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From The Desk of: Dr. David Snyder DACM
Date: July 2nd 2020, 2:48 PM
Location: San Diego



Dear Hypnosis Student

Let me ask you this..


What Do You Get When You Combine...


  • Unstoppable Covert Conversational Hypnosis Techniques
  • Cutting Edge Neuro-Science and Holographic Mind Control Techniques
  • Mind-Blowing and (Slightly) Controversial Personality Changing Methods
  • Advanced Conversational Hypnosis Belief Change and Behavior Modification
  • Break-through Vibrational Influence and Energy-hypnosis Principles
  • Blended With A Real-World Clinically-Proven 7-Stage Process For Strategically
    Re-building and Custom Designing Identity and Behavior from The Ground
  • With a Practically Foolproof Process for Installing Those Changes Deeply Into
    Yourself or Your Subjects at will?




You Get One of The Most Powerful
Systems of Strategic Human Influence NEVER Presented to The Public.



A Unique system of Fast, Effective and Practically Unstoppable Change-work or direct and indirect process hypnotherapy that allows you to practically rebuild personality, resolve traumas, and install permanent powerful changes from the ground up.


A system that shows you the specific step-by-step practices that let you

  • EASILY Bypass Resistance and Make People Want To Do What You Want Them To Do (This is great for any kind addictions or stop smoking specialist a proven protocol for increasing compliance and has even been used to conversationally remove physical pain)
  • How To CONFIDENTLY and Consistently Drop Anyone Into Trance in blink of an eye or create any instant or rapid induction you want
  • PLEASURE POWER - How To Use Ecstatic Trance States Empower and Reinforce Positive Change


Many of these Secrets of Advanced Personality Change Have NEVER Been Revealed publicly before, and for good reason.




They are powerful and they fly in the face of what many conventional hypnosis programs teach. I won't say this is "dark side" material because that wouldn't be entirely accurate.

But the material in this course give you a significant advantage in creating the deep level changes in your clients, subjects and yourself that you really want. Overtly or Covertly!

  • This course rapidly removes the guess work from any change work you do. 


  • Teaches you how to remove even deeply held emotional imprints without having to re-activate or relive the experiences.
  • Amplifies the power and effectiveness of any self-hypnosis processes you do
  • Trains your unconscious mind to rapidly and reliably respond to your commands
  • and gives you a Simple Clear STEP-BY-STEP BLUEPRINT To Follow That Allows You To Change Practically Anything You Want About Yourself Or Your
    Clients In The Shortest Amount of Time Possible...


"Sometimes In
As Little As Seven Minutes!"


In addition to the Instant and rapid inductions, vibrational hypnotherapy, and conversational hypnosis this course also includes my Seven-stage Identity By Design Process for Rapidly Transforming Ones Personality to Be Exactly What You Want It to Be


You'll Rapidly Discover PRECISELY How To

  • FIND and Eliminate Blocks To YOUR Success Minutes
  • Overcome Traumas Stress and Phobias FAST
  • Program Yourself for Rapid and Automatic Success and Good Luck!
  • Utilize Advanced Holographic Deep Trance Identification Processes To Acquire The Traits, Qualities and Characteristics You Admire and Desire For Yourself Or your clients.


The Material in This Course Can be utilized as complete personality renovation process for yourself, as a complete self-hypnosis course or used clinically for deep comprehensive therapeutic and pervasive personality change work.

Plus we'll also be revealing some of the MOST POWERFUL AMPLIFIERS TO HYPNOTIC POWER And Control ever discovered.


These Methods and secrets that truly blend energetics and vibrational influence technologies, cutting edge neuroscience and unstoppable conversational hypnosis methods that make your expression of hypnotic technique truly world class.


You'll Easily Discover the Master-keys and Clinically Proven Techniques To...


  • Raise Your Sense of Self Worth/Self Esteem
  • Completely Recreate and Custom Design Your Self Image
  • Magnify Your Sense of Deservingness and Eliminate Victim Mentality
  • Accelerate and Amplify Your Personal Power Through a Deeper Understand of how to access the latent powers of the human nervous system


By Systematically...

