Vibrational Healing 2021
Energy Healing For Everyday Application

Live In Las Vegas Nevada July 9th-12, 2021


Are You Ready To Release Healing Energy Through
The Palm of Your Hands...

...Cure Diseases and Ailments Just By Touching Them

... And Even Heal People Over Vast Distances...?

These are some of the most incredibly life-changing techniques available; used by hyper-successful people to get what they want.


From The Desk Of:
David Snyder
5th June, 2021
San Diego, CA


Dear Friend,

Is it ever a struggle for you to:

• Create opportunities for yourself in a professional and social setting?

• Have any significant influence over those you love and care about?

• Eliminate the barriers that are getting in the way of your success?


Then Listen Closely...


Learn The Incredible Powers of Vibrational Healing Unlock Your Natural Healing Ability To "Channel" Your Life-force Energy, Heal Your Family, Friends (and Yourself)

... And Attain The Skills Of A Master Energy Healer...Gain Influence, Respect, and Wild Levels of Success in Both Your Personal and Professional Life.

  • Have you ever wanted more awareness and control over your internal emotional states?
  • Have you ever wanted to be more influential and successful both professionally and socially?
  • The amazing benefits you will learn in the Vibrational Healing will bring your inner-game to a whole new level.

If you’re ready to change your life, Vibrational Healing will teach you:


• How To Create Deep and Powerful Connections
With People

• How To Control Your Emotional States

• How To Develop a Magnetic Personality

• How To Eliminate Fear and Emotional Pain

• How to Dissolve Barriers to your Success

• How To Install Suggestions into the Minds of other People

• How To Manage Someone’s Emotional State From Across The Room


When You Understand These Concepts You’re Able to Exert Massive Influence and Gain Total Control over your Mental and Emotional State.


Before I continue, there are some important questions I’d like to ask...


How would you feel knowing you can protect yourself and your loved ones from negative influences? You’d probably feel like a real-life wizard with superhero powers.


All of these methods of energetic maneuvering, healing, and influence were based in ancient systems of understanding and practice. Systems that anyone can learn and master with Vibrational Influence.


This is a 3-day energy healing boot camp, where David will be connecting all the energy healing and remote influence systems together.

You will not only learn the theory of these energetic practices, but learn real-world use and applications of these profoundly powerful tools.

The training systemizes and modernizes the most potent vibrational healing methods known to man, allowing you to benefit from this incredible wealth of knowledge.


These are powerful, immediately actionable techniques that will shape the way you live your life forever.

The tools and systems you will learn in Vibrational Healing WILL be used on:


• Clients, colleagues, and business partners

• Loved one’s

• New people who enter your life

• Have More Power and Success in Life.

• Do you want to be the most influential version of yourself imaginable?

Do you want to know HOW TO HEAL & Manifest
emotional energy needed to succeed?

Do you want to learn exactly how to
get people to comply with you?




• The Art of Exerting Influence in your Life

• How to Diagnose and Treat your Chakra Systems

• Develop Incredibly Strong Rapport with People


Typically, I’ve been offering this Vibrational Influence digital bootcamp to my best students for a price of $1,950. For a limited-time only, I will be offering Vibrational Influence for only $1497, saving you $453!

Many of my students tell me how shocked they are at how much value I give away at such a low price.


So, let me ask you...Are you ready?...


• Are you ready to learn how to eliminate the barriers to your achievements and become wildly successful?

• Are you ready to have more control over your internal emotional states?

• If so, click on the link below to get started now.


Yes David, I Save My Seat For

Live In Las Vegas June 9th,-12th, 2021


The Regular Price of Vibrational Influence is $1,950,

But You Can Take Advantage of our Last Minute Special of Just $1497.

and Save over $400.00

Register NOW!



This is the only time this year we will be offering this training don't miss this amazing opportunity to learn real world proven Vibrational Healing and Remote Influence Techniques for Manifesting The Life You Want The Way That You Want It.


Talk to you soon.


Your Friend,

Dr. David


PS: As Of This Writing There are only about 7 Seats Left For The Event, Call Us Today at 858 282 4663 If You Have Any Questions. Or Simply Email


Use This Link Below To Save Your Spot
Before Someone Else Takes Your Seat!




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