FREE NLP TRAINING: Energy Healing Psychic Self Defense And Beyond Part 2



Who Else Wants To Tap Into Their Hidden Psychic Energy Powers For Healing - Manifesting - Remote Influence and More?

We all know there is more to us than just our bodies.

We have all, at one time or another had moments of genuine psychic/intuitive events, even if its just thinking of someone who suddenly calls you on the phone.

If you are ready to tap into your true psychic energy skills in a fun filled, relaxed and exciting no bs approach.

This Post Could Change Your Life Forever and You need to get your rsvp asap for this amazing adventure and introduction to the realm of psychic energy healing, manifesting and more.

We will be covering the entire scope of energy models so that you know exactly how each system works.

You''ll immediately understand where disciplines like Reiki, Pranic Healing, Theta, Qi Gong and More All Have their similarities and their differences.

...the differences are important

• We will even be discussing things most people will never know about the hidden science of energy and

• How different energy systems interact and

• how to determine which systems are the best tool for the task at hand and which ones are best for you.

Not only that we will be actually practicing simple easy and powerful techniques that unlock your latent psychic energy skills and begin to give you access to them on demand.


We will also be setting the foundation for future special topic-application specific meetups and study groups including

• Psychic Self-Defense and Attack,

• Law of Attraction (The Real One)

• Remote Influence,

• Remote Viewing

• ...and Much More.


This group, like our other successful groups is based on a hands on no bs approach that guarantees you will get what you came for.

Here's a basic agenda (please note this is subject to change as I decide to add more materials and receive your feedback on what you want to focus on.)

Introduction to energetics -

This part of the meetup is simply a discussion and explanation of the various models of energy healing and how they relate to one another.

Very good for folks who don't understand how one system working with energy can enhance or hinder another and where they all fit in within the realm of energetics.

Energy Practice -

This is where we all get to play with energy. Practice real world energy skills that are useful in improving ourselves and helping others.

Q&A -

This is where folks can ask any question they like about how to use energetics for what ever they like, no topic is off limits.

Meet and Greet -

Folks get to hang out and chat and get to know one another, discuss the events of the evening etc.

This is also were members can choose the topic for the next meetup so practice sessions can become more targeted to the groups needs and desires.

If you have any more questions contact me immediately.

There are over 120 people on the meetup list and last energy meetup was pretty big so this meetup will probably fill up fast

So RSVP early to save your seat.

We will probably have to cut the attendance off at 15 to keep practice sessions manageable.

Sorry to have to do it, but its a quality issue.

There is only so much of me to go around 😉


Energetically that is... hehe.

Wednesday May 28th. 2014 at 7:00 PM

Call me if you have any questions.


Your Friend!

David Snyder L.Ac. Dipl. O.M.

David-Van-Arrick-Solid-Go125-130.jpg• Certified Pranic Healer

• Certified Pranic Psychotherapist

• Certified Reiki Master Teacher

• Adv. DNA Theta Healer

• Qi Gong Instructor

• Hermetic Hypnotist

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer!

6 replies
  1. Deborah Nelson
    Deborah Nelson says:

    After doing the gray room, I felt pretty good, but in a few hours started to get flu-like symptoms. That night, I wrote in my journal and a lot of “Secret Hypnotic Influence Technology” from childhood came out to explain some of the behaviors I wanted to change. The flu symptoms have since turned into shingles. Coincidence? Either way, the discovery of the causes of my weird behavior and the ability to change it is well worth getting shingles, but I’m ready to get rid of that too now.

    PS. This stuff is awesome!

  2. Deb
    Deb says:

    I healed relatively quickly, but it has left me really curious. People come to you for healing different things, but does digging up crap sometimes bring on illness? Maybe my body is backwards.

    • David Van Arrick
      David Van Arrick says:

      Many times the body goes through an “emotional detox” or rebooting process that can give symptoms of an illness and many times reveal an issue that was being masked by the previous issue. In either case you simply stay with the process and allow it to run its course OR you repeat the process on the new issue. This particular method does have some variations, and modifications depending on how the system responds to the technique but overall its pretty straightforward.

      In any case let whatever feelings or symptoms manifest come up. As they come up, they are coming out, kind of like venting steam out of boiler or lancing a boil to drain the infection out. The worst thing you can do is try to fight those feelings, squash them back down or try to analyze or control them. That slows the resolution process down considerably.

      Hope that helps you.

      Your Friend,


      PS: If you need more in-depth help call my clinic and set up a consultation 858-481-1438.

  3. Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson says:

    I just discovered your videos recently. I really like the processes you reveal. I would like to see just a plain class called “leave your S.H.I.T. at the door.

    Thank you

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