Are You Ready to Learn Covert Hypnotic Influence That Can Make Anyone and Everyone to Listen to Your Commands?


These are the most POWERFUL Influence Techniques Known to Man; Developed and Used by Politicians and Intelligence Agencies Around The World... Now You Can Use Them Too - For The Good Reasons!


From the Desk Of:
Dr. David Snyder
February 8, 2021 12:28 PM
San Diego, CA


Dear Hypnotist and Student of Human Influence,


Have you ever been told no? Yah, I know silly question, but you know there are "some" people who seem to move through life able to get what ever they want, people just seem to want to do things for them...


...even if they didn't ask for anything.


What might your life be like if you had that seemingly magical charisma on command ability to get people to believe what you say, do what you want and have them salivating, willing and eager to follow your lead.


What if you could do this not only with just one person but entire groups of people too.


Well...If you are tired of hearing no, being rejected, passed over or ignored in any way... Keep reading because what I am about to share with you could change your live FOREVER...

Do you find yourself struggling to …

  • Gain the “Upper Hand” in ALL Personal and Business Negotiations
  • Convince Your Spouse or Significant Other to Do Simple Chores
    Around the House
  • Create “Windows” Into the Trance States That Bypass the
    Human Mind
  • Gain Mastery in Persuasion and Become A Master Hypnotist

Then Listen, and Listen Close…

Learn the secrets of covert hypnotic influence and discover how to use these techniques to Gain Influence in Both your Personal and Professional life.


Have you ever wanted more awareness and control
over your internal emotional states?

Have you ever wanted to exert your influence
over the world around you?


The procedures you will learn in the New and Improved Killer Influence Live 4 Day Secrets of Covert Hypnosis Boot Camp Will Teach you:

  • How to Create Deep Power Connections with People
  • How to Control your Inner Emotional States at Will
  • How to connect with another being’s nervous system
  • How to use that connection to send feelings to them
  • How to open Another Human Being to your influence
  • How To manage someone’s emotional state From Across the Room

And That's Just The Beginning Because...

When You Understand These Concepts,
You Become A Lethal-Weapon of Human Influence

And More and More People Will Simply

Believe What You Say,

Do What You Want...

and Love You For It


Ok, so first and foremost you need to understand
3 hidden facts about influence before I continue


Rule # 1 Anything outside of your awareness is outside of your control To bypass your minds “critical faculty” and that of others, you must understand the fundamentals of hypnosis.


  • Anything That will CHANGE YOUR MIND is technically “hypnosis”
  • When you know the concepts taught in the Killer Influence, you create windows into trance states
  • These “windows’ have the power to modify perceptions of the “Mind State”
  • By Studying these “Mind States” that I will teach you, you can bypass the critical faculty so that it works FOR YOU instead of AGAINST YOU.


You must control yourself
before you can control others!


Rule #2
Just because you are unaware of it does not mean it’s not controlling you…

All emotions are trance states. 
By understanding the underlying principles, you can put someone in a trance state just by simply changing your language patterns


  • These are naturally occurring and engineerable modifications to the perceptions of every human being.
    When you gain mastery of these persuasion and hypnotic “states”, you have the ability to change the minds of anyone you wish.
  • By using pattern interrupts (which are powerful anchoring tools) to create new stimulating events, we can reprogram the beliefs, biases, and bullshit we hold on to.
  • Having this control over yourself will CHANGE YOUR LIFE and as a result, change the lives of others around you.


Rule # 3
You Must Become More Aware of Yourself to Satisfy Your Primal Desires
You must learn how to develop and master your own internal states


  • The way you do this is to learn the secrets of Social hypnotic operators
  • This allows you to cold read any human being on this planet
  • This is the same powerful technology that has been used by intelligence agencies to hypnotize targets into giving them confidential “Top Secret information.

Stop Relying On Random Luck!
Have More Control Over The Things You Want in Life
(And Eliminate What You Do Not Want…)


  • Do you want to learn the most powerful language patterns on Earth?
  • Do you want to know HOW TO Influence Attraction?
  • Do You Want To learn Exactly How to Get People to Comply with You?


… Then The new and Improved Killer Influence Live Certification Boot Camp On March 17-20, 2021 Live at the Orleans Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Nevada!
Is Right for You!

You Will Also Learn:

  • The Art of Trance States, Emotional Refractory Periods, and internal State Control Exercises
  • The 4 Stages of Learning and How to Apply Them to Develop Your Will Power
  • How to use feedback loops and entrainment to mystify your hypnosis target
  • Advanced Posture and State control Drills That Exude Dominance Over Anyone
    Developing instant Rapport with Polarity Drills

Before Getting into The New Killer Influence Course,
You Must learn To Control Yourself…

  • They say knowledge is power, in Killer Influence You Will Master “Real-Applied-Knowledge” to gain unlimited power 
  • Overcome any phobias using criteria and values with the echo Technique
  • How to test yourself with the level three questions and outcomes

Typically, I have been offering this digital download course of Killer Influence live Seminars to my best students for a price of $2250.00

Many of my students tell me how shocked they are to at how much value I give away at such a low price.


