Conversational Hypnosis Techniques: Dating Mating and Relating


Here is part two of Renegade Romance: Hypnotic Attraction Secrets For Dating Mating and Relating.

This section of the video seminar is quite long, but it has a pretty thorough treatment of the three magic question as well as a bunch of impromptu audience interactive demos.

You might have to turn the volume up quite a bit in order to hear the audience members side of things.


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  1. mitch
    mitch says:

    Great stuff, I have watched this one and the one prior. I really enjoy the way you teach, I got your STEALTH program and it is way cool. 1 question for now anyway do you have a training video that teaches self hypnosis ? If so where can I watch it or get it? thanks Mitch L.

    • David Van Arrick
      David Van Arrick says:

      Hi Mitch,

      Yes, We are in the final stages of Editing and Finishing The Course. Stay tuned to your email for more updates.

      Thanks for being part of our community, please like and share our videos as much as possible.

      Your Friend,


  2. kent short
    kent short says:

    Thanks for putting this video out David.I watch it over and over,even though its long.I try to get comfortable with the questions,watching your tone,as you say things.I try to put myself in these places,and go over this material in my head.Until it is second nature.I enjoy all the material you make availible,so thanks so much.

  3. shalique nicholson
    shalique nicholson says:

    Thanks alot this video has opened my eyes to the fullest I did not know any of these things you spoke of but you teached in such way that is so easy to grasp keep doing what you do man it helps alot

  4. mickhel mercury
    mickhel mercury says:

    I saw your earlier version, can’t leave without appreciating it, Great stuff very informative, and I am commenting before I watch this one. I heard you saying that you give training immediately to get started tomorrow, I wonder how it works and get me moving in the direction of Hypnotism step by step, please give the direction and its ok if it comes with paying you.

  5. Dillian Mathews
    Dillian Mathews says:

    I would although still stick to this site as it has a lot of info and makes it easy to learn. The other stuff info talked about is mostly hard core informative and a harder way to learn. I’m all about the easy way so info would say that this site out of all that I talked about its the best for beginners and intermediates.

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