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From The Desk of David Snyder

6:08 PM July 22, 2019

San Diego, California, USA 


Discover The Power of Covert
Conversational Hypnosis, NLP, And More!

Killer Charisma:  Psychological Self-Defense
Hypnotic Attraction Secrets 

3-Day Covert NLP & Conversational Hypnosis

Certification Boot Camp!

Experience the single MOST POWERFUL Covert Human Influence, Charisma Building and People Reading Skills known today through the Killer Charisma: Psychological Self-Defense and Hypnotic Attractions Secrets 3-Day Certification Boot Camp!


During this fun, exciting and information 3-day special event you learn the secrets of covert hypnotic influence and exactly how you can use these ethical and honest methods to take full control of your life you'll be informed, equipped and deeply trained in the skills of Benign Human Influence and Reading People For Fun and Profit.


The Secrets of Human Influence system aka " Killer Charisma" will  rapidly and dramatically expand your personal understanding how to influence and persuade others both professionally and personally; giving you even more ability to  secretly influence people and even more control over your internal emotional states – What's more your new-found abilities will serve to help you detect and protect yourself and your loved ones from unwanted and deceptive influencers, evil-doers who "hack" the psychology of attraction and other methods("Con-artists, Narcissists, Sociopaths, Dark Triads and other types of Social Predators seeking  to "prey" on and exploit you or your loved ones using dark psychological manipulation methods.


After you are fully trained, Killer Charisma Give You The Ability To…

  • Create DEEP And Powerful Connections With People
  • Control Your State At Will
  • Connect With Another Human Beings Nervous System,
  • Use That Connection To Send Feelings To Them
    Have Them Be More Open To Your Influence
  • Manage Their Emotional State From Across The Room
  • Tap In To The Secret Processes They Use To Make Decisions
  • Target The Emotional Triggers And Hot Buttons That Make Them Do EXACTLY What You Want Them To Do
  • Be A Master Hypnotist
  • Master Hidden Secrets Of Social Hypnotic Operators
  • Cold Read Any Human
  • Use The Secrets Of Proxemic Hypnotic Operators
  • Wield The Most Powerful Hypnotic Language Patterns On The Planet
  • Generate and Manage The Psychology of Attractive Influence 
  • Learn The Four Pillars Of Hypnotic Influence
  • Get People To Comply To You


If you are one of the lucky few that are ready to take your influence skills to the next level, take action now with the Killer Influence class.


Join me in expanding your Charisma, Hypnosis and Social Influence skills in ways you never before thought possible ... And Quite Possibly Make Sure You Are NEVER Taken Advantage or Injured by manipulators ...EVER AGAIN!


Here's What Else You Will Learn:


You will learn the four key pillars of hypnotic influence, and how to apply them in your life. Learn how authority and attraction influence our decisions, and how you can make those principles work for you.


Learn the most powerful state control principles in the world today. Discover how advanced levels of mastery over your own emotional state will give you incredible amounts of influence in your relationships.


Easily influence social situations with the knowledge and awareness of advanced social influence. Learn how state control and hypnotic influence affect groups of people.


Learn the most advanced and powerful language patterns available for hypnotists today. Discover how you can begin to apply these language patterns in your daily communication, business language, and in your relationships to improve the quality of lives.


Learn what only the most accomplished hypnotists on the planet understand about persuasion and influence.


Quickly become a powerful force for change in your own life.


Yes David, I am ready to attend the next Killer Influence class, and take my persuasion skills to the next level!



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(honestly, I don't know if I could find my head without Stephanie, but don't tell her how much I appreciate her)

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  • Self Mastery Super Charger Home Study Course
    14 DVD Quality Video  Set $497.00 Value - Yours FREE!
  •  Secrets of Face Reading and Chinese Medical Hypnotherapy:
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  • Erotic Hypnosis 2014: Sensuality Enhancement: Secrets of Erotic Conversational Hypnosis - 2-Day Post Conference Event OnVideo $997.00 VALUE  YOURS FREE!
  • Erotic Hypnosis 2015: Beyond Orgasm - Orgasm On Command & Healing Through Pleasure - 2-Day Post Conference Event On Video  $997.00 VALUE YOURS FREE!
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    (3-Hour VIDEO Training) $297.00 Value                      YOURS FREE!
  • Attractivation 2013
    (2-Hour VIDEO Training)  $197.00 Value                       YOURS FREE!
  • Energy Hypnosis - Speed Healing 2013
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  • Instant Conversational Hypnosis 2 2014
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  • Speed Healing - Energy Hypnosis 2014
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  • Attraction Mastery 2014
    (2-Hour Training) - $197.00 Value                                 YOURS FREE! 
  • Lie To Me IF You DARE... How To Catch a Liar  2015
    (2-Hour Training) $197.00 Value                                      YOURS FREE!
  • Instant Conversational Hypnosis 2015
    (One-Hour VIDEO Training) $97.00 Value                         YOURS FREE!

Whew That's a LOT of Stuff!


And its all for you as my way of saying thank you For being such an amazing and important part of our world.


Just Click The Links Below To Register For Killer Charisma and You'll Immediate Access To The Entire Video Bonus Library Effective The Very First Day of The Las Vegas Training. - August 13, 2019


If you want access to something sooner just call Stephanie and
We will see what can be done if anything.


 That's All I Have For You Know. Once again Thank You For Your Help, Your Votes and Your Support

Luv Ya!

Please let me know immediately if you have any questions.






Talk To You Soon!


​​​​​​​Your Friend.



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