NLP LECTURE: Speed Attraction How To Make Some One Love You In 20 Minutes or Less


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Renegade Romance Part 2 - A Special Presentation Teaching Women And Men How To make someone attracted or even love you in as little as 15 minutes using three magic hypnotic questions.

Real Street Level NLP for getting the Love you've always wanted and understanding your lovers better. Ethically, Honestly and Authentically!

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7 replies
  1. Damon Montgomery
    Damon Montgomery says:

    I would love to learn this for a new life career am fascinated by what I should have known about 59 years ago am a roofing contractor that wants out of the roofing buisn.this to me is fascinating and helpful help me do this damon

  2. nico Gueco
    nico Gueco says:

    do you have the transcript of the video? can you please post
    cause it help me alot, it will give a helpful experience and it will help me to increase my knowledge in the subject
    thanks and more power

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