Hypnosis Training Online – Conversational Hypnosis Technique – How To Fix A Broken Heart



Ever Have A Broken Heart? Maybe You Know Someone Who Has? Use This Technique To Get Over It Faster.


I think the subject line says it all
Don't you?

No matter how old you are, or how
attractive or desirable you may be.

At Some Point In Your Life,

Someone, Perhaps more than one

Broke your heart,

perhaps they even did the equivalent
of taking your feelings and stomping
on them like eggshells.

I've been there, In fact,I used to

"be there" quite a bit,

At Least until I learned how to use
Real conversational hypnosis.

That's when my life REALLY Changed.

And the simple fact is once you really
know and understand how your mind works

You'll never have to suffer the way ordinary
people do... EVER Again.

But I digress...

Now the truth is, when most of think of
getting our hearts broken

We automatically think of romance, love and
of course Relationships.

But there are many other forms of heartbreak:

* Getting Turned Down For That Big Promotion

* Missing Out On That Pay Increase You
Were Counting On

* Getting stuck in the "Friend Zone" by
the person you most wanted to attract

* Losing a Loved One To Illness or Accident

Etc Etc Etc.

Most of the time, Life forces us to undergo
a strong, intense, and often painful

"grieving process"

a process we "have" to let run its course
Before we can finally get back some level
of emotional stability.

And the worst part is...

We never really know how long that "process"
will take,

and of course it ALWAYS Seems to take longer
than We THINK it should.

Honestly, I do believe that at times we
need to really express and FULLY experience
what we are processing In order to clear it.

But NOT nearly as much as we are led to

In fact, if you have access to the right
Mind technology...

you can end your suffering AND the suffering
of others,

* Create inner peace,

* Confidence,

* Joy

* and more...

In just minutes...

Watch this powerful FREE STEALTH Hypnosis
video Lesson where I guide one of my students
through a rapid emotional re-patterning

... taking him from total heartbreak to

... complete "inner Peace" in less than
three minutes.

imagine what it can do for you!

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  1. G. Ray Glenn Sr
    G. Ray Glenn Sr says:

    David: And that gets us into another aspect of our approach to this kind of work that you wont see in any other systems. In any event, that I know of, actually.
    And that’s the concept of getting the body involved. The body engaged.

    Sean come on up here. Somebody give me a chair from the back. Actually bring your chair up, that’s fine.

    OK. Here’s what I want you to do. Have a seat.
    You love that hat don’t you. So here’s what I want you to do.

    You said recently that there was something that happened that kind of bummed you out a little bit. (depressed him)

    Sean: Yeah.

    David: Here is what I want you to do. I want you to imagine that there is an image associated with that experience. OK.

    Sean: OK.

    David: What I want you to do is reach out and touch it.
    {Sean, reaches out and grabs the image}

    Good now I want you to take both of your (index) fingers and trace the edges of it, so you know how big it is.
    {Sean traces the edges}

    David: Excellent. Now grab it on both sides and what I want you to do is I want you to push it away. Notice what happens to the feeling?

    Sean: It’s less.

    David: It’s Less? So if I grabbed it here and go *dooooooch* (sound effect as David, moves it further away) and if I go *shoooop* and made it small, what happens?

    Sean: It’s lesser.

    David: It’s lesser. So if I bring it back here, (close to Sean’s face) what happens?

    Dean: Bigger.

    David: Bigger. Oooo. Now put your hand right in the middle of it.
    {Sean puts his hands right in the middle of the image}

    I want you to notice something. I want you to notice that there is a feeling in your body associated with that picture.

    Point to where you feel it. {point to the location in your body where you feel it}
    {Sean puts one hand over his heart}

    Good. Now close your eyes. Using your inner eyes now, I want you to notice the color associated with that feeling. What’s the color? First impressions.

    Sean: Blue.

    David: Blue. I want you to reach in,… with BOTH of your hands,… and take all of that blue energy,… take it out,…. hold it in your hands,… and look at it.

    Now as you look at it, I want you to notice something.

    Did the color change or stay the same?

    Sean: it’s the same.

    David: Good. I want you to notice that it’s moving in a certain direction. What direction is it moving in?

    Sean: This way. {demonstrates the direction}

    David: Good. I want you to grab it with both of your hands and reorient it so that it is moving the opposite of what it was.

    {Sean does}

    David: There. Now double the spin. Physically double it. Keep doubling it, over and over and over again. Double it and triple it, over and over again, until it takes on a life of it own. Until it becomes unstoppable.

    David: When you know you’ve got it. Slam it back in.

    {Sean waits a few seconds and then slams it back into his chest}

    David: *Shoooosh* (sound effect)
    {David puts his hands over Sean’s hands}

    Notice the change. Notice it’s going away. That’s right.

    {David’s hands are manipulating the energy}

    Notice when you try to get it back, what happens?

    Sean: It not there.

    David: Exactly. And it’s just going to go away faster and faster and faster. The more you try to bring it back. *zooop* (sound effect) The more peace you have.

    Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

    {Sean is sitting there with his eyes closed and a smile on his face}

    Give him a big round of applause.

    {Sean stands up and starts back to his place}

    Student: Don’t forget your chair.

    David: Here’s your chair.

    OK. That’s what I mean when I talk about getting the physiology, getting the body involved.
    End of video

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