How To Instantly Speed Read Human Beings, Understand People, and Influence Their Behavior


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What If You Could Read People Instantly
Just By Looking at Their Face...


Dear Friend, 

What would your life be like if you could simply look at the features of a persons face and INSTANTLY Know...

  • How They Think Feel And Behave
  • Their Current State of Physical and Emotional Health
  • What Ages Their Most Significant Traumas Occurred
  • Which Traumas or Types of Trauma They've Actually Repressed or Forgotten about
  • Their Relationships with Their Parents and Siblings
  • What if Could Actually Read Repressed Emotions on your Clients Face and Automatically Unlock Them and Resolve Them In Minutes!
  • Know How They Make Decisions
  • How Romantically Compatible With Their Partners They Are
  • And So Much More

If any of the above sounds intriguing, Keep Reading Because It Absolutely Gets Better!
Imagine This for A Moment if You Will...
What if YOU Could Also...

  • Discover The Hidden Wisdom, Talents and Secret Abilities You Didn't Know You Had,
  •  Find Your Life Purpose and Become More Fully On Your Path To Fulfillment Than Ever Before 
  • What if everything you needed to know to discover learn and unlock your own inner wisdom, power and abilities were actually hidden in the features of your face.
  • Well That Is Exactly What The Ancient and Highly Effective Art of Chinese Face Reading Promises To Do For You.


Based on the same ancient foundations as Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine...

...Face Reading Gives You Comprehensive Understanding of  Ourselves and Others based of over 2500 Years of Chinese Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy Insights Into Human Personality, Traits, Temperament and Behavior.

How would your life change if you had the ability to tell just by looking at a persons face Exactly How They Tend To Think Feel And Behave?
What if your subject/partner/employee/ boss/prospects face actually revealed the very best way to deal with them i.e.

  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Releasing Traumas
  • How Easily Influence Others
  • Predict Their Behavior,
  • The hidden traumas and beliefs they have suppressed, or forgotten about that are driving their behaviors and ruining their lives, health, relationships and chances for

In fact, evidence shows that Face Reading was one of the Earliest and most reliable forms of diagnosis used in Chinese medicine.

And Actually formed one of the earliest and most solid foundations of Chinese Medical Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment of Physical and Emotional Illness.
But the implications and applications of this amazing science reach far beyond medical applications are used extensively in:

  • Business: Sales, Marketing, Recruiting
    • finding the right person for the right positions. Different personality types do well in certain types of jobs and not so well in others.
    • After you understand the power of face reading to decode personality and temperament you'll know exactly
      • Who is right and wrong for your business.
      • Where to put people for their highest level of performance.
      • What people to avoid. and even predict how prospects will react to your presentation style.
      • How they will respond to
        • criticism,
        • direction,
        • praise
        • deadlines and more

For business applications there has never been a more powerful profiling tool.

  • Legal Professions:
    • Jury Selection, 
    • Depositions,
    • Profiling
    • Lie Detection


  • Sports: 
    • Performance Enhancement
    • Selecting Sports Activities Based On a persons unique constitutional and energetic potentials
    • Coaching
  •  Dating, Love and Romance:
    • Face Reading is and Continues To Be Used Extensively To Determine Romantic and Sexual Compatibility.
    • Once you can look at your face and the face of other people you'll know and understand exactly how compatible you are, you can even use those skills to help others find their "ideal" mates as


  • Finding Your Life Purpose: 
    • The keys to the mission you were born to fulfill in this life and to finding your "ideal" life are hidden in the markings of your face, Once you understand how to decode them you'll gain an instant understanding of yourself and what you need to do to feel truly fulfilled upliftedSuccessful, Wealthier and Happier!


And so much more...

And Now You Can Learn This, Fun, Fascinating and Effective System   for yourself at our next 

Face Reading For Fun and Profit Level One
Virtual Boot Camp Certification,
February 25th -27th, 2022
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Among the many different skills I have studied, Chinese Face Reading has been one of the most powerful, fun and useful skills I have ever discovered for

  • Understanding Yourself and Others
  • Reading people instantly,
  • Decoding their behaviors, personality traits attitudes and temperament
  • Creating an unspeakable advantage in influencing people.

for a limited time only you you can get access to this rare and priceless information that can give you the edge your looking for in life.

We have a few seats left for our last level
one face reading certification workshop for 2022.

You'll have an absolute blast once you discover how rapidly these powerful face reading skills can make you

  • the life of the party,
  • a fountain of wisdom
  • and literally give you a roadmap for how to influence and persuade people to do what you need them to do.

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That's it for today.

Talk to you soon.


Your Friend.

Dr. David

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