Conversational Hypnosis Training In Los Angeles – NLPPOWER ROCKS LA!

Let me ask you a question…


What if you had the secret power to honestly and ethically persuade anyone to do what ever you wanted them to and like doing it for you.


What if you could speak just a few simple phrases or ask 3 simple yet magical questions and have anyone drop into a profoundly altered state of mind or even reveal their most deeply held secrets to you.


What if you were suddenly able to make people like trust and even love you… as if by magic?


...No Lying

...No Trickery

...No Deceit of any kind.


In fact what if this precise method of communication was actually MORE honest than the way we normally are taught to speak?


If any of this sounds even remotely intriguing, then you owe it to yourself to be at our next action packed NLPPOWER Play shop were we get to explore the Power of Conversational Hypnosis for Fun and Profit.


This meetup is for you IF…

• You’ve ever had trouble closing a sale

• You’ve ever lost a customer to a competitor

• You’ve get nervous asking for money or closing a sale.

• You’ve have trouble getting clients to set appointments

• The appointments you set DON’T Actually Show Up.

• You want to start your own business

• Need to find or Interview for a new job

• Or simply need another human being to hear what you say and do what want.
Once you understand the power of conversational hypnosis you’ll quickly and easily have the almost supernatural ability to guide any conversation and steer your subjects mind to focus on anything you want and believe what you are saying.


These Skills Are REALLY Powerful.


They should only be used by people who have a strong sense of personal ethics.


If you are looking for sneaky ways to manipulate other people and get whatever you want…Find another Meetup.


However, If you are looking for ways to be less vulnerable, in other words, to protect yourself from the manipulators of the world…


This could be the most important meetup you ever attend. Click Here Reserve Your Spot


However, Space is limited for this and you already know the seats always go fast.


So if you are truly looking for ways to use the power of language ethically to get whatever you want, whenever you want it.


You need to click this link below and reserve your spot for our next Nuclear Powered NLPPOWER SPECIAL EVENT –

Conversational Hypnosis For Fun and Profit!


Only A Few Seats Available  So Jump On This Now before Someone Else Gets Your Spot.

Reserve Your Spot Here

Your Loyal Friend and NLPPOWER PAL.

David Snyder


PS: If you have any questions about this meetup please call me at 858-947-8382

Here is that link again.


Go Now.


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  1. James Soto
    James Soto says:

    When is your next Conversation Hypnosis trainning class in Los angeles……i think it’s called Flirting With Fun & Profit trainning class? I interested in a few other classes you offer… can reach me at 626-765-4416.

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