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4 replies
  1. Toni
    Toni says:

    Can you please send me info about the NLP power mastermind mentoring program? I think I’d like to join, but your website doesn’t give me much info about what it entails. I’m in PA, and I’d love more to get more info than the you tube videos. Do you offer online classes? How do I get access to the videos that I click on but can’t see? thanks in advance

  2. Marilyn Baber
    Marilyn Baber says:

    Got my husband to watch a video or at least most of it yesterday. Hadtokick butt to get him to stand for at least the first exercise-point and click. He was on a urinary catheter, he decided he was tired of it and would self catheter. He went all night without coming down the stairs every 2 hours. Thank you. Now if he will go a little farther to shrink the prostate or work on the real issue?????…..
    He watched the grey room now and left. I used up all my time on my phone the last 3 days binge watchig you. Thank you so much . Now if I can just make it work for me.

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