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People Are Constantly Asking Me When My Next Training is or Saying To Me What Classes Should I Take next? So I'm Sending You This To Help You plan out your Schedule and Mine. Below You Will Find My Upcoming Events Calendar for 2019 and 2020. PLEASE NOTE: Before Enrolling In Any of The Classes Below, You might want to reach out to me and consult on which series of trainings are right for you.
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Not every class is right for everyone and the more I know about what your needs and wants are, the better I can advise you on how to proceed.Advanced Classes DO Have Pre-requisites, if you are not sure if you have the pre-reqs give me a call at 858 282 4663 or for faster service email stephanie@nlppower.comSo... Without Further Adieu

*** Here’s What’s Next! ***


December 2019 - Advanced Class!

CPI Level 2:  Strategic Seductive Story Telling  and Metaphor Secrets

December 6th - 8th, 2020

San Diego, CA
Reg. $1950.07    Today: $1497.00     You Save - 453.00
2020 DATES
January 2020:

Face Reading For Fun and Profit Level One Certification

3 Day Beginner to Advanced Secrets of Chinese Face Reading Personality, Body Language and Behavioral Profiling Secrets
LIMITED ENROLLMENT CALL STEPHANIE AT 858 282 4663 To Reserve Your Spot Now! or email stephanie@nlppower.com
January 10th- 12th, 2020 San Diego, CA
Reg. $1950.00    RWH: $1497.00     You Save - $500.00

Killer Influence: Secrets of Real World Covert Hypnosis Face Reading Level 1
 5 Day Covert Hypnotic Influence Certification Boot Camp January 23rd - 27th. 2020 San Diego, CA
Reg. $3500.00   RWH: $2250.00     You Save - $1250.00

March 2020
Real World Hypnosis: Identity By Design 5 Day Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Certification Boot Camp
March 2nd - 7th , 2020 San Diego, CA
Reg. $3500.00   RWH: $2250.00     You Save - $1250.00

May 2020
Real World Hypnosis: Regression Skills Specialization 5 Day Hypnosis &Hypnotherapy Certification Boot Camp
May 6th - 10th, 2020 Brisbane, Australia
Reg. $3500.00   RWH: $2250.00     You Save - $1250.00

Real World Conversational Hypnosis: Super-Training 6 Day Hypnotic Persuasion Certification Boot Camp
May 13th - 18th, 2020 Brisbane, Australia
Reg. $3950.00   RWH: $2497.00     You Save - $1453.00
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PS: If there is no link for the training you want to register for, just reach out to Stephanie or Nikkara at 858 282 4663 and they will make sure you get the best deal possible.
David Snyder L.Ac. MAOM, Dipl. O.M. MNLP, C.Ht
  As a world recognized expert trainer in the field of Hypnotic Communication and Rapid Transformation skills, David has authored over 15 Different programs on using hypnotic techniques for Self Improvement Healing, Persuasion and Influence.His methods are widely utilized by hospitals, therapist, doctors,           lawyers, law enforcement and other persuasion  professionals worldwide.