  • Removing Unconsciously Stored/Repressed Negativity in the Body
    Events That the Unconscious Mind is "Deliberately" Holding On To and
    Giving It an Alternative Process to Simply and Easily Reprocess The
    Experience Quickly.
  • Installing Default Driver States That Automatically Propel You to Be More Successful In Every Aspect of your Life Instead of the States Programmed Into You by Default
  • Removing and Reprogramming The Voices Inside Your Head So They Only Build You Up and Inspire You Instead of Tearing Your Down and Holding You Back...
  • Completely and Systematically Removing The Negativity From Your Past and Changing Your Own Personal History and Memories To What You Want Them To Be So That When You Remember The Past You Only Remember It In Ways That Make your Life Better and Supports the New Identity You Are Building
  • Then Taking this New Improved Version of You and Installing It as A Filter before You Were Born So That Everything You Experience Afterward is processed Through Those New Perspectives


And Finally...


Systematically and Strategically Installing the Traits, Qualities, Beliefs, Skill Sets and Other Attributes of People You Admire Building Them Into this New Persona That You have Created and then accelerating and amplifying it Into the Future in a Positive Self Fulfilling Prophecy


You’ll Also Learn:

  • The Hidden Laws of Mental Dynamics That Give You Maximum Control Over Your Own Mind And Body In Minimum Time.
  • The Right Way to Give Yourself Suggestions and Affirmations That Actually Have a Chance of Working.
  • How To Borrow The Genius Of Anyone You Want And Actually Begin To Own Their Skills Just Like They Do
  • How To Program Your Own Mind In Just Minutes A Day To Zero In On The Successful Situations, Goals And Events That You Want, and Automatically CREATE The Behaviors That Result In Your Actually Getting It



And if FOUR FULL DAYS of the most cutting edge mind altering methods,
principles and techniques aren't enough.

Check Out What Else I Have Just For You!

HTLive Post-Conference Event:

Face Reading for Fun and Profit Level One!

How To Instantly Speed Read Human Beings,
Understand People, and Influence Their

3-Day Certification Intensive August  17-19, 2020

Seating is Limited Only 50   36  23

14 Seats Left! 
Live Seats 
Virtual Seating Only!


What If You Could Read People Instantly
Just By Looking at Their Face...


What would your life be like if you could simply look at the features of a persons face and INSTANTLY Know....

  • How They Think Feel And Behave
  • Their Current State of Physical and Emotional Health
  • What Ages Their Most Significant Traumas Occurred
  • Which Traumas or Types of Trauma They've Actually Repressed or Forgotten about
  • Their Relationships with Their Parents and Siblings
  • What if Could Actually Read Repressed Emotions on your Clients Face and Automatically Unlock Them and Resolve Them In Minutes!
  • Know How They Make Decisions
  • How Romantically Compatible With Their Partners They Are
  • And So Much More


If any of the above sounds intriguing, Keep Reading Because It Absolutely Gets Better!


Imagine This for A Moment if You Will...


What if YOU Could Also...


Discover The Hidden Wisdom, Talents and Secret Abilities You Didn't Know You Had,


Find Your Life Purpose and Become More Fully On Your Path To Fulfillment Than Ever Before


What if everything you needed to know to discover learn and unlock your own inner wisdom, power and abilities were actually hidden in the features of your face.


Well That Is Exactly What The Ancient and Highly Effective Art of Chinese Face Reading Promises To Do For You.


Based on the same ancient foundations as Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Face Reading and Chinese Medical Hypnotherapy Give Us A Comprehensive Understanding of over 3000 Years of Chinese Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy.


This Energy Based Approach To Releasing Traumas, Removing Blocks To Success, Resolving and Releasing Guilt, Shame, Anger, Rage, Sadness, Grief, Self Hatred,


How would your life change if you had the ability to tell just by looking at a persons face Exactly How They Tend To Think Feel And Behave?


