Trauma Release | Hypnosis Demonstration | SPEED HEALING: Releasing Trauma in 9 Minutes Or Less

Releasing Trauma Rapidly!

Speed Healing: How To Heal Emotional Pain In

...9 Minutes or Less!

Secrets of Energy-Hypnosis and Vibrational Hypnotherapy
The Next Level In Mind-Body Healing, Energy Psychology & Rapid Trauma Release Technology

COMING TO HYPNOTHOUGHTS LIVE  Hypnosis Convention 2017

SPEED HEALING: How to Heal Physical and Emotional Pain in 9 Minutes or Less
Energy Hypnosis and Vibrational Hypnotherapy
One Day Intensive and Certification

United Kingdom June 21-25, 2017

Real World Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

5 Day Vibrational Hypnotherapy Certification Intensive

Peterborough United Kingdom,
June 21-25th, 2017

Discover the power of Integrated Therapies for Rapid Release of Physical and Emotional Conditions of a Psycho Somatic Or Memory Based Origin. The Most Powerful, FAST, Easy and Effective Approaching To Rapid Relief of Acute and Chronic Pain, Fears, Phobias, Post Traumatic Stress, Addictions and More!


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Do You Have Any Physical, Emotional or Behavioral Issues That Disturb You?

We Offer All Prospective Clients a FREE 30 Minute Consultation To Determine IF your Case Is a Fit For Our Methods.

After your consultation we will discuss strategies and tactics for getting your situation resolved in the shortest amount of time possible.

When you are ready to Schedule Your FREE 30 Minute Consultation Give my Office a Call At 858-481-1438


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