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"Tradecraft" & Strategic Human Influence Training

4-Day Certification Boot Camp

With Chase Hughes, and Dr. David Snyder

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What do you get when two of the worlds leading experts on influencing human behavior get together, join forces to compare notes and share strategies? To combine their knowledge and deliver a one-time only seminar that allows you to wield maximum influence in minimum time.


You get one of the most powerful, effective, fun, cutting-edge real world applicable influence training events of the century.


On September 23-26, 2021 In Orlando Florida Two of the Worlds Leading Experts on Behavioral Influence and Strategically Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind - Chase Hughes and Dr. David Snyder DACM will be pulling back the curtain on these systems and methods, revealing some of the most closely guarded secrets of human influence ever discovered - Most of these secrets have NEVER been released to the public before.


Real world human influence and behavioral profiling secrets known only to the worlds most elite covert operatives - spies, interrogators, CIA recruiters and more.


This information IS Powerful and
NOT For the Faint of Heart!


If you are someone who is uncomfortable exerting influence or believe that having the skills to not only influence and persuade others but to defend yourself from the many "persuasion predators" of the world is somehow wrong, or unethical... This is probably not the training for you.


However, if you are tired of producing the same old results over and over again, if you would truly like to become on of the most powerful influencers you can be and learn the "tradecraft" secrets only the spies, spooks and operatives know


The methods and techniques you'll learn at this 4-day Strategic Human Influence Certification Boot Camp ARE The REAL THING!


If you are finally ready to become an "apex influencer" the kind of person who can get people to believe what you say, do what you want and to like love and trust you practically any time anywhere and for any reason...


...This could be the most important letter you ever read.


Having the ability to read people, understand and influence human behavior is perhaps the single most important success skill there is. To put it simply if a person lacks the ability to get others to like, trust, believe or simply do what you want, you are by definition.

...doomed to failure in life. But those few gifted individuals who own the power to influence, who can easily

  • Get people to like, love and trust them
  • Win People To Their Way of Thinking
  • Emotionally Others Into Doing What You Want Them To Do.
  • These are the people who move through the world easily getting everything they want while the rest of us struggle.

This Course Is For You IF You Are Finally Ready...

  • To Stop Hearing No
  • To Stop Being Rejected
  • To Stop Being Denied The Things You Want In Life
  • If You Are Truly Ready To...
  • Understand People
  • Read Anyone You Want Instantly
  • Influence People To Do What You Want, When Ever You Want
  • To Detect Lies, Deception, Aggression, Attraction and More


Here's What You Will Be Learning...

Tradecraft: Strategic Human Influence



DATE: September 23-26, 2021

Venue: Orlando World Center Marriott
8701 World Centre Drive,
Orlando Florida 32821
, Florida

Room capacity: Limited To 35

Room Block Deal Data:Call 858 282 4663



Introduction to Strategic Human Influence Tactics

  • I-3 Model Identity, Intelligence, Influence
  • Universal Persuasion Protocol
  • Four Pillars of Irresistible Hypnotic Acquiescence
    • Authority
    • Attractivity
    • Affinity
    • Acquiescence
  • Rapport Continuum – Heuristics for Reading Humans
  • Power Rapport – Three Levels of Rapport
    • Intro to state control and Neurological Bridging


  • The brain, evolution, and how influence actually works
  • 6MX skills – essentials of people-reading
  • Elicitation – getting information out of anyone




  • Applying people-reading to your influence skills (exercise) Meaning of the word exercise
  • Introduction to linguistics and embedded commands (exercise)
  • Behavioral entrainment and gestural referencing
  • Using and applying confusion (level one)



  • 7 Most Psychologically Powerful Patterns in Human Language
  • Fantastic Four Tactics of Subliminal Influence
  • Emotional Bonding Checklist




  • Resistance Removal Formula
  • Three Magic Questions That Lead To liking, Trust and Love
  • Proxemic Hypnotic Operators and Non-verbal Influence Tactics



  • Mastering confusion methods – advanced techniques and live demonstration
  • Bringing out the CIA wristwatch for hypnosis (first ever reveal)
  • How influence hacks the brain
  • Hacking Cialdini’s principles
  • Negative Dissociation and Positive association
  • Using compound embedded commands with add-ons for efficacy





  • Delivering authority
  • How authority hacks the brain
  • The authority assessment
  • Evolution and our brains – the FATE model
  • Discipline and the pendulum principle



State Control to Frame Control: Secret of Emotional Contagion

  • How to Exude and Radiate Authority, Authenticity and Charisma on Command
    • Master and Commander Technique
    • Rockstar Meta-frame
    • Open Heart Trust Trigger
    • 4-Fold Meta Frame for Attraction and Seduction
  • Renegade Reframing and the art of Conversational Belief Change
    • 14 patterns for destroying objections and changing beliefs during normal conversations.





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