What if your subject/partner/employee/ boss/prospects face actually revealed the very best way to deal with them i.e.

  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Releasing Traumas
  • How Suggestible They Might Be
  • Where, When, how their traumas first began,
  • the hidden traumas and beliefs they have suppressed, or forgotten about that are driving their behaviors and ruining their lives, health, relationships and chances for success.


Chinese Face Reading and its unique energy-based form of Hypnotherapy /Psychotherapy-like techniques allow us to visually track the roots of many forms of psycho-somatic illness and "toxified trauma" and...


...using powerful energy-based hypnosis and conversational hypnosis methods to you'll learn to unpack and resolve them forever.


For over 2500 years Face Reading has been a valid form of Chinese Medicine and a valuable Observational Energy-Based Psychological Science and...


In fact, evidence shows that Face Reading was one of the Earliest and most reliable forms of diagnosis used in Chinese medicine. actually forming one of the earliest and most solid foundations of Chinese Medical Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment of Physical and Emotional Illness.


But the  implications and applications of this amazing science reach far beyond medical applications are used extensively in:


  • Business: Sales, Marketing, Recruiting-finding the right person for the right positions. Different personality types do well in certain types of jobs and not so well in others.After you understand the power of face reading to decode personality and temperament you'll know exactly
    • Who is right and wrong for your business.
    • Where to put people for their highest level of performance.
    • What people to avoid. and even predict how prospects will react to your presentation style.
    • How they will respond to
      • criticism,
      • direction,
      • praise
      • deadlines and more
    • For business applications there has never been a more powerful profiling tool.


  • Legal Professions: Jury Selection, Depositions, Profiling


  • Sports: Performance Enhancement, Selecting Sports Activities Based On a persons unique constitutional and energetic potentials


  • Love and Romance: Face Reading is and Continues To Be Used Extensively To Determine Romantic and Sexual Compatibility.
    • Once you can look at your face and the face of other people you'll know and understand exactly how compatible you are, you can even use those skills to help others find their "ideal" mates as well.


  • Finding Your Life Purpose: The keys to the mission you were born to fulfill in this life and to finding your "ideal" life are hidden in the markings of your face, once you understand how to decode them you'll gain an instant understanding of yourself and what you need to do to feel truly fulfilled uplifted, Successful, Wealthier and Happier!

And so much more ...


And Now You Can Learn This, Fun, Fascinating and Effective System  at our next 

Three-Day Face Reading For Fun and Profit Level One
Boot Camp Certification, August 17-19, 2020
During this amazing and revealing 3-day face reading certification Intensive, You will  get a deep-dive training in how to precisely, easily and rapidly assess, unlock and use Real Face Reading, Vibrational and Conversational Hypnotherapy Techniques to
  • Find, Unpack and Resolve physical, mental and emotional pain, trauma and more.
  • You'll learn to create powerful lasting changes that will literally appear or disappear from your clients faces as you progress through the work.

You'll be amazed at how many times those changes
actually happen right before your eyes as their emotions, body feelings, markings and features morph

Changes that you can literally see on their faces as their emotions, body feelings and the markings and features of their face change right before your eyes.
This Three-Day intensive will give you some of the most powerful tools for   understanding, unlocking and resolving client issues and You Will

Get the Master Keys to Understanding Yourself!

This class is pure hypnotic alchemy!

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  • August 10th -13th, 2020 
    RWH-Identity By Design - Fast Track Hypnotherapy Certification
  • August 14th, 16th, 2020
    Hypnothoughts Live 2020 Hypnosis Convention
  • August 17th,19th, 2020
    Face Reading for Fun and Profit Level One Certification


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RWH-Identity By Design Fast Track Hypnotherapy Certification

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NLP For Profit Copy Writing  and Sales Conversion Secrets:
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Story Time: Neuroscience and the Power of Narrative Magic Myth and Metaphor
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