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  {!firstname_fix}  This is David Snyder From NLPPOWER and Real-World Hypnosis .com I'm reaching out to you today {!firstname_fix} because you are a graduate of either our

CPI Real World Conversational Hypnosis System

or Killer Influence: Secrets of Covert Hypnosis Four Day Boot Camp Training Program. I am truly excited to let you know about something new and exciting that after close to 7 years of intensive study and research we have discovered can really take your hypnotic persuasion skills to the next level And I Truly believe that if you are ready to move into the next level Of your persuasion and influence journey,  and if you would like to know Exactly
  • how to keep your audience spell bound,
  • hanging on your every Word
  • and literally, psychologically primed to follow your lead.
This could be the single most important message you ever read. So Let me ask you this... Have you ever wondered how speakers like:
  • T. Harv Ecker,
  • Lisa Sasevich,
  • Tony Robbins 
  • Robert Allen
  • and others Successful Millionaire Teachers, Speakers And Leaders... 
  Conversationally Trance Their Followers Into Such an Intense Practically Irresistible Buying Frenzy that They Rabidly Stampede to The Back of the Room to Buy Everything They Are Offering?  
Would You Like to Know Exactly How To…?
Spiritual Teachers, Rabbis, Guru's Faith Healers Evangelists and More  can create powerful states of transformation and even ecstasy in their listeners and followers Just By Talking?
How Expert Interrogators and Kinesic Interviewers Cops, FBI and CIA ...
Seduce Perpetrators, Criminals and Terrorists Into giving up the most intimate details of their Crimes, Operations, lives and make them honestly want to tell them their secrets?
How Politicians and expert Public Relations Professionals Secretly Prime the subconscious minds of the public to think and behave in predictable and strategic ways.   And of course ..  
How The World Famous Hypnotist Dr. Milton Erickson Used This Special Skill To  Become the Most Powerful Hypnotist In The World.
If any of this sounds even remotely intriguing… I'd Like To Invite You To A Very Special  3-Day By-Invitation-Only Training at My Secret Facility in Solana Beach California
   Conversational Persuasion and Influence Level 2
Weapons of Mass Instruction: Scientific, Strategic & Seductive Story-Telling Secrets”
One Time Special Event Will Be HeldDecember 6th - 8th 2019 In San Diego California  
From 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Will Include Deep Immersion Into The Most Powerful Form of Human Influence the World Has EVER Known.

Neuroscience of Narrative Influence & Hypnotic Persuasion!

This Core Hypnotic Weapon of Mass Control "Can" Quickly:
  • Hypnotize Anyone Without Them Knowing It
  • Change the Beliefs, Attitudes and the Resulting Behaviors of an Entire Room, Group or Population in Minutes!
  • Generate God-like Levels of Rapport, Chemistry, Connection and Social Status
  • Overcome and Remove Resistance to Any Persuasive Message You Want to Deliver
  • Seduce Even the Most Hard-Hearted People to Your Way of Thinking and Siding with You!
  • Make People Like Trust and Love You in Minutes
  • Reprogram the Subconscious Mind of Your Listeners
  • Captivate Audiences and Generate an Intense Buying Frenzy Within Them
  • Inspire People to Reveal Their Most Private Secrets…
  • Hypnotize Large Groups of People Covertly, ... At Will
And So Much More...
There has never been a training that goes this far into the neuro-science, methods, and mechanics for preciselyHOW To Create and Use Story and Metaphor to influence human beings to believe what you say and do what you want…EVER.
The information Taught Exclusively in This One Time Live Special Training Will Only Be Revealed To Those Who Are Registered and in the Room On December 6th- 8th 2019.
But I do have to warn you, this IS the only CPI Level Two Training Scheduled For 2019 and 2020.– If you miss this one its probably going to be a couple years before we get to it again.And My facility only holds a small number of advanced students at a time so… I guess what I am trying to say is…
Seating Is Limited!
We can only hold 16 at my facility so Please Jump In ASAP. 
Please Note: This class is ONLY for people who have either attended my
If you have not attended one of the events listed above…
This is not the training for you!
Stephanie has been given explicit instructions regarding pre-requisites for CPI-Level 2If you have questions about where to go for the pre-requisite courses reach out to Stephanie@nlppower.com or call 858 282 4663
Please Note: There is a Killer Influence: Secrets of Covert Hypnosis Boot Camp Scheduled for January 2020.
I recommend if you don’t have the pre-requisites you jump in that class asap.
This is NOT For people who are "just curious" this is a deep level immersion into the one Most Powerful Mind-Control Skill Sets on History and...
This is NOT Hype, B.S. Or Psychobabble!  
This is a hard-core deep dive into the neuroscience of narrative persuasion, how it works. Why it works, and most importantly how to make it work for you under any situation of circumstance. The Power of Story and Metaphor Has Literally Dictated the Course and Development of Human History Since Mankind First Learned to Communicate...
And Using It the Way We Teach You Can...
  • Get You More Money and Financial Success Than You Ever Dreamed Possible!
  • More Love, Pleasure and "Intimacy" Than A Person Can Handle
  • Win Interviews, promotions, Increase your sales
  • Reprogram your Subconscious Mind
  • Remove Blocks to Your Success
  • Become a Relationship Magnet
  • Up Your Charisma and Confidence
and So Much More…
 Talk to You Soon.  Sincerely,  Your Friend,  David  PS:  There is no guarantee I will ever teach this material again for quite some time.  Hurry Before Someone Takes Your Seat...
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