Become a Hypnotic Master of Personal Change
for Yourself, Your Clients, & Everyone You Know

Introducing "Identity by Design":
David Snyder's 5-Day Hypnotherapy Certification Bootcamp.


25+ Hours of Video, A Full Workbook, and Every Foundation & Technique Needed to
Become a Master Hypnotist that Gets Fast, Undeniable Results


If you've ever wanted to become a master hypnotist, Identity By Design is my flagship program for giving you everything I know to use hypnosis to create the fastest, most powerful, and most permanent change imaginable.

It doesn't matter how long someone has had a problem, or how severe it seems to be.

When hypnosis is used properly, even genetics can become negotiable, if approached the right way.
Any personal change you want, whether in personal power, health, or relationships, can be helped with Identity by Design

You can use this on yourself if you are a self-growth addict like me.

You can use this on clients and patients if you have a therapy or coaching practice (or if you want one in the future)

And you can use this on friends, family, and anyone you know that can use an expert hand on achieving their goals, healing old wounds, and becoming the best, most successful person they can be.

Identity by Design was filmed during my 5-Day Hypnotherapy Certification Bootcamp in 2019.

It quickly but firmly covers all the basics, so you can walk in as either a raw rookie, or a seasoned professional and still get amazing results. In fact, at this very event, I had some multi-decade veterans stop me after the first day and say "How did you do that??"

It's also one of my longer programs (at over 25 hours), because it's one of the highest possible trainings I can give to students and professionals who want to absolutely master hypnosis for changing their lives and others.


Identity By Design Cuts Out 97% of the "Work" that
NLP and Hypnosis Practitioners Enslave Themselves to


If you've been involved with Hypnosis or NLP for any length of time, you'll know that almost everyone focuses on the words.

And words definitely have their place. I use mine very carefully.

But the reason most hypnotists fail is because they're trying to micromanage every sentence, use scripts, and do a lot of things that keep them stuck in their head.
And if you're in your own head, you're not connecting with your client.

And if you're using a script, you're also not connecting with your prospect.

Now, these "old school" hypnosis practices still can do plenty of wonders... mostly because hypnosis is so wonderful as a practice for change.

But using your conscious decision-making brain DURING an induction (The Top-Down Approach) is one of the easiest ways to lose your inductee and meet massive resistance.

Instead, I teach a "Bottoms-Up" approach, where you use your physiology, your energy, your own personal beliefs to automatically create a state in a client where they become extremely suggestible just by you being in the room.

And once you start any "official" hypnotic induction, they just dive into deep trance and are willing to try just about anything you bring to their subconscious mind.



What Will You Master in Identity by Design?


In this program, you will get everything
you need to rapidly transform yourself,
transform others...

... and ethically influence those around you
to want to support you in everything you do.

You'll learn...


  • How to drop dependence on words, and instead use a "mindset self-installation" that makes you automatically say all the right things in hypnosis (and let your energy do the rest).
  • What 99% of hypnotists (even the great ones) get wrong, and how you can cut your learning curve tremendously with one small shift.
  • The secret to instant credibility with anyone you hypnotize, so they are practically diving into trance at your suggestion.
  • ​Why instant inductions are far more easy to do than you think. (And why you should avoid them sometimes, as addictive as they are to do in public).
  • ​4 Ways to Test, Deepen, and Convince someone they're accepting even your most radical suggestions.
  • How to "borrow" the key traits of anyone you admire, and create incredible abilities within yourself. (You can use this with a rich friend, a popular person in your social circle, or even a famous historical figure from centuries ago!)
  • The Key to "Anytime-Anyplace" Hypnosis where the entire world becomes a pool of your hypnotic subjects. (Again, please use this ethically. This is one of the easiest places to lose oneself in a power-trip.)
  • How to tap into the energetic nature of the universe to not only make you lucky, but incredibly charismatic... so your hypnotic subjects trust you immediately.
  • The 7-Stage Personality Transformation Protocol... for adding/removing any personality traits in any person (Use with high-caution).
  • The kindest, gentlest methods to Erase Trauma, and suck the sting out of any negative memory (or even spin it into a positive event someone can be grateful for).
  • ​Covert Trance Inductions to create deep trances out of nowhere, to create the fastest change possible, even if the person was desperately planning to resist you.
  • Over 5 ways to melt self-sabotage, so you can achieve all of your goals. This alone can level-up your financial life, your health, your sexuality, and every area you want to improve.
  • How to literally use Quantum Physics for incredible rapport, profound trust, and to seemingly make time stop for your subject.
  • ​Master the Body/Mind Connection to create 5-minute changes in people that other professionals take years to accomplish.

And many, many more aspects beyond what you even thought was possible with hypnosis!



You Are Fully Protected by Our

100% Money-Back Guarantee


As you can see by now, Identity by Design is where I reveal some of my most powerful techniques and mindsets for becoming a master of personal change... in yourself and everyone around you.


Even with all the value that's waiting at the click of a button, I can understand that the price tag can give some hesitation.


So I'm going to take all the risk away from you.


Take 60 days and enjoy the whole course. (You are going to love going through the program, so don’t be surprised if you "binge" through it very quickly)


If you are not jaw-dropped amazed from the first video to the last... and if you don't think this is worth many, many times what you paid for it...


Then just send an email to [email protected] and I will give you an unconditional refund. No questions asked, and you're still welcome to work with me at any time in the future.

What Are you Waiting For?

This is Your Key To Finally
Mastering Your Life!


If you've seen my YouTube videos, and know anything about my reputation, you know that this stuff works.

It works faster, and more effectively than just about anything out there. (And it's taught in a way where you can start grasping it from Day 1).

The only holdback some people have at times is "Will this work for ME?"

And if this is a fear for you, then I will say you need Identity by Design more than anyone.

Self-doubt is one of the greatest destroyers of success, happiness, and like ability from other people.

And you can vanquish this with Identity By Design.

Within this program is the greatest annihilation for self-sabotage, self-insecurities, and anything that may have been holding you back in your life.


Identity by Design takes the responsibility out of your hands, and reprograms your subconscious...

So you can finally get out of the way and live the life you've always dreamed of... whether that's a beautiful relationship, a loving family, an incredibly wealthy business, or a body that is gorgeous both in its health and attractiveness.


And it's all 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.


Yes! If you Click Right Now You Will Only Pay $1950.00  $1497.00 . But you must act now, because this price will go up VERY SOON!



So If I'm wrong... then hey, you learned a thing or two and got your money back. Is there any possible way I could make this easier?

Go ahead and do the right thing. You gain absolutely nothing by waiting, and absolutely everything from moving ahead.

You're even getting $700 off by ordering today (and this discount could disappear tomorrow)

Click the button below. There's no risk, and this could be the gateway to everything you've been waiting for your whole life.

Yes! If you Click Right Now You Will Only Pay $1950.00  $1497.00 . But you must act now, because this price will go up VERY SOON!


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