Take A Look At What Else You'll Be Learning

  • Attractivity - Real World Attraction Secrets of advanced social dynamics- strategies and tactics for creating attraction in anyone you meet. The ugly truth about attraction is that attractive people get more stuff you'll learn simple easy strategies and tactics for having people find you hypnotically charismatic, and emotionally as well as physically more attractive. even in business applications attractive people win more than those perceived as non-attractive - learn how to even the playing field and even get an edge over the competition – fast
  • A simple resistance removal formula that you can use any time anywhere to get people to want to do the things they just declared they did not want to do - almost unfair but not when in the right hands.
  • The one simple language technique that literally forces a person to hang on your every word, believe you are the most fascinating person they have ever talked to and cause them to literally spill their guts about their most intimate needs and desires while practically eliminating the need to think of things the "cool" or "right" things to say.
  • Three magic questions protocol that can make anyone you meet, even complete strangers, like love and trust you in as little as twenty minutes and allows you to gain deep levels of personal information about them in no time flat.
  • How to automate any emotional state or behavior in your subject so you can have an almost push-button level of influence on them or yourself
  • How to communicate directly with a person's subconscious mind without them knowing it during regular conversations and give them "subliminal suggestions" that their unconscious mind will process and act upon.
  • How to bind the thoughts of others so that thinking or doing one thing causes them to also do other things that you "suggested or directed them to do.

So, Let Me Ask You... Can You Handle Having This Much Power?

Are you Ready to Learn How to Automatically Target the Emotional Triggers and Hot buttons that Make People exactly what you want them to do?



NOTE: Look, I am not the “hypnosis police”. When you apply understand these powerful concepts and know how to apply them, it is up to you whether you use them for good or evil. All I am doing is providing the information in a fun, informative and effective… way


And Just To Give You An Idea of Just How Deep and Powerful this Killer Influence System Goes - here is a slightly more extensive list of what you'll be learn with in Las Vegas... Are You Ready?


Here we go...

  • Rock Solid State Control Secrets - How To Control Your Own Emotional State and The Emotional States of Others!
    This is like having empathic super powers on command that allow you to create and manage any emotional state you want and begin to actually use that emotional energy to influence the neurology of your subject to see the world the way you want them to.
  • Power Rapport Techniques - You will learn how to create such a deep state of neurological connection with your subject that you'll be able to literally unconsciously influence their mind and body to automatically respond to your influence - based on the latest research in neuroscience - no one is teaching this.
  • Emotionally Bond Any Subjects Deepest Desires To Whatever You Want them to do so that they feel compelled to do what you want for their own personal reasons. - truly unstoppable.
  • 4-pllars of irresistible hypnotic influence that cause people to need to obey, want to obey and feel bad when they don't obey you
  • How to cold read and personality profile humans so that you know what and how to influence them for maximum compliance in minimum time.
  • Secrets of Social hypnosis - human societies and cultures have programmed 5-different kinds of ultra-hypnotic triggers and behaviors into most normally socialized people, you will learn exactly what those triggers are and how to use them and avoid them being used on you.
  • Proxemic hypnotic operators - the art of spatial suggestion - where people are object are located in the space around you dramatically influences how you psychologically perceive them in this module youll discover exactly how to position yourself in relation to others for maximum rapport, authority and place your enemies in "weak" positions so that they have almost zero power to influence your goals.
  • Meta-filters of human perception - neuro-linguistic programming uncovered a series of processes that occur inside humans that define what they pay attention to first and what they pay attention to last. once you understand these filters you'll be able to profile a persons "meta-filters" in seconds and know exactly how to present or deploy your influence techniques for maximum effect

WARNING: This Offer Closes on
February 8, 2021 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time

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The knowledge I will share with you during the upcoming Killer Influence Live 2021 – Covert Hypnosis and Counter-manipulation Certification Boot Camp Live in San Diego has helped thousands of people use it to create DEEP and POWERFUL connections with people. In Fact, This information is so powerful it earned me...

The #1 NLP Trainer in the World Spot in 2021


The Killer Influence System Was Voted  The...

#1  NLP Training Course in The World
by Global Gurus.

Now I Have Some Really Important Questions for You. These Questions Are Going to Open the Door to Your New Reality.


If the answer is an honest YES To each of the following questions then get ready to influence anyone AT WILL, negotiate any business situation and WIN EVERY TIME, and gain an unfair advantage in seduction by introducing these powerful tactics.

So, let me ask you; are you ready?...

  • Are you ready to learn how to instantly allow yourself to heal, grow and make all your dreams happen?
  • Are you ready to have more control over your internal emotional states?

If so, click on the link below to get started now.



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Don’t Miss it, or you may not be able
to look at yourself in the mirror.

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