport With Anyone In Less Than Five Minutes – Even if They Don’t Like You, And Know You Are Trying To Do It
  • The Secret Power of The Human Heart To Make People Believe What You Say, Do What You Want, and feel good about it.


Once Again…


This is just the beginning.


You’ll also learn The Secret of Hypnotic Power Amplification.


“Hypnotic Communication Occurs on Many Levels and “hypnotic language” as powerful as it is, is often the least important aspect of Real World Effective conversational hypnosis and knowing this secret makes you virtually "un-catchable" and unstoppable while practically guaranteeing you’ll always say the right thing at the right time.


You’ll be taught the complete critical path of influence that tells you exactly what to do under any situation or circumstance so that you can automatically take the guess work out of your persuasion and conversational hypnosis skills.


  • How to subliminally project and change the emotional states of other people so that they automatically feel inclined to do what you want them to do… before you even say anything.
  • The one language pattern no human being can resist, even if they wanted to.
  • The language of truth and how to use it to make you ultra-credible saying even the most ridiculous things. (powerful, but should be used ethically)
  • Emotional Triggers That Cause People To Literally Beg You To Do What You Want Them To Do.
  • The Four Master Keys of Unstoppable Hypnotic Influence and How Using Them Creates Absolute Compliance Anywhere You Go.
  • Powerful People Reading and Lie Detection Skills So you always know what they are thinking and what To do next… Never Be Lied To or Fooled Again!


Get Unstoppable Hypnotic Language Patterns For

  • Making Anything You Say "Logically Appear" To Cause Any Result You Want
  • Creating Language Patterns with a Base 94% Compliance Rate Just By Adding One Special Word
  • How To Make Anything You Say Literally Mean “Anything You Want’
  • How To Reduce The Mental Friction In People’s Minds So That They Become Rapidly Absorbed In Everything You Say and Hang On Your Every Word.
  • The one hypnotic command that sounds like a Question and Forces your Subjects mind to go into any “emotional state you want.
  • Create Powerful and compelling Mental Imagery In the mind of your subject that they can't resist
  • How to use your language and the power of time distortion to bypass barriers and even program your future.
  • Learn the dynamics of group hypnosis and how to control groups fast, be accepted by any group and even subtly take over the lead in any group encounter.


Get The ABILITY to Hypnotize Anyone Just By Talking
and The CONFIDENCE To Actually Do It!


The best part is that after this three day conversational hypnosis master class. You’ll not only know exactly how to do these things...

You'll ACTUALLY Be Able To Do These Things!


  • Not just in theory,
  • Not just in the seminar room,
  • But in the real world where you need it most.



I Guarantee It!




If you do the drills you’ll get the skills. And Even Better, I’ll also literally program these skills directly into you myself using the very same conversational hypnosis methods you’ll be learning. This course is practically IMPOSSIBLE To Fail.

So not only will you get a conscious understanding of the system, how and why it works, you’ll also get loads of “hands on” drilling and application time to fully hard wire these skills into you. And then I’ll literally drop you into one profound hypnotic trance after another, over and over again to program you to become an unstoppable master of conversational hypnosis.


You’ll literally have everything you need to be successful in whatever field of application you’ll be working in and you’ll be programmed to literally get better and better at an accelerated rate.


 Mastering Conversational Hypnosis Simply Does NOT
Get Any Easier, Faster or More FUN Than This


"Amnesia, Golf Improvement,
Long Distance Rapport and More..."

If you want stories, vie got tons more...

  • I fixed a guys golf Swing in under 10 minutes using only these techniques,
  • Induced Spontaneous amnesia,
  • Established powerful rapport from 15 feet Away
  • and motivated people to do things that I wanted.
Scott Sandland’s CPI Field Reports #3

"What Can I Say - It is Just Fantastic!"

Hi David, I have to thank you from my heart. The moment when I immediately said yes to your STEALTH CPI workshop offer has proved to be a major turning point (mentally and physically) in my life.


In the 3 weeks since I took your class, so many doors of opportunity have opened for me that frankly I feel a bit dizzy.


I consider myself to be an extremely lucky person, but this blows right past mere "lucky" to "pretty darn incredible"!


So many influential people, sponsors, mentors and resources have come into my life and opened themselves up before me as if I had a magic master key.


They have revealed new possibilities (and each one is bigger and better than the last) and many new directions to take my energies in the days to come.


What can I say - it is just fantastic. My eyes have been opened to a vision of what I can achieve in this world and I have been given the opportunity to create a future bigger than I ever dared to dream..


In years to come when I look back at my journey, I will recognize the moment I said YES to your offer as when it all began for me. I am fortunate to know you and have you for a friend and mentor.


Thanks again. Here's to greater success to you - and I :-)


Regards, Ram


PS: When I re-read this before hitting the SEND button, I realize that it sound as if I am on something that is not legal.


Yes I am high, but only on the thoughts that are buzzing around inside my head.

Ramdas Menon C.Ht. NLP
Carlsbad, CA

"Your Classes Are Top-Notch
And A Step Above!"


I just wanted to let you know how much I’m getting out of your classes!

As a practicing hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, and having been through several other NLP trainings, your classes are definitely top notch and a step above, and give us plenty of opportunities to learn and train our skills.

I love your easy to remember and use systems, such as the “4 Magic Bullets,” which has already become my default induction.

I often find myself naturally and automatically using the hypnotic language patterns you’ve taught us while driving and conversing with others.

Thanks so much, and keep it up…can’t wait for the next training!

Jason West
NLP Master Practitioner,
Hypnosis Trainer
Orange County, CA.


Now Is Your Chance To Join A Close Knit Family
of Elite Hypnotic Persuasion Masters...

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  • Learn The Five Ways To Know When People Are In Trance and How To Leverage It For Maximum Persuasion!
  • The Two Major Hypnotic Language Patterns That Perfectly Match the Structure of Human Belief To Gain Instant Compliance...In Seconds ! (Using this KILLER technique automatically raises compliance to over 95% in most cases!)
  • A Simply Amazing Way to BIND Your Subjects' Deeply Held Emotional Desires To What You Want Them To Do, That Instantly Seduces Them and Has Them Practically Begging To Do What You Want! (I have used this secret hundreds of times to get everything from jobs to women and more… this secret is almost too powerful!)
  • Learn How You Can Instantly Begin Getting More People to like You and Do What You Want Starting Today! (Even If You Are a Rank Beginner!)
  • 16 Genetically Programmed Doorways Into a Person's Mind That Completely bypass Their Ability to make “analytical-logical judgements” and cause them to move and think in the direction you want them to.
  • Want To Know What Language Patterns Can Induce Powerful Trance States In Seconds? (Don’t even begin to try to using hypnotic language patterns until you have learned this secret!)
  • How To Easily Use Emotional Doorways to Make People Feel Any Emotion You Want! (make someone trust you, like you, attracted to you...even love you, FAST!)
  • Discover A Practically Fool Proof Method For Influencing Groups Of People!
  • The Surprising Secret Regarding the Most Powerful Trance Induction Known to Man and How to Use It on Every One! (this will astound you!)
  • How to Think, Believe and See the World The Way Masters of Covert Hypnosis Do! (Adopting this mindset allows you to exert irresistible influence any time anywhere!)
  • Discover the true nature of dominance, power and control. (learn how to exude an aura of authority anywhere you go that instinctively makes people want to follow your lead)
  • How to use the “Tri-Phasic” model of the unconscious mind to effortlessly program any change you desire in yourself and others easily and permanently!
  • Learn the Naughty DRT technique that lets you PROGRAM Other People in Their Sleep!
  • EXPOSED: The Secret Technique for By-passing ALL Internal Unconscious Defense Mechanisms (This is something “99.99%” of ALL Hypnotists will tell you CAN”T BE Done! What They Are Really Saying is…“THEY CAN”T DO IT!”)
  • Learn and Understand “How” to Change any ones- Behaviors, Beliefs OR PERSONALITY! (Most hypnotists can only work at the very first levels of behavioral change - find out what only the top .01% of Master Hypnotists Really Know!)
  • How to Induce Rapid and Instant Trances Any Where Any Time! (even in noisy bars and clubs... fun stuff!)
  • How To Quickly Program Yourself to Become a Master of Hypnotic Persuasion!
  • Learn the Core Hypnotic language patterns that no one can resist, not even those trained in their use!
  • How to FORCE your subjects mind to create the exact mental suggestions in their mind that you want them to have and then act on it like its their own idea. (think of the possibilities!)


I've used these amazing tactics to enrich my life to a level most people can only fantasize about. I enjoy a lifestyle that would make most folks green with envy! I've used these techniques to help countless others do the same.I've proven myself in every area of hypnosis and persuasion possible, and now it's time for me to 'pass the torch'...


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This Six Video Set is The Course That Started The Revolution In Conversational Hypnosis and is NOW Available On USB Drive or Digital Download. CPI Will Takes You STEP By STEP Through Our Unique Approach To Conversational Hypnosis that has literally proven itself over and over again in Countless Real World Scenarios and Encounters


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If you are truly committed to mastering the art of covert and conversational hypnosis this class will take your further faster than you thought possible. But I can't multiply zeros. You need to show up and you need to follow the instructions to put it bluntly If you want the gold...

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  • CPI Home Study Course $597.00 Value
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I sincerely don't know if I will ever offer this level of intense, beginner to expert training again. To Make Sure You Don't Miss Out On The Opportunity of a Lifetime To Get Some Real World Conversational Hypnosis Skills, Be The Confident, Unstoppable and Super Successful Person You've Always Wanted To Be In Every Aspect of Your Life.

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But I know you are going to love every minute of every day of the incredible five day conversational hypnosis certification event. Go Now!

* Some Names Have Been Changed to Protect The Privacy of the Client

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