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If you have ever wanted to start your own business helping and coaching people one-on-one or in groups...


NLP is the fastest easiest and most effective method for understanding how people think, feel and communicate and for creating powerful changes in yourself and others ever invented.


After you complete our fully-accredited and licensed practitioner certification in Neuro-Linguistic programming™ you’ll be intensely trained in the mind control skills necessary to:


  • Remove Blocks to Success
  • Eliminate Self Sabotage
  • Resolve Fears, Phobias and Traumas in Minutes
  • Get Rid of Negative Emotions
  • Communicate, Influence, Teach and Persuade Others Better and Easier Than Ever Before
  • Reprogram Your Subconscious mind
  • How to read people and understand how they are thinking.
  • Covertly influence the minds of others
  • Create more powerful and compelling sales, and marketing messages as well as other types of writing – fiction, non-fiction, text, chat, email and more etc.
  • Remove or change negative memories
  • Eliminate toxic thinking
  • Program yourself for Success
  • Change Limiting Beliefs and Unhealthy Behavioral Patterns
  • Banish Pain in Minutes
  • And Much Much More!


If you truly have a desire to help people, to create your ideal life, and finally take control your own mind and body IF Ultimately You Want To:

  • Be your own boss,
  • Write your own ticket in life
  • and use your skills to help improve the lives of others,
  • if you want to do something that really matters with your life Then...


... Neuro Linguistic Programming is for you!


After completing this amazing 8-day full immersion, intensive hand on training in Neuro Linguistic Programming you will finally be ready to help people both personally and professionally!


You’ll actually be able to help your friends, family, yourself as well as paying clients using one of the most up to date, rapid, effective and powerful personal transformation and self-improvement tools ever created!


Here’s Just Some of What You Will Learn!


During this powerful 8-day intensive you’ll be taught Multiple Ways To Influence And Reprogram The Subconscious Mind to do practically anything you what You'll discover the hidden secrets behind how to:


Reprogram The Subconscious Mind
Using the Somatic Nervous System!

Work with the two primary languages of used by the nervous system and how to access and rewrite those programs to create new beliefs, remove limitations, reprogram the subconscious mind, and



Reprogram the Subconscious Mind
Using The Central Nervous System:

Our Somatic Nervous system and the structure of its programming are reflected and projected automatically our spoken language.


Using the power of NLP-Based language Techniques you’ll rapidly be able to decode this  “hidden” programming language, understand what it’s doing and actively change and install new programming both overtly and covertly.


How to Identify “Bad” or "Limiting"

Unconscious Programming

... and Fix It Fast!


In truth, NLP operates under the assumption that there is no such “thing” as a “Bad” thought or belief. There are only useful thoughts and beliefs or un-useful ones.


There are beliefs that get you the result you want, and beliefs that get you something “other than” what you want; most of us would call that “Bad” or limiting.


However, regardless of whether a belief or thought process is good/useful or bad/”not useful,” all of them have at their core, a positive intention.

Their purpose is to cause something that gets us some sort of benefit.


Human being creates limitations through subtle changes in the way they “record” the experiences that happen to them.


In this training you’ll learn exactly what three processes human nervous systems engage in that “causes” those bad or limiting beliefs about themselves and the world.


In this module, you’ll rapidly gain the tools and training to not only uncovers these limitations in thinking but actually how to change them in very short time.



The Key to Rapid, Rock-Solid, State Control, Learning and More

From the time a human being is conceived their nervous system is constantly making connections between external events and internal feelings.  This process is the foundation of much of the learning we experience when we are babies.


In fact, this process never really stops, it just becomes more refined and often shifts to the background as other forms of learning arise.


However, these “internal connections” can continue to become triggered by external events that are similar to the original event and many times they can cause us problems. In our 8-day NLP practitioner certification you’ll learn exactly how these “connections aka “anchors” are created, how to create them intentionally, how to remove them, and use them to create powerful resources and change how we experience the world.


Unlocking the Mind through Language

(Meta Model)


NLP has identified at least (00) ways that human beings limit themselves through the way they think and talk to themselves (internal dialogue) In this module you’ll become intimately familiar with these “patterns” of thought and how to “break” those patterns to restore a person to thinking better and with more personal power than ever before, you’ll gain the tools to help people better understand themselves as well as why and how they are doing it.



Be Very Careful with This Technology

it Can Be Dangerous If Used Inappropriately


Hypnosis:  An Introduction to Trance Work and Altered States of Consciousness


Hypnotic Language Patterns: (aka the Milton Model)

Creating and Installing New Subconscious Programs

The great psychiatrist Dr. Milton Erickson was famous for his ability to secretly influence the subconscious mind of his subjects through use of “hypnotic language” 


Dr. Erickson was able to not only gain practically super-human levels of rapport with his clients, his ability to perceive and observe them was also legendary.


Dr. Erickson then used his powerful hypnotic language skills to “install” new ways of thinking and behaving into his clients.


The founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming dedicated themselves to understanding and “modelling" the seemingly magical techniques of Dr. Milton Erickson to create “The Milton Model” A streamlined, highly-organized and easy to understand method of delivering powerful and sometimes irresistible hypnotic commands to a person’s unconscious mind.


The use of the Milton Model allows properly trained practitioners in NLP the ability to both directly and indirectly influence the subconscious mind of their subjects and clients – Similar to the famous Dr. Erickson himself.


During these 8 days, your be thoroughly trained in the use of the model or hypnotic language and be given drill after drill designed to install inside of you the ability to deploy and deliver these powerful language secrets any time anywhere.



Sensory Acuity Training:

Body Language Decoded - How To Read Anyone

... and Know How They Are Thinking!


Human beings are constantly projecting “their” inner world of beliefs, thoughts and desires out into the world around them. They are constantly sending messages about whom and what they are inside.


You’ll learn how to pick up on and decode those hidden body language signals and use them to better understand, change and influence the subconscious mind.


NLP teaches an extremely comprehensive method of observation and inquiry that allows practitioners to uncover the “patterns of thinking and behaving that are controlling a person and to create an accurate “map” or understanding for how these people are actually do things inside their mind i.e. thinking, feeling believing etc.


Once a practitioner has knowledge of this “internal” map. They can use it to effectively help the clients navigate their thought processes and make powerful changes to the internal map if necessary Or…



Learn Faster and Easier Than Ever Before 

How to Maximize The Skills You Want Most In Minimum Time!


What if were possible to copy the greatness of an Olympic athlete, or acquire the artistic skills of a world famous   painter like Picasso?  While certain “genetic” pre-dispositions can affect how much of that potential we achieve, NLP gives us the ability to discover exactly how a “natural” peak performer (or any expert for that matter) actually thinks believes and uses his or her mind and body to achieve the outstanding results they do.


“These strategies of behavior can be “learned” and “installed” allowing us to dramatically shorten the learning curves and achieve a much higher degree of skill in a particular area instead of taking five, ten, fifteen or more years to get good at something.


Once you understand how Mental Strategies work you’ll quickly be able to elicit a person’s strategy for doing something, record it, make changes to it if necessary and install it within yourself or others who desire the same skill-sets